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Volume One – Guardian’s Redemption
Joey Gunns an ex. UN Special Forces mercenary, reluctantly takes an assignment doing muscle work for the POTUS. A series of unfortunate events unfold leaving Gunns to choose between his beloved band of brothers, his moral conscience, or his own ambitions.
Which one will he choose?….  Read volume one to find out
The Wall: Guardian’s Redemption by Some Guy is a spectacular science fiction/fantasy read with paranormal, horror and supernatural elements throughout. Five members of an elite special ops team, led by Joey Gunns, come face to face with variations of strained, high pressure and intense situations. They must provide security for the President of the United States, Jonathan Rothschild’s, wife and two children during the time of the unveiling of the expected and much anticipated wall. During the ceremony things go very wrong. What ensues is a course of events that leads readers through an exciting domino effect which propels the plot and subsequently brings them to the story’s exhilarating conclusion.
The Wall: Guardian’s Redemption by Some Guy is not only about catching the bad guys but it’s about redemption and absolution. Right from the very first chapter, the story starts off running as we see Gunn being tortured for information. I was completely caught up in the story from the get go. Full of action and exploits, The Wall: Guardians Redemptionwill keep readers engaged from start to finish. There are supernatural battles, suspense filled situations and horrific warfare.
This is a short book packed with action, intrigue and excitement. It is a simple to read book but not lacking in quality of writing. It is a professional polished work of fiction that readers will be enthralled with. It is a real page turner which I couldn’t put down and read it straight through from beginning to end in one sitting. It is a one of a kind story. And the best book in its genre that I have ever read.
The story gives readers an eye opening deep look into the horrors of war while relating some amusing and fun supernatural and horror elements. The Wall has it all. Along with the horror elements this is a fun book to read as well.
Thrilling and action packed The Wall is a nail biting, spine tingling read. The characters are well developed and realistic. They are relatable and fully fleshed out. The dialog between them caused me to feel connected to them in a deep way. And, I cared about many of the characters by the end of the story. The descriptions are written in a way that I could envision the scenes and felt like I was looking on with clarity as I read on.
I loved The Wall: Guardians Redemption. It is a must read graphic novellawith excellent illustrations. The storyline and plot is complete with nothing missing. The composition is exceptional and very well written. It is a phenomenal paranormal, horror and supernatural read. This book will appeal to many readers. If you like the supernatural genre with a good amount of violence with exciting nail biting scenes, then you will love The Wall: Guardians Redemption by Some Guy. It is completely entertaining and will keep readers fully engaged. I highly recommend it to all avid readers, and I am looking forward to the next outstanding volume in the series.
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Daddy Throws Me in the Air by Ayn Dillard

Daddy Throws Me in the Air by Ayn Dillard
“It was time to heal. I had to stop creating a life that I could not live. It was time for the pain and suffering to stop. There was too much pain. I will die if the pain continues. Why does my life keep ending up in the same place? Abusive marriages, divorces, lawyers, legal suits – people in my life that had alcoholism, mental illness and abusive behavior, all telling me that I am the problem. Why did I keep creating and recreating everything I did not want and vowed not to have in my life? In the process of the healing – soul searching – reading of books – discussing – studying – therapy; seemingly insignificant scenes from my childhood kept entering my mind. The scenes were overpowering me, forcing me to look at and relive the feelings that I was having at the time. I began writing down the stories and discovered very meaningful messages that I was given as a child, messages that imprinted me and shaped my life’s existence. These scenes and the feelings they created caused me to experience a repetitive pattern. It did not matter if the imprints were intended to create this pattern, only that it was the pattern it created in me. Until I was genuinely ready and able to look at my imprints and beliefs, where they came from and release them – the pattern would remain.” Negative imprints, beliefs, thinking and emotions cause a great deal of mental, emotional and physical distress. Negative thoughts and worry sink deep and can control your life. There is power in how you perceive your past, your relation to it and your world. Awareness of how your past affects and guides will help stop the vicious cycle ‘Daddy Throws Me in the Air’ is a journey through childhood memories to awareness. It includes a process to assist in releasing negative imprints and beliefs.
