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Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid

Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid
Kate dreams of skating at the Winter Olympics, and Snowman Paul and Dan are determined to help her reach her dream. Does Kate have what it takes to shine at the Winter Games? This book teaches your kids the valuable life lessons of perseverance, teamwork and being true to yourself.
“Wow!” cried out Paul as he watched Kate,
“You surely do know how to skate!”
“Do I?” asked Kate with a big grin –
“Paul, can you teach me how to win?”
“Oh yes!” said Paul “A tip or two,
Will make a winner out of you!…
Fast paced and stunningly illustrated with 42 full-page watercolors, this book is perfect for cold winter days and warm summer times. Children and parents alike will enjoy this fun rhyming story. It is a great bedtime story, and it is ideal for beginner readers. It makes a beautiful gift, and it will show you how much fun winter can be if you embrace your imagination.
Are you ready to experience the Olympic thrill?
Kate is practicing her ice skating moves when Snowman Paul notices how good she really is, and he tells her so. Kate asks Snowman Paul if he would please help her to train for the Winter Olympics.
Paul happily agrees and he asks his friend Dan to help out too. Dan reluctantly agrees after Snowman Paul tells Dan that he will help him with his chess game after they help Kate.
So, they work together as a team to help Kate achieve her Olympic dream. She works on her jumps, she works on her speed, but she thinks that she isn’t good enough and wants to quit. Snowman Paul and Dan tell her that she can do it, and they encourage her to follow through with her dream. At the Olympics Kate did a splendid job. Snowman Paul was proud of Kate and told her that she did well because she followed through with her Olympic Dream. He told her that she scored a big success by achieving her goal. Then, they happily helped Dan improve on his chess game.
I am speechless when it comes to the Snowman Paul series by Yossi Lapid. They are filled with such wonderful lessons, for young children ages 3-8, to learn. There are many morals and lessons for children to learn from the Snowman Paul series.
In Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream the lesson is about not giving up, finishing what you start and following through. Kate followed through with her Olympic dream and Snowman Paul followed through with training Kate and then helping Dan to improve on his chess game.
It also teaches children the importance of being a good friend to one another. The hard work that Kate put into her training and the help that Paul and Dan gave her shows that hard work is what it takes to be successful.
Yossi Lapid has created a fast paced story with just enough words to hold young children and young reader’s attention. The fanciful illustrations done by Joanna Pasek are beautiful and delightful. I love the color combinations and the softness of the pictures. The rather large characters are perfect for young children, as they are a visual delight.
I have been reading the Snowman Paul series by Yossi Lapid to my granddaughters and they love each one of them. Each time I bring a new one over to read to them, they squeal with delight and clap their hands.
With the valuable lessons, the whimsical illustrations and the fast paced easy to read story, the Snowman Paul series is a real winner. They are a real cut above the rest.
Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid is one of my favorites in the series. However, all the books in the series are exceptional. Pick up a copy and read it to the children in your life. They will be delighted and ask for more.
A big 5 stars for Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid.
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A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur

A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur
A Journey to Yonder is the tale of one woman’s refusal to allow the challenges of her past to define her present. She grows up with a special needs sibling and loses her childhood home, and we then follow her through an abusive relationship and into the most unforgiving of human trials.
With experiences that leave you feeling so alone, how do you hold on to hope? How do you go on?
Nidhi Kaur’s compelling use of both poetry and prose intimately welcomes readers into this moving story of spiritual rediscovery. Poems are sprinkled throughout the story, guiding readers through intimate and stunning moments of truth. Kaur reminds us that if we offer our trust completely to God, we are never alone.
The author of the spiritual collection of poetry My Wedding with Truth, Nidhi Kaur once again delivers an emotionally enlightened journey through the human heart. Miracles can be seen everywhere in this world, and Kaur helps us remember to keep our eyes open in this riveting story of redemption.
In A Journey to Yonder we discover one woman’s strength and refusal to not let her past dictate her future.
After going through many trials and heartaches, such as living with a special needs sibling, losing her childhood home and experiencing an abusive relationship, she wonders if there is really any hope.
In her beautiful memoir, through poetry and prose, she takes readers on her spiritual journey.
A Journey to Yonder is a poignant beautiful story of how unconditional love can overcome all fears. It is a passionate and heartfelt story filled with tragedy and the beauty of the world and love. It is a combination of beautiful poetry and honest impeccable storytelling mixed with fact and fiction. It’s a truly stunning and moving story.
As author Nidhi Kaur bears her soul readers can’t help but to be deeply moved and inspired. Her openness compels readers to follow along and be deeply moved by the childhood traumas, abuses she suffered and the love she ultimately finds. It’s a poetic and artistic treasure.
In the first half of the book Nidhi Kaur expresses and opens her heart to the tragedies and torments of her childhood and younger years. I could completely relate, and I think many readers will be able to relate as well. Then we go on to learn of her life in India and the culture and difficulties she had during that time. I was drawn in and felt her emotions as I read her accounts of her life. While the last part of the book is about herspiritual journey to light, love and healing.
A Journey to Yonder is an engaging read that’s brilliantly written. Nidhi Kaur has composed a book like no other I have ever read. Part memoir, part fiction, part poetic and part prose. All woven together in a stunning tapestry of literary creativity and genius. This is the best book in its genre that I have read in a long time. A Journey to Yonder is inspirationaland compelling. It’s a must read 5 star read.
Chick Lit CafĂ© Highly Recommends A Journey to Yonder by Nidhi Kaur
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The Armoire by Ione Joy

