Friday, November 29, 2019

The Winds of Happiness by Teresa Fiedler-Buss

The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss – Illustrated by Bailey Traxler
Welcome to this crazy world called life!
Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Do you like taking selfies?
How attached are you to your electronics or tablet? Do you like robots and drones more?
Would you rather dance and have fun with bubbles? Or would you rather go out for pizza and a movie?
If you answered yes to one of these questions, then you will LOVE this book!
The Winds of Happiness will engage children in a fun and current way to learn important life lessons.
Your child/student’s values start developing with what is taught and learned in social and personal situations.
If you are a parent, guardian or teacher wanting to assist in making a difference in today’s society, this book is for you.
This book includes children discussions, interactive pages and teacher lesson plans which will help with
Common Core State Standard (CCSS) & Social Emotional Learning (SEL).
The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss is a cute and colorful narrative about an adventurous and laid back, but lively spirited dog named Irie, and her cheerful and energetic bunch of friends. This is a delightful must-read book for every child in your life.
Irie’s friends are always reminding her to be creative, make her own fun but most importantly always be herself! Irie goes on all sorts of fantastic adventures in The Winds of Happiness! One being an incredible day at a splash pad with a DJ and bubbles! Irie learns she doesn’t need technology to have a good time, she can create her own awesome day with musical inspiration and perseverance to “make it happen!”  Another adventure tells of Irie’s birthday at the movies and pizza with her friends Max and Bubba. Throughout the day, Max has issues with social anxiety and uses his tablet to comfort himself and keep his mind off crowded situations. But what he doesn’t realize is his actions start to affect the people and mechanics around him! Being the empathetic friend Irie is, she helps Max get through this troublesome situation with kindness and apprehension. A wonderful reminder to have patience with others and to try to see through someone else’s eyes. And how true friends always help each other out.
The Winds of Happiness touches on many different common and important themes to help a child with emotional growth and development. Such as; learning about coping with life changes, having goals and dreams, important lessons in manners and following rules correctly and responsibly. It gives clear instruction and details with a helpful outline guide that shows key points to be made while reading and how to integrate this book into a lesson plan. Which makes it the perfect book for all types of unit studies in the classroom and for homeschoolers.
I absolutely adored this lovable and wholesome children’s book that made my kids and I smile nonstop from the beginning to the end! Bailey Traxler’s bright and expressive illustrations went along with the story and told it perfectly. Giving it a vivid pizzazz no other children’s book has ever done with such a cool style.
With its unique cast of characters and an entertaining storyline I would greatly recommend The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss to all parents of kids looking for a feel good story full of positive vibes and undeniable contagious good energy!! This one has a permanent spot in our kid’s lit corner at our home!!
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Cafe.

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Friday, November 22, 2019

Finding Lisa by Sigrid Macdonald - Book Review

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Finding Lisa by Sigrid Macdonald
Tara Richards is unhappy with her job as a rehabilitation nurse and disenchanted with her marriage, but lacks the courage to make a major life change. When her best friend Lisa disappears, Tara’s life is thrown into turmoil. Has Lisa jeopardized her sobriety by going on a drinking binge or is she hiding the news that she may be pregnant from her partner Ryan, who has a history of battering, and it’s not his baby? Lisa is her rock, her confidant, her reality check. Tara can’t live without her. Despite the near paralysis of bad hair days and her dread of turning forty, Tara joins a massive search to look for her friend in conjunction with the police, her colorful women’s collective, Lisa’s old-world Italian parents, and a twenty-four-year-old man Tara finds particularly captivating.
Finding Lisa explores diverse themes such as missing women, victims of domestic violence, female friendships, addiction, midlife crisis, and unrequited love. With pathos and humor, the story delves into the inner world of a quirky and likable Canadian woman whose life is about to be irrevocably changed by her best friend’s disappearance.
Finding Lisa by Sigrid Macdonald is a powerful, thought-provoking, mystery/suspense and a five star story that will keep you turning pages.
I really love books that have a strong, yet unique protagonist and therefore I was delighted to be introduced to Tara.  Tara tells us this story in her own words and lets us in to her deepest, and sometimes dark, thoughts.  She’s a great character with lots of quirks!  I laughed out loud when she tells us her feelings are hurt because Monday (the pet dog) enjoys licking the sofa just as much as he enjoys licking her hand.  There are lots of one-liners like this that help to keep this rather serious story buoyant and upbeat.
Packed with facts about missing people and domestic violence it is clear to see the author has great knowledge about these issues, and touches on them with careful consideration and a raw honesty that touched me.  I thought I was going to read a story about finding one’s self, with a look at how we reach middle age and deal with dissatisfaction.  And, at first that’s what I saw.  The woman next door, approaching forty and not happy with what she sees in the mirror.  Brilliant touch by Sigrid Macdonald to have the running saga of the eternal bad-hair-day reflecting externally what was going on in Tara’s mind and spirit.  However, there was such a lot more to this story.
Finding Lisa is a powerful and compelling book about relationships.  Four people fill most of Tara’s life.  Her best friend Lisa, with their honesty and secret sharing; her husband Mark, who seems to have faded into the background; her son Devon, (this was probably my favorite) which moves from a totally funny, teenage-to-mother stereo type relationship into something moving and real.  And lastly, there’s Alain… the young man in the store that has caught Tara’s attention and affections.  He is such a sweet character in this story.
One evening Tara is having a conversation with her best friend Lisa, the next morning Lisa is missing and the search begins.  In the two weeks that follow, Tara will go through a lifetime of emotions.  What’s happened to Lisa?  The shocking truth is not revealed until the very end and it will have you sitting on the end of your chair.  Gripping, compelling and a darn good read. Finding Lisa by Sigrid Macdonald comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. ~ Reviewed by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café.~

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