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Nite Fire: Flash Point by C. L. Schneider - Book Review

Nite Fire: Flash Point (Volume 1) by C. L. Schneider
Slated for execution, shapeshifting assassin, Dahlia Nite, flees her world to hide in the human realm. As payment for the shelter they unknowingly provide, Dahlia dedicates herself to protecting humans from what truly lives in the shadows. Moving from town to town, she hunts the creatures that threaten an unsuspecting human race; burying the truth that could destroy them all. But the shadows are shifting. The lies are adding up. And when Sentinel City is threatened by a series of bizarre brutal murders, light is shed on what should never be seen. The secrets that have kept humanity in the dark for centuries are in danger of being exposed. Wrestling with a lifetime of her own deceptions, Dahlia investigates the killings while simultaneously working to conceal their circumstances. But with each new murder, the little bit of peace she has found in this world begins to crumble. Each new clue leads her to the one place she thought to never go again. Home. Flash Point is the first book in the Nite Fire Series.
Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L. Schneider is an incredible paranormal and urban fantasy story that will leave readers craving more. The story follows Dahlia Nite, a hybrid dragon and shapeshifting assassin with a drive for protecting the innocent. She was a committed and dedicated executioner, in her original world of Drimera, until her position was taken from her and she was sentenced to be executed herself. Now, she lives among the humans, protecting them from the creatures and evils of the unseen world, while concealing the truth of her origin and the creatures therein. The city she has come to love, Sentinel City, has come under attack in the form of gruesome murders. As an arson investigator, she is helping to solve the crimes, all the while hiding the truth that these brutal attacks are coming from her own kind and world, a reality that humans should never know about. However, as the serial murders progress, she is beginning to feel the need to take further action and return home, to a place she never wanted or should return to.
Nite Fire: Flash Point is a gripping novel filled with the paranormal, mystery, dragons, shape shifters, danger and all kinds of fascinating and horrendous creatures. The world building is awesome, while the witty dialog and descriptions held me completely intrigued and engaged. The writing style is unique and drew me in from the very first chapter and held my interest onward to the final page. This is one of the best urban fantasy books that I have ever read. I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly in excitement and intensity. It is fast paced and completely engaging.
The characters are wonderful. The heroine, Dahlia, is strong, likable, fierce and compassionate. The secondary characters are as good, or better, than the main ones. I loved everything about this novel and the complex world that C.L. Schneider has created. The storyline and plot are well thought out, intriguing and extremely well written. It is easy to understand and flows nicely, giving readers everything they need for a great read in the urban fantasy genre.
Nite Fire: Flash Point is filled with high intensity action scenes, adventure and suspense. It is riveting and entertaining, leaving the reader filled with fever and anticipation for the next book in the series. Chick Lit Café highly recommends one of the most unbelievably, fantastic urban fantasies we’ve had the pleasure to read in a very long time. – Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L. Schneider
Get yourself a copy today, and be thrust into a magical world filled with intrigue, otherworldly creatures, a badass heroine and a remarkable story you won’t want to end.
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Fate Cuts Both Ways - Barbara L.B. Storey - Book Review

Fate Cuts Both Ways: An Improbable Love Gives and Takes Away by Barbara L.B. Storey
A set designer and a movie star are stranded together in the wilderness after filming. Upon realizing that no one is coming for them – her car won’t start and he told everyone not to bother him – they decide to rough it out together.
In an unlikely twist of fate, the little moments of smiles, flirting, openness and comfort begin to build into something more. The stranded weekend turns into a romantic fantasy.
As all fantasies do, however, it comes to an end. Jon Jacobs is a movie star, after all, and Becca is just, well, Becca. When they return to the real world, friends and family begin to doubt the longevity of the so-called fling.
How could these two people, who are so different and from different places, be this into each other after such a short period of time? Who is using who here?
In the midst of these doubts, something happens that could bring them together forever. But will it last? Will fate allow it?
Fate Cuts Both Ways by Barbara L.B. Storey is a captivating romance story filled with emotion and unexpected twists. Readers will be swept up in the love story of two unforgettable characters.
Becca and Jon are on the set of a production they are both working on at a remote location. Fate steps in, as they are both left behind while the rest of the crew takes off. As they begin to set up for survival, they share a lovely, romantic and sexual time together. There, during their weekend together, they totally fall for one another, and their budding romance begins.