Ayn Dillard’s Daddy Throws Me in the Air is an inspirational memoir and self-help book that is a must read for all. In it, she recounts her troubled childhood and the vicious cycle of abusive marriages, divorces, lawyers, legal suits, and the people in her life that had alcoholism, mental illness and abusive behavior, all telling her that she was the one with the problem. When in reality it was all due to the negative imprints and the negative behavior of others that shaped her life.
As an adult Ayn searched for answers in every way possible. Her process of healing included therapy, reading books and many other modes of searching for healing. When she began to recall messages and scenes from her childhood she decided to write them down. Thus begins her story as she was forced to relive her memories and feel all the emotions that came with them and then began to release them.
Daddy Throws Me in the Air is a poignant and inspirational look at one woman’s struggle to heal herself from her past. Ayn Dillard stresses the fact that we all have had imprints, good and bad that shape us as adults. And by recalling and taking a close look at our childhood memories we can all begin to become aware and understand why we are the way we are and why we keep doing the same negative behaviors over and over. And finally, by becoming aware and reliving our past emotions we can be healed with God’s help.
I was fully captivated by Daddy Throws Me in the Air: Remembering Childhood. It was like riding a wild ride while reading her accounts of various childhood experiences. These things really touched me and I could really relate. We cannot allow others to project their fears and negative emotions upon us. I fully empathized with Ayn and found myself literally crying many times at the pain and suffering she endured.
But not all hope was lost, as Ayn sought out help and was able to overcome her bad childhood imprints and memories and turn sadness, depression and repeated negative behaviors around. She now lives a life full of peace and joy with, mainly, the help of God.
This is a must read memoir and self-help book for anyone that struggles in life. Ayn states that our adult lives are a reflection of the imprints that were put upon us a children and we can overcome them and live a happy life.
Daddy Throws Me in the Air is also witty and fun to read even though it is sad. Ayn Dillard has a way with words that draws readers in and causes them to want to read on to the end. The characters have a life of their own and their stories are written in two to three page accounts. This book is brilliant and beautiful – filled with hope.
Self-Awareness is one of the keys to the fulfillment of a happy life. Ayn states that we must forgive, learn to love ourselves, let go of the past and accept the things we cannot change. Ayn Dillard is an expressive, excellent writer and her story will help many. There is a section in the book that will help readers to evaluate their own lives and childhoods and begin the healing process. This is one book that I will be reading again. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to all readers because we all have issues that need dealing with and that stem from our childhoods. Ayn’s book is a highly effective shortcut to years of intense therapy. This book helped me immensely and I thank Ayn Dillard for following her calling to write it.
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The Awakening of Anna-Leigh by M. Millswan

The Awakening of Anna-Leigh by M. Millswan
Beautiful, intelligent and talented, yet entirely naïve to the ways of the world, young Anna-Leigh’s curiosity begs finishing. Newly arrived at New England’s most exclusive finishing school, the headmistress appoints Édouard Henri (Paul) Avril as Anna-Leigh’s private tutor. She instructs the handsome artist to polish Anna-Leigh’s artistic talents, yet her real goal is to educate her new student in everything the achingly innocent young girl should know about the masculine sex. A classic and lively romance lavishly set in the opulent Victorian period, The Finisher is an exuberant and richly embroidered celebration of youth, beauty, natural curiosity, and softly sensual erotic discovery.
Beautiful, intelligent and talented, yet entirely naïve to the ways of the world, young Anna-Leigh’s boundless curiosity begs finishing.  Upon leaving the convent where she lived cloistered away as a servant to the sisters from the time she was a little girl, Anna-Leigh’s life begins to change rapidly and dramatically when she arrives at New England’s most exclusive finishing school.  During her initial interview, the headmistress learns not only does this bright and artistic, yet painfully quiet and reserved young woman know very little about how to interact with her fellow students, but she also knows absolutely nothing at all about the opposite sex.  Eager to polish every facet of Anna-Leigh’s education, the headmistress asks the most popular girl in the school to befriend the new girl and help her overcome her shyness and learn to socialize publicly, as well as privately, with the other girls.  Though Anna-Leigh’s new friend, Phoebe is as precocious as she is adventurous, a much more dramatic and life-changing step towards becoming a strong and confident young woman occurs when the headmistress also decides to appoint Édouard Henri (Paul) Avril as Anna-Leigh’s private art tutor.  The headmistress instructs the handsome artist to refine Anna-Leigh’s artistic talents, yet her true goal is to educate her bright and promising new student in everything the achingly innocent young girl should know about life, love, and the masculine sex.  That Anna-Leigh’s Paul was in real life the actual artist who drew the original illustrations for the classic novel, Fanny Hill back in the nineteenth century adds a depth of realism no fictional character can provide.
