Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Devil's Witches by Madeleine McLaughlin

Benjamin Coffey would like to retire from homicide. But when the corpses of teenaged girls are found in the forest with black veils covering their faces, he decides to stay just this last time and solve the case.
He finds that the enemy he’s facing is more dangerous, more infallible than any he’s ever met.It threatens to destroy him and the people around him.
When Detective Benjamin Coffey is just about to retire, the remains of teenaged girls are being discovered in the forest. They are covered with black veils. The detective decides to solve just one more case. But he has no clue as to what he is in for. The murderer and enemy he’s chasing is far more menacing, threatening and meticulous than he has ever faced in his career. It threatens his life, his wife and everything he holds dear. He must find the killer. But he is dealing with a supernatural force that is the enemy of all mankind.
The Devil’s Witches is one chilling wild ride. Supernatural horror fans will revel in this fast paced horrific story. Detective Coffey must fight and deal with a menacing character that threatens his life, his wife and his friends.
This is a rollercoaster filled with fear and trembling. It is so scary that I would compare the fear level to the exorcist. If you love nail biting, can’t sleep at night horror stories, then The Devil’s Witches is the book for you.
Madeleine McLaughlin has composed a chillingly engaging story that will knock the socks off readers. I was scared beyond belief but I couldn’t put it down, it is a real page turner. It has all the components of a great supernatural horror story.
The characters are all well developed and realistic. The main character, detective Coffey is especially well written and multidimensional.
The Devil’s Witches isn’t just another horror story. It is largely creative and well composed. It is realistic, and that’s one of the things that makes it so scary. The storyline is well thought out and developed. It flows with ease and intensity.
Madeleine McLaughlin has a way with words that keeps the reader fully captured and entranced. The descriptions are vivid and I felt like I was right there watching the chilling scenes as they gushed forth. The ending is phenomenal and very satisfying. I was delighted and petrified at the same time.
I fully recommend The Devil’s Witches to all horror fans that love the supernatural.
A big 5 stars from Artisan Book Reviews.