Once back home in London, they share many awkward and lovely firsts that come with a new and steamy relationship. They must also overcome obstacles, losses, uncertainty and guilt. Readers will be fully drawn into this love story while feeling many relatable emotions and turning the pages quickly to journey alongside Becca and Jon’s extraordinary story.
I so enjoyed Fate Cuts Both Ways by Barbara L.B. Storey. It has a memorable cast of characters that are fully developed, likable and who go through many trials along the way. As they overcome the issues they are facing, they are also learning to trust and be in a real loving relationship. Readers will be able to relate in so many ways. The story is rather long, but worth devouring it to the very end. It is divided into three sections, which makes for an easier read. It is deeply profound and full of emotion and tender moments. The couple must face so many difficult things that affect their relationship. They go through many ups and downs and readers will certainly be engaged while hoping for the best for them.
I couldn’t put Fate Cuts Both Ways down. It had me from the very first chapter, where it starts out as an exciting romantic encounter between two special people that find a real connection with one another. Then, it develops into a much stronger story with more of a meaningful, deep plot, with a satisfying conclusion that brings closure. Barbara L.B. Storey has a unique voice and she certainly is an exceptional storyteller.  Her descriptions are captivating and vivid, which kept me sensually delighted. This book is unique and fabulous. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Fate Cuts Both Waysto all avid romance readers that are looking for something original and entertaining to escape into. Get yourself a copy and discover a love story worth fighting for.
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Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanör - Book Review

Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanor
Reha Tanor’s culinary infused short stories, a new chapter in his journey after his successful multi-faceted life as an entrepreneur, investor, professor and a loving father/husband. The globetrotter digs interesting details up from his rich past inspired by his dining experience at some of the best restaurants in the world from Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills to Modena’s Osteria Francescana.
Restaurants & Tales is a delightful, entertaining and sensory exploration of restaurants and thoughts from an extraordinary man and excellent writer, Reha Tanor. Through his intriguing and amusing short anecdotes, readers will be taken on a culinary and sensual journey filled with colorful places, people and conversations. This book is about food, but more than that it is about the full culinary and dining experience. Reha Tanor states that he is not that curious about food in itself. But, rather the ambiance and all that he can observe and take in. In his book he tells of many extraordinary and enjoyable dining experiences. He shares about the scenery of the restaurant, its atmosphere, the customers, servers, smells, tastes and all the great conversations.
Restaurants & Tales held me captive from the very first page. It is filled with the most interesting stories of the author’s experiences while dining around the world. The people he has met, the conversations and humorous tales will keep readers fully engaged and turning the pages while savoring every word. Reading about these tales are, not only inspiring, but informative as well.
His many personal thoughts while dining all over the world will interest and impress readers. This book is magnificent and written with finesse and intelligence. This is a one of a kind book about dining out at exclusive, intriguing and enchanting restaurants worldwide. It is filled with positive philosophical thoughts, gastronomy and the beauty and randomness of life and the dining experience. Reha Tanor has certainly lived a rich, interesting, fulfilling and beautiful life. This book is perfect for those who have a passion for life, dining and travel. Reha Tanor, eloquently shares his impressive, entertaining tales and observations, with a wide range and variety of restaurants and dining places to tell about.
Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanor is a brilliant, clever book and way to convey the author’s personal perspective on life by combining rich memories with dining experiences from some of the best restaurants around the world. This book is filled with ideas of great restaurants and places to visit and enjoy. A wonderful gem for short story lovers. It is easy to read, fascinating, delightful and a must read 5 star book.
Reviewed by Sophie Rose for Artisan Book Reviews
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Ghosters by Diana Corbitt - Book Review

Ghosters by Diana Corbitt
One day, Theresa’s mom dies.
The next, money problems force her family out of their home.
Life has definitely taken a downward turn for the twelve-year-old. But then she meets Kerry, and their friendship quickly grows.
Although obsessed with the paranormal, Kerry has never seen a real ghost. But when she hears how the powdered sugar Theresa had been combing the kitchen to find just magically flopped out of the cupboard she’d already looked in three times, she proposes they solve both their problems by entering the Ghosters video contest.
And why not?
Kerry has the ghost hunting equipment, and after seeing the dining room curtains close in front of them, Theresa and her autistic brother, Joey, know their new house is definitely haunted.
So, we’ve got three kids exploring a creepy old mansion. What could happen?
A lot.
That’s just the beginning of this paranormal mystery series.
Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is an entertaining, suspenseful, creepy and engaging mystery and ghost story that children will revel in and, be unable to put down. The story follows a young girl, Theresa, whose mother has recently passed away. Along with her autistic brother, Joey, they are forced to move into their deceased grandparent’s ancient, huge and boring house. The neighbors believe the house to be haunted, but the kids don’t believe in ghosts. They are disheartened by their situation. That is until, things take a turn when Theresa meets a new friend, Kerry. And, Kerry does believe in ghosts, and has accumulated much ghost hunting equipment. When creepy unsound occurrences begin to happen in the old house, the kids decide to enter the Ghosters video contest. That’s when they start to discover that this old house is not that boring and could really be haunted after all. What ensues is a suspenseful, chilling and eye-opening adventure for these three kids.
Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is a fantastic, suspenseful read for children that love the paranormal and ghosts. It is well written, easy to read and flows nicely. It explores the hardships of losing a parent, childhood struggles, the difficulties, beauty and importance of friendship and autism. This book is intended for children ages 9-12 and grades 4-7, but as an adult, I found it to be fun, engrossing and overwhelmingly entertaining.
Ghosters is thought provoking, humorous and captivating, as well. With surprises around every corner, these three kids are on quite a journey and adventure. It is an exciting tale about ghosts, mystery, friendship and adventure. There are family secrets to be discovered, along with self-discovery. This book held me mesmerized from the first chapter to the very satisfying end that has a shocking twist. I was always intrigued and wanting to know what I would discover next. What would happen next? What would the children find next? What will happen to them? Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is definitely one of the best children’s mystery, suspense and paranormal books I have ever read. It is so much more than just a ghost story. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it. Children will love it. Get your child a copy, you won’t be disappointed and they will certainly be delighted.
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Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer - Book Review

Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer
An inspirational, highly emotional and entertaining read for all ages
This book is a lovely adventure with an amazing heroine. Matica is a strong, brave girl, who battles with her handicap and how others view her. But this isn’t a story only about her gaining acceptance or overcoming her challenges. Rather, it’s a tale packed full of exciting moments and tons of emotions. Matica comes across naturally as does the village and world around her. It’s beautifully set and an easy landscape to dive into.
The way the author revealed each situation is fun to read and it made one anxious to see what’s next. Acceptance was eloquently woven into the story without being blatant. And the other thing I learned was that when certain things happen, you don’t always know why and just maybe something goodwill come of it.
Talon Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer is an inspirational, engaging and thoughtful must read story. It follows the story of a little nine year old girl whose parents are missionaries in the small village of Pucara, Peru. Matica, finds making friends with the local kids to be difficult. Matica has a condition that has hindered her growth, so she is extremely small like that of a two year old. The local Indians and villagers, don’t understand her and are leery and mistrustful of her.
Then Matica comes upon two condors, a male and a female. She is able to win their trust and begins to mysteriously communicate with them. Her adventure has begun. The condor’s egg is stolen by poachers and Matica and her father set out to rescue it, and they are successful. With the condor’s approval, Matica takes care of the precious egg. When the egg hatches, Matica becomes a substitute mother to the baby condor and names it, Talon. The local’s observe the success Matica has had with the condors, and they begin to warm up to her. Eventually, tiny Matica, becomes a well-liked, admired and respected part of the community.
Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer is filled with warmth and inspiration. It is a touching story about a nine year girl that overcomes her disability and uses it for something extraordinary. Her love for nature changes her life and it becomes meaningful and purposeful for her. Her disability is no longer a hindrance or something to be ashamed of.
Gigi Sedlmayer has woven a tapestry of beauty, harmony and excitement in her fabulous story. It is filled with intrigue and even some suspense. I loved it and couldn’t put it down and read it late into the night to find out what would happen next. It brought a feeling of serenity to my soul. I loved the tale of the giant magnificent condors, coupled with the human interaction. It is just a beautiful story that adults and children will both enjoy. It will be fully entertaining for the entire family.
I believe that Talon, Come Fly with Me should be a reading requirement in schools. It is full of emotion and love with important messages throughout. The exemplary descriptive writing had me on the beautiful scene watching on as the story unfolded. Gigi Sedlmayer is an excellent writer with a unique voice. This story is original, genuine and compelling. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it to all readers. It is a page-turner and a must read magical tale for everyone that likes clean, thoughtful and exciting reads about animals and extraordinary people.