The Awakening of Anna-Leigh by M. Millswan is a must read story that will have the discerning reader of romance craving more.  This classic and lively romance lavishly set in the opulent Victorian period is a beautifully polished tale about young love, innocence and sexual awakening.  Filled with drama and discovery as well as softly erotic adventures and interludes, each new experience Anna-Leigh encounters will change her life forever.
This is a seriously sexy read written with taste, style and decorum.  Author M. Millswan has composed an arousing and bewitching coming of age story filled with beauty and charm.  With each turn of the page, the descriptive and amazingly vivid nature of the writing kept me feeling as though I wasn’t reading a book, but actually there.  Almost as though I was living out Anna-Leigh’s dream, I could see as well as sense every moment and emotion as it unfolded.
All of the characters, from the imposing headmistress to the shrewish Matron Poe and from Monsieur Avril to the young men Anna-Leighs meets in town are simply fabulous.  That each displays their own peculiar personalities helped to draw me even more deeply into their situations, problems, emotions and experiences.  The main character, Anna-Leigh is fully fleshed out and entirely engaging in her innocence and lack of experience in life and men.  The secondary characters are engaging, brimming with personality and extremely well developed.  M.Millswan presents to the readers a unique voice, and my best description of the writing is beautiful, lustful and delightful.  This author is an excellent writer with evident skill and experience.
The Awakening of Anna-Leigh is a tastefully written classical erotic romance tale that had me turning the pages quickly to find out what would happen next for Anna-Leigh.  This is one of the finest written and most creative stories, with an unparalleled plot, that I have read in its genre in a long time.  It is steamy, romantic and sexy, yet so tastefully executed, you can cuddle up to this story like a soft pillow and a warm cup of tea on a cold and rainy day.  Readers who enjoy every spectrum of romance will love it, I’m sure.
To sum up this review, The Finisher is an exuberant and richly embroidered celebration of youth, beauty, natural curiosity, and softly sensual erotic discovery.  I highly recommend it to all readers, especially those that enjoy tastefully written erotic romance.  This is one of the best ones out there.  I steadfastly believe that this book will appeal to so many readers.  Please, give it a read and allow me to assure you that you will not be disappointed.  I look forward to reading more from M. Millswan soon.
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Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth - Book Review

Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth
“Stellar” is an interesting as well as compelling book of prose poetry that encompasses the wonderment of love. Further, stories of romance, love, and tragedy are told creatively through the eyes of 107 poems. In “Stellar” one will have a chance to go on an odyssey of figurative language, and will also get a refreshing sense of the human condition that we all need, and yearn for love. In “Stellar” one will also have a unique opportunity to view emotionalism seemingly painted by the masters. In reality, however, these poetic words of distinction cannot fit on a canvas, but are to be read on paper, and enjoyed by you and your imagination.
Stellar by Kevin Hollingsworth is a stunning collection of imaginative prose poetry. The writings are based on and about love, specifically towards the female sex. It is compelling and delightful. Full of emotion and sentiment, readers will be enabled to indulge themselves fully. Kevin Hollingsworth seems to write from experience in this beautiful poetry book about the beauty of love. The poems do include the subject of making love, but it is tastefully written and not in the erotic genre whatsoever. They are written from a male’s point of view which I found very stimulating and interesting.
Each poem’s characteristics revolve around the theme of love, discovering love, losing a love, the tragedy of love, or looking for someone to love. The author seems to have experienced all of these themes of love. Yet, he doesn’t fault the woman when it comes to the loss of love. I found that aspect to be very refreshing, mature and endearing.