The Armoire by Ione Joy
Maxine, a psychology major from Wisconsin, has always wondered what her grandmother kept locked away in her armoire. But when she inherits it, Maxine unlocks something divine and wonderful that’s to lead her to the answer of her life’s biggest question – what is my purpose? She embarks on a journey that opens her eyes, opens her heart, and lights a fire in her soul. She’s shown things that people only dream of, as well as the things of nightmares. Inspired, Maxine sets her life on a new course, but life comes with pain, just as it does joy. Shaken by a devastating discovery, she has to learn to trust God to go where she cannot and protect who she cannot. Will she be able to stay the course, or will the discovery be too much for her to bear?
Maxine is a young woman who has always wondered what was in her grandmother’s armoire. When her grandmother passes away, Maxine inherits the key to the armoire. Delighted and excited, Maxine must first find the key. When she finally finds it, she is in for an exciting adventure filled with joy, pain and also suffering. The only thing inside the armoire is a beautiful magical feather. When she picks it up, a sparkling angel of the Lord appears. It is Maxine’s guardian angel. The angel asks Maxine what she wants most in life. Maxine confesses that she only wants to know the purpose of her life.
With that, Maxine and her guardian angel set out on an adventure. A magical experience of beautiful supernatural encounters, as well as, some more horrifying things. Through all their adventures, Maxine finds out that God does have a good plan for her life. And even though some things are hard, she learns that she must accept God’s plan.
The Armoire is a delightful supernatural story filled with beauty and tragedy. I loved the main character Maxine and warmed up to her quite quickly. She is blessed to be chosen by God to show her the purpose of her life. I felt the story was realistic, as I have had supernatural experiences and things that the Lord has shown me. I loved how our author Ione Joy shows how in life we must change the things we can and accept the things we can’t.
Maxine goes on a beautiful spiritual journey that many Christians will relate to. Even though it is a fantasy type read, reader’s will get the meaning of the story and will be able to easily apply it to their lives.
The descriptions are dazzling and enchanting. Ione Joy has created a stunning world in her fabulous book The Armoire.
The characters are likable and realistic. They are all well developed and multidimensional. Ione Joy has a way with words. She has created a beautiful painting with words that flow off the page.
The storyline is extremely creative and well thought out. There is meaning to this story and readers will be inspired.
I couldn’t put the book down and kept wondering what was going to happen next. All the adventures are exciting and interesting.
The Armoire is one of the best Christian books that I have read in a long time. It is a real page turner and very inspirational. If you enjoy Christian stories with angels, the supernatural and the beauty of the universe, this is the book for you. The experiences that Maxine goes through portrays our beautiful world with its goodness and its tragedy. It’s an exciting journey and an enjoyable read.
Ione Joy is an excellent writer and I’m looking forward to reading more books written by her.
Reviewed by Chick Lit Cafe
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Shhh…The Universe Is Talking, Are You Listening? by Leli Jane Golding