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Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni - Book Review

Shattered Moon: When a romantic dream turns into a nightmare by Renata Lanzoni
Shattered Moon is based on a true story. The book explores the heights of an unexpected romance, the lows of despair and the terrors of violent abuse. The purpose of the book is to show you are not going crazy, you are not alone and that there is hope on the other side of pain. An Oxford graduate, lawyer, dependable mother, Maddy has been living a secluded life since her teenage son ran away from home three years ago. Her grief for his loss and her sense of guilt have been plaguing her ever since. When her daughter leaves for university, and her estranged husband announces he is moving abroad, she finds herself without purpose. At 42 she decides it is now time to start living again and accepts her friend’s offer to go away on holiday to Sri Lanka. On the exotic island, she encounters an enticing young man who showers her with unexpected attention. She is swept off her feet by the intensity of his feelings and the effect he has on her. The connection with him is so deep, so sudden and so powerful that she decides to leave her empty life behind and embark on an exciting new adventure.
But the mysterious young man, damaged by a past of suffering and loss, is not what she expects him to be. She finds herself more and more tangled in his web and unable to see a way out. Feeling responsible for his every mood and fiercely protective of him, she fails to recognize the first signs of abuse and only realizes what is really happening to her after months of emotional and physical violence. But the shame and disbelief isolate her from everyone, and she finds herself lonely, utterly sad and fighting against her feelings. The unprecedented rollercoaster of emotions traps her in a toxic and violent relationship. Her life is in danger. Can she save herself? A story of unconditional love, powerful emotions, strong friendships, deep despair and utter terror, hope and resilience. A true account told with the desire to help others find the strength to save themselves and maybe even to recognize early signs of toxic relationships and avoid all the pain and damage they cause. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Amici di Casa Mihiri, a registered charity which is doing a fantastic and thankless job helping and housing women and young girls affected by domestic violence and abuse in Sri Lanka, giving them safety, security, love and hope.
Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni is a heartbreaking, beautiful and enlightening story about the horrors of domestic abuse. Based on a true story, it is a must read novel that will take readers to the heights of romance and excitement then straight into the depths of disappointment, tragedy and agonizing terror. The story follows the main character Maddy, a middle aged woman whose eighteen year old son ran away from home three years ago. Her daughter has left for college and her husband has abandoned her by taking off to another country. All alone, she gathers her strength and determination to live again and decides to go to Sri Lanka with her friends. While on the beautiful island she meets a charming, handsome gentleman that quickly sweeps her off her feet. However, things begin to spiral out of control as this new “wonderful” man in her life starts to become toxic and abusive toward Maddy. But, Maddy doesn’t see the signs of abuse that are creeping in and her emotions are all over the place. Her life and emotions flow between love, ecstasy, excitement, terror, fear, horror and ultimately to victory. As I was reading her story, I could feel every single feeling that she was experiencing.
Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni sheds light on the terrible and common issue of domestic violence. With both emotional and physical abuse, the author writes of the real horrors these women from all over the world endure. She exposes the, many and various, beginning signs and what to look for in a man that could be a potential abuser. It was fascinating to watch how the abusive relationship developed and evolved. This story will chill the reader’s spine as they read about the severe emotional and life threatening abuse that Maddy went through. It is intense, romantic, violent, entertaining and realistic. From the very first chapter, I was pulled in and fully engaged. Maddy’s life story will draw readers in and reveal the real life dire scenarios of how one can be pulled into a tangled web of love and terror, unable to escape it all because of the emotional rollercoaster the she was forced to ride.
Renata Lanzoni shines light on the subject of domestic abuse like no other author has been able to do. This book will help many to understand the psychological aspects of the whole ordeal and how to avoid the horrible trap from the get go, by recognizing the signs. Maddy just didn’t see it coming, and so it is with many women who become entangled in such a relationship. It became confusing, unescapable, dangerous and life threatening for Maddy.
Author, Renta Lanzoni writes with deep empathy for the abused woman, and her descriptive writing puts the reader directly on the scene experiencing all that is unfolding. I love her unique and interesting writing style which is easy to read, fast paced and electrifying. It is written in short chapters that leave the reader hanging and turning the pages quickly. Her well drawn characters are fully developed, realistic and relatable.
Shattered Moon is a thought provoking, compelling, educational and highly entertaining read. Author, Renata Lanzoni has an original voice and excellent writing skills. Readers will enjoy this book while feeling every emotion from glorious to hellish. Overall, Shattered Moon is a must read, 5 star book filled with meaningfulness, romance, suspense and inspiration. Highly recommended byChick Lit Cafe.
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