The poems themselves flow with ease and speak to the heart of the reader. My heart was touched immensely and I thoroughly enjoyed every single beautiful word. This isn’t a rhyming poetry book but more of an informal book of prose poetry. The language was easy to understand and simple to read, each line is easy to decipher relating the full meaning of the poem. It was just a delight to read. It is filled with emotion and wonderment and it helped me to understand my own feelings on the subject of love better.
Many of the poems are titled with a woman’s name, indicating personal experience with love, heartbreak and longing for each of these women. The poetry is very hopeful and inspirational overall.
Stellar is seriously one of the best prose poetry books that I have ever read. I will be reading it again and again. It’s just that captivating and even entertaining. It is deep and complete, with such meaning and sentiment that my heart overflowed with feelings, revelation and recollection of my own experiences.
Stellar reads like a chronicle of the love and the beauty that this life we live holds. It’s a cascade of love and beauty in different personifications. It is graceful and filled with lyrical passages. Certain poems almost remind me of The Song of Songs in the Bible. My soul was refreshed and touched deeply while reading Stellar.
Stellar is a must read collection of prose poetry. If you have ever loved, lost a love, longed for love or want to be reminded of the beauty of life and love, then this is the book for you. If you don’t normally read poetry, you will really be missing out if you don’t pick up a copy of StellarChick Lit Café highly recommends this original, unique and exquisite book of prose poetry to all readers everywhere. It will touch and enrich your spirit, soul and emotions. It is unlike any poetry book I have ever read!
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Clarkston's Curse by Ann Margaret Johns

Clarkston’s Curse: One Child’s Quest to Explain the Series of Tragedies in Her Hometown
By Ann Margaret Johns
Based on actual events, Clarkston’s Curse is the compelling true story of a child growing up in a small town plagued by tragedy.
Fleeing the violence and uncertainty of Detroit and big city living, Ann Margaret’s family moved to Clarkston, Michigan, population 1,024. But this sleepy town has a dark side. Between 1969 and 1982, more than forty unexplained accidents and incomprehensible murders struck residents of this rural community.
A true story of mystery, murder, family, and friendship, Clarkston’s Curse is a first-hand account of what it was like to grow up in the 1960s and 70s in a small town where tragedy struck with unsettling frequency. More than forty families are forever changed, and thirty people – young and old – didn’t survive to tell their tale. Ann did.
Clarkston’s Curse is an amazing book. It tells the history of Clarkston, Michigan from 1969 to 1982. Author Ann Margaret’s family moved there in order to flee from the violent city of Detroit. The population of Clarkston was a mere 1,024. But Clarkston had its own under current of violence as many families and many individuals suffered loss of life during that unfortunate time.
To say that the town was cursed seems to be an understatement. If you look at the population versus the number of people that died (thirty) under suspicious circumstances, the numbers suggest a pattern and definitely a plight filled with tragedy.
Ann Margaret lived to tell the tale, as she was just a child at the time. The book is written from a child’s view point and how she saw the circumstances at the time. This is a very interesting book to say the least. It holds a lot of mystery surrounding the circumstances and the deaths of these innocent people.
Clarkston’s Curse is a very polished, well written book. Ann Margaretwrites the details well with nothing lacking. It is a nail biter full of suspense and intrigue. Besides writing from her memory, this book is very well researched and scrutinized. I was held captive from the very first chapter and hung on to the exciting end.
The events that take place will have the reader on the edge their seat. It is a real page turner and one of the best memoir’s I have read in a long time. It reads almost like a suspense novel, but told through the eyes of a child. That’s not to say that it is written in an amateur way, rather it is written with skill and creativity and with a unique and talented voice.
Books like this intrigue me and Clarkston’s Curse did not disappoint in any way. Rather, it was full of surprises and eye opening scenarios that kept me flipping the pages quickly to find out what was going to happen next. This is a must read story that readers will be enthralled in and fascinated by.
Ann Margaret is an excellent writer and I look forward to more books written by her. This book embodies things that make up nightmares. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Clarkston’s Curse to all lovers of mystery and suspense books, especially those that derive from a true story of a sleepy little town that was most definitely cursed.