Shhh…The Universe Is Talking, Are You Listening? by Leli Jane Golding
Have you lost yourself in the game of life? Do you ask, Who am I? Where am I heading? Why am I not fulfilled? Perhaps you need to tune in to yourself and ask for guidance.
This book will help you look at life in a new way. I wrote this based on the synchronistic events and coincidences that have shaped my own experiences. I have been shown the universal language of life in many forms – words, songs, numbers, intuitive nudges, and a whole lot more. I’d like to share my story with you.
This book will help you find yourself and find meaning in your life. A true account of synchronicity and coincidences led Leli-Jane Golding onto her path as a spiritual teacher and energy healer. She found her gift at an early age after witnessing a healing miracle through her mother. After going down many wrong paths, she awoke to her calling and has never looked back. Leli-Jane Golding is a Theta Healer and an Ascet-trained teacher, public speaker, and coach.
In 20 years, she has worked with 10.000 people from all over the globe and witnessed their transformations. This has inspired her to do as much as she can to shift global consciousness and help people realize that their potential is in their own hands.
-Learn how to tap into your true potential.
-Awaken your soul and passion.
-Develop and follow your intuition.
-10 signs you are following your path.
-8 signs you are not following your path.
-8 habits to help you break through on your intuitive knowing.
-Tips on Meditation to tap into your Power source.
-Listen to the body’s wisdom.
Shhh… The Universe is Talking, Are You Listening by Leli Jane Golding is a refreshing new look at living life to its fullest. To regaining a hold on your life’s purpose. To realize your true self and to create abundance and peace. To releasing yourself from the past and living to your full potential. To empower yourself through self-realization. It’s about changing your beliefs and living without pain. It’s about empowering yourself on the inside and on the outside. It’s about listening to the universe, and experiencing a spiritual shift.
Through her own experiences, Leli Jane Golding guides readers and shows them how to make these changes through a series of tips and exercises that they can easily do in order to hear what the universe is saying to each individual. She explains that she was influenced by her own awareness as to how things like nature, numbers, words, animals, music, and subconscious inklings and signs, can send ideas and clues that point to a more plentiful, joyous life.
Leli Jane Golding is passionate about spiritual and personal growth and helping others to find what she has found. She is also an energy healer, a mentor and a public speaker. She gives readers a glimpse into her own true life story and the things she learned by listening to what the universe, with all its components including coincidences and synchronicities, has to say. She states that all these things working together are the key. But you must pay attention and meditate. She states that the universe is a magical benevolent force that wants to help people live fulfilling lives and to learn as they go forward on their enlightened journey.
I loved this book. It is an interesting powerful book full of knowledge, ideas and practical solutions to gaining insight and living a more joyous life.  I experienced a new awakening while reading her book. I felt enlightened and more lighthearted. It certainly gave me a sense of deep peace. I came away feeling like I am capable of much more than I thought. I feel more empowered.
Everyone should read Shhh…The Universe is Talking, Are You Listening?
It’s a phenomenal life changing read

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Decoding the Butterfly Promise by Gail Siler PhD

Book 1 of the Godmother Chronicles
Haunted by an urgent voice she hears each time Gail reads a book by author Carlos Castaneda, renowned anthropologist, shaman, and TIME magazine Man of the Year, her attempts to reach him catapult her into a strange world of shamans, ancient beings, invisible teachers, and guardian monarch butterflies.
Thrust into an unknown world she is taken from the safety of her everyday life into a radiant landscape where true power lives. Introduced to an ancient couple who have lived and loved beyond time itself and guided by her two invisible female teachers, and David, Castaneda’s apprentice, Gail offers up her heart to become a co-conspirator with them in an unbelievable task. By helping the ancient couple keep their death-bed promise made eons ago, Gail acquires the key to humanity’s own resurrection.
Decoding the Butterfly Promise is a well written and exciting multilevel nonfiction book that invites the reader to come along with Gail on her unusual journey to deliver her message to author Castaneda. Or so she thinks when she starts out. What really happens is Gail is exposed to life on the other side of the safe box we live in.
She begins her journey as a mild mannered social scientist. But a fateful telephone call to Castaneda’s apprentice, David, pushes her out of her cozy academic world into an unusual but equally real world where flirting butterflies, native shamans, and invisible multidimensional teachers live.
At a key point in her journey she makes contact with the Empress of the Universe, as well as humanity’s godmother herself, known as Butterfly Woman. Under the mentorship of David (visible in our world) and her two invisible female guides who are equally as real as David but can’t be seen by humans, (just cats and dogs), Gail is pushed and prodded forward into a multidimensional world.
There were times while I read this book that I wanted it to be fiction. The unusual and seemingly “unreal’ things that happened to Gail made me nervous to believe things like this really exist in our world. At other times, I wanted to cry or cheer for Butterfly Woman and her unbelievable courage. I simply fell in love with the enigmatic David right along with Gail. And I loved that real live Monarch Butterfly who kept coming to Gail, even if it was a bit naughty at times.
Gail Siler skillfully weaves three themes throughout the book. The main theme is her journey to find Castaneda and how her life changes upon meeting his apprentice David. Just when she thinks she’s done, the Empress of the Universe urges her to journey backwards to her earlier life experiences. Only later does she understand this was to show her how humans all repeat different aspects of the life story of our godparents until we awaken to who we truly are and break free of this cycle.
At last Gail Siler hits pay dirt. She has rebuilt her energy level high enough that she is able to access the ancient records. She uncovers the true story of what really happened to our godparents and how it has been hidden through lies and deceit or misrepresented in humanity’s ancient records. She also reveals the depraved entity that ‘broke’ our godparents and injured all humanity in the process. She learns what the promise is that our godparents made to each other (the butterfly promise) and how it is also a promise we are offered.
If you are a person who likes to read a simple story line, don’t be surprised that you can’t do this in Gail’s book. She explains in the preface she is purposefully using the process of meandering which is more like her code word for pushing the reader into their right brain and backing off their left brain. True to her word she flashes forward and back and reflects along the way. Don’t worry because she skillfully brings it all together and makes sense of everything in the last section of the book. My recommendation is to step into the book and then relax and enjoy this amazing true story of her journey.
This is a brilliant, inspiring, transformational journey that takes the reader into the multidimensional world. If you don’t know much about the multidimensional world, you will when you finish reading the book.
Decoding the Butterfly Promise is well written and composed with little to no editing errors. I was held captive from the beginning to the fulfilling end. It is beautiful, original and inspiring.
Decoding the Butterfly Promise is a fascinating book written by an excellent writer who shows us there is more to life than what we think. She introduces readers to a multidimensional realm and invites us to participate in it along with her. More importantly, she passes along the message of Butterfly Woman who calls on each human to awaken herself or himself to this greater reality. The author invites you to venture out and seek your own higher connections beyond what you have always thought impossible.