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She Laughs in Pink by Jessica Calla

She Laughs in Pink: Book One of the Sheridan Hall Series by Jessica Calla
Four years after her twin is murdered, Juliet Anderson still struggles to overcome her grief. Two things keep her from falling into a deep, dark place—ballet, and her best friend-slash-super crush, Ben. When Ben decides to play football for New Jersey University, Juliet follows without hesitation. Finally away from the reminders of her past, she’s on her own for the first time, and focused on winning Ben’s heart.
Then she meets Ben’s tall, dark, purple-eyed roommate.
On probation and hell-bent on adhering to a “new life plan,” aspiring artist, Chase Cooper, has no time for womanly distractions. Unfortunately, the universe has other ideas. When he meets Juliet, their attraction is instant–the gorgeous ballerina makes his head spin and he’s never been so inspired to succeed. Only problem is, Juliet’s completely focused on his seemingly perfect, good guy roommate.
Freshman year in Sheridan Hall becomes a whirlwind of new friends, challenges, and heartbreak. Through it all, Juliet and Chase lean on each other, and their friendship changes into something more. Something neither of them is sure they’re ready for. For a chance at true love, they’ll have to risk their well-laid plans and learn to open their hearts to new beginnings.
Juliet Anderson is a ballet dancer and is headed to college at New Jersey University. She is in pursuit of, who she thinks is the love of her life, Ben. He has supported her and been a good friend to her since the death of her sister four years prior. Juliet’s sister, Justine, was murdered and Juliet blames herself. She is still struggling with major grief and receives no support from her parents.
While at the train station, Juliet meets Chase, a good looking artist who is passionate and the exact opposite from Ben. Chase is smitten with Juliet and Juliet is attracted to Chase.
It turns out that Chase is going to NJU also. He actually becomes roommates with Ben and is in the same dorm as Juliet. Chase and Juliet’s relationship and friendship grows and Juliet must rethink her plans and be open to a new life she unexpected.
She Laughs in Pink is a fabulous love story that I couldn’t put down. It captured me from the very first chapter and held me captive throughout the entire book. It is filled with raw emotion, drama and amusement. It is about college life, friendships, overcoming the past and dealing with life’s difficulties. Then there is the sizzling hot romance.
The setting is a college campus and the actual dormitory that our characters live in. They are a group of various personalities that each give the story rich and quirky enjoyment. The characters are diverse in their personas and each one adds to the flavor of the storyline. They are well developed and fleshed out causing the reader to fall in love with them.
This is a highly emotional novel with feelings running the gamut. I was fully engaged with the characters problems and them trying to overcome them. I felt torn apart and then delightfully put back together again. She Laughs in Pink has an artsy theme to it that is charming and appealing to the imaginary senses, as Jessica Calla describes her characters and the things they do. Readers will find themselves wanting to live at the Sheridan Hall dormitory, I know I did. The way Jessica Calla portrays college life is exciting, alluring and just phenomenal, even with its ups and downs.
She Laughs in Pink is an incredible love triangle story. The Main characters, Juliet and Chase both come from back grounds of hardship. With Chase being a bad boy type due to some bad choices in his past, it makes for a rich, satisfying and realistic read. The secondary characters are really exceptional. Jessica Calla has managed to write various different personality types and she writes them well. Readers will love these characters and they will hold their interest immensely.
The plot and storyline flows and the writing is phenomenal. Jessica Callahas a unique voice that I found refreshing and creative. This is a must read novel that readers will relate to and be completely entertained by. She Laughs in Pink is the first book in Jessica Calla’s “Sheridan Hall” series.
 Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends She Laughs in Pink to all avid readers.

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Beyond Every Sunset by Angela Schmeling

Beyond Every Sunset by Angela Schmeling
Travis O’Connell was living his dream when a surprise on his doorstep causes his care-free world to slowly crumble around him.
Finding himself suddenly thrust into fatherhood, Travis is forced to move back home with his parents to make ends meet. While learning to cope with the joys and sorrows of single parenthood as well as his parents’ strong faith, Travis must come to terms with who he is and who God has called him to be.
Will he choose to follow the One that can break the hardness growing in his heart and become the father that his daughter needs?
Early one morning, Travis O’Connell awakes to a visitor that leaves him a surprise in the form of a beautiful baby girl.  The note says that she is his child, Celia, and her mother, Callina Jennings, needs him to take care of her for a while. Shocked and surprised, Travis notices the baby’s beautiful sparkling aquamarine eyes and cute curly brown hair. Suddenly Travis is a father and he decides to move back home with his parents. He must give up on his dream of being a director in the theater in order to care for his child. Learning to become a father has its ups and downs, joys and woes. Travis must now take a good look at himself and who he is. His parents encourage Travis to attend church. During that time he becomes a drama teacher at the local high school. The Lord is working in his life, but will Travis yield to the plan of God?
Beyond Every Sunset by Angela Schmeling is a beautiful Christian story that is filled with emotion and drama. I was drawn right in from the very first chapter. Author Angela Schmeling doesn’t waste any time getting to the point in this well laid out plot. The action starts on the very first page when this baby girl is dropped off at his doorstep.
This novel is a lovely love story without any explicit sex or bad language. It was a delight to read. The descriptive words give Beyond Every Sunset a life of its own. I could picture the setting and people vividly and my imaginary senses were extremely pleased. It is a captivating light hearted story that I couldn’t put down. It has a religious message that I found very appealing and inspirational.
The characters are well developed, interesting and relatable. I felt like I was right there with them as the story progressed. It was refreshing to read a story like this that is free from violence and sexual actions. It is an inspiring romance story with some twists and turns. It is highly emotional and I was caught up in Travis’ life and all that he goes through raising this child with all the ups and downs.
The plot is unpredictable and well written. Beyond Every Sunset is a Christian fiction novel with a contemporary look into unconditional love with compelling characters whose stories and lives intertwine and diverge. It is a powerful story of forgiveness and God’s never ending grace. Angela Schmeling has a clear and unique voice that is original and creative. I was very impressed by the quality of the descriptive writing. The narration between the characters is masterly written and I was very inspired while reading and then afterward it kept me thinking. Beyond Every Sunset is a great novel that will leave the reader smiling at the end. I’m looking forward to reading more books by Angela SchmelingChick Lit Cafe highly recommends Beyond Every Sunset to all avid readers.
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The Palm Reader by Christopher Bowron

The Palm Reader by Christopher Bowron
Jackson Walker once again faces his demons in this haunting sequel to Devil in the Grass. Now working as an investigative lawyer for Peter Robertson, Jack teams with Janie Callaghan to solve the disappearance of a sleazy client specializing in taboo pornography. Meanwhile the evil head of the Church of Satan weaves an intricate web to lure Walker as the sacrificial lamb in an Everglades Black Mass ritual.
The Palm Reader by Christopher Bowron is the thrilling supernatural sequel to his bestselling book entitled Devil in the Grass. The story begins with the ending of the first story catching the reader up on the premise and plot. I hadn’t read the first book but I was completely able to follow along and understand what was going on. And there is a lot going on. Jackson Walker is the main character. He is from the Seminole descent and the setting is in the Everglades in Florida. Jackson is now working as an investigative lawyer for one Peter Robinson. He links up with Janie Callaghan to investigate the disappearance of a shady client that is in the underground porn industry, where horrible things happen. In the meantime we have the bloodthirsty head of the Satanic Church. He is working to lure Jackson Walker to be their blood sacrifice.
Wow! The Palm Reader kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat throughout the entire story. There are a few different plots going on that all fit nicely together. It is written with expertise and flows intelligently and creatively, with realistic scenarios.
A lot of research has gone into this story. Research on the Church of Satan as well as the Seminole people and their beliefs.
The Palm Reader is a fast paced read with twists, turns and excitement around every corner. It is delightfully scary and full of frightening events. This book is not for children, but young adults and older. It is full of mystery and intrigue and horrifying ideas and elements. I loved it and could not put it down. I think one of the things that made it so good to me is that the writing is superb. Plus, it is realistic, as many people know that these terrible things do happen in real life.
I love the southern setting in the Everglades, and Christopher Bowrondescribes it well. The descriptive writing really stands out making the story so interesting and real. A real delight for the imaginary senses. This is the best book in its genre that I have ever read.
The characters are fabulous, well developed and totally fleshed out. Readers will love some and love to hate others.
The Palm Reader is a southern thriller filled with supernatural elements. This is one book that I will be reading again. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to all thriller and supernatural lovers and those that are interested in the real life scenarios of the Church of Satan and the supernatural.
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Bittersweet Freedom by Judith Bognar Bean

Bittersweet Freedom by Judith Bognar Bean
The author recounts the seven-decade Saga of her 1956 Hungarian Refugee family, as a memoir presented in “Story Form,” with historical perspective.
Jozsef F. Bognar, a renowned musician and Freedom Fighter, with a death sentence inflicted upon him by the Soviet Army, makes a death-defying escape with his wife and baby daughter (the author of this book), seeking a small bridge, shrouded amidst swampy marshland, whose rickety planks wait to lead the family into a vast void called “Freedom.”
With heartrending detail, the author recounts the atrocities suffered by her “child-parents” in World War II Hungary, and the brutality inflicted upon the Hungarian people as the 1956 Revolution shattered their world.
In America, the family faces countless formidable enemies – Ethnic persecution, destitution, communal conflict, and family dissent.
Pure Love is the only power strong enough to carry them through the turbulent tides ebbing away at the foundation of their lives. But is the family’s love powerful enough, strong enough, to sustain them through the bittersweet journey ahead? Only the torrents of time would tell …
In the shadow of today’s turbulent world events of cultural inequity, national rebellion, family discourse, and the omnipresent, magnificent power of Love Everlasting, this True Telling is mesmerizing and inspirational.
Fleeing vile, Soviet oppression, in pursuit to find a life of freedom for his family, Jozsef Frank Bognar,  a renowned musician and Hungarian Freedom Fighter, an unsung hero of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, with a death sentence pronounced upon him by the Soviet army, makes a daring, last-minute, nighttime escape from his beloved country with his wife and young, two-year-old daughter (author Judith Bognar Bean), amidst a barrage of reverberating machine-gun fire, seeking a way to Andau, Austria, from where the family is taken to board a United States Army ship sent to carry Hungarian Refugees to America. Jozsef was no ordinary man, but rather extraordinary in every way. His very character defied the definition of bravery, righteousness and selfless love. Through his bravery and determination he saved his family and future descendants from tyranny, bondage, and death.
Now, many years later, author, Judith Bognar Bean, recounts the seven-decade life and times of her dear father, Jozsef, and her family’s history and trek to America. She talks about her family’s life after arriving in America and the struggles therein. There were many distressing battles to fight in the early years in America: ethnic discrimination, extreme poverty, family disagreements, and more.
Bittersweet Freedom is a glorious family saga filled with drama and intrigue. I couldn’t put this marvelous memoir, written in story form, down. Author Judith Bognar Bean has composed a shocking account of her family’s harrowing escape from Hungary during the dark, mournful days of the Hungarian Revolution.
After her father dies, Judith’s mother is left mentally undone, and emotionally unstable due to the grueling experiences of her childhood during World War II in Hungary. Judith attempts to take care of her mother and tries to help her recover and life goes on. This is a must-read, true story of one family’s trials, tribulations and triumphs over seventy years’ time. It is about hardship, bravery, the mortality of man, enduring selfless love and determination.
Jozsef Frank Bognar was brave beyond words, self-sacrificing, giving and showed his family unconditional eternal love. The story of this extraordinary man captivated me from beginning to end.
I couldn’t put Bittersweet Freedom down and it kept me up into the late hours of the night. It’s a true story about immigration, survival, strong family ties, love and sentiment. It is startling, funny and sad. My emotions were caught up in this story as I really came to love this family and reveled in all they had endured and triumphed in.
Bittersweet Freedom is a magnificent story that is both a memoir and biography embedded with accurate historical accounts, entwined about the many atrocities suffered by her parents (as children) during World War II in Hungary, as well as the unimaginable horrors inflicted upon the Hungarian people during the 1956 Revolution. Judith Bognar Bean gives us an accurate, descriptive account of that tragic time in history, as well as a deep look into the family’s hopes, joys, suffering and anguish over the next several decades of their lives. Bittersweet Freedom is a gripping drama, profoundly inspirational, and should not be missed. This saga is well-written and composed by a talented and passionate writer, Judith Bognar Bean. I highly recommend it to all readers and those looking for an extraordinary story to marvel in.
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