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The Devil's Witches by Madeleine McLaughlin

Benjamin Coffey would like to retire from homicide. But when the corpses of teenaged girls are found in the forest with black veils covering their faces, he decides to stay just this last time and solve the case.
He finds that the enemy he’s facing is more dangerous, more infallible than any he’s ever met.It threatens to destroy him and the people around him.
When Detective Benjamin Coffey is just about to retire, the remains of teenaged girls are being discovered in the forest. They are covered with black veils. The detective decides to solve just one more case. But he has no clue as to what he is in for. The murderer and enemy he’s chasing is far more menacing, threatening and meticulous than he has ever faced in his career. It threatens his life, his wife and everything he holds dear. He must find the killer. But he is dealing with a supernatural force that is the enemy of all mankind.
The Devil’s Witches is one chilling wild ride. Supernatural horror fans will revel in this fast paced horrific story. Detective Coffey must fight and deal with a menacing character that threatens his life, his wife and his friends.
This is a rollercoaster filled with fear and trembling. It is so scary that I would compare the fear level to the exorcist. If you love nail biting, can’t sleep at night horror stories, then The Devil’s Witches is the book for you.
Madeleine McLaughlin has composed a chillingly engaging story that will knock the socks off readers. I was scared beyond belief but I couldn’t put it down, it is a real page turner. It has all the components of a great supernatural horror story.
The characters are all well developed and realistic. The main character, detective Coffey is especially well written and multidimensional.
The Devil’s Witches isn’t just another horror story. It is largely creative and well composed. It is realistic, and that’s one of the things that makes it so scary. The storyline is well thought out and developed. It flows with ease and intensity.
Madeleine McLaughlin has a way with words that keeps the reader fully captured and entranced. The descriptions are vivid and I felt like I was right there watching the chilling scenes as they gushed forth. The ending is phenomenal and very satisfying. I was delighted and petrified at the same time.
I fully recommend The Devil’s Witches to all horror fans that love the supernatural.
A big 5 stars from Artisan Book Reviews.

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A Burning in The Darkness by A P McGrath

A Burning in The Darkness by A P McGrath
A compelling crime dramaand poignant love story about a devoted man who must confront the painful legacy of his war torn childhood when he is wrongfully accused of murder. Michael Kieh’s struggle to prove his innocence leads him on a charged journey that pitches the pursuit of justice and the search for love against the instinct for revenge.
Michael is the chief suspect in a murder at one of the world’s busiest airports where he is a full-time faith representative. A series of brief encounters with a soul mate has eased his loneliness and together they come close to uncovering a past major crime, but ultimately he chooses to protect a young witness who could prove his innocence. When he was a child, Michael witnessed appalling abuses of power, including the killing of a missionary priest who refused to betray young Michael. But there was a first love that he left behind in the brutal confusion of war. When she and Michael cross paths once more, they battle to prove his innocence in a foreign, hostile country. Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?
When Michael Kieh was a child, he suffered the loss of his family at the hands of his uncle. Alone and abandoned he was taken in by a Catholic organization for children where he is raised and goes on to become a priest. Later, at 33 years of age, Father Michael listens to passing passenger’s confessions in an airport in London, offering consolation and forgiveness to those who seek it. But things aren’t so simple for Father Michael, as he is the main suspect in a murder.
While trying to prove his innocence with the help of a past soul mate at his side, he chooses to protect a young witness to the crime, who could very easily prove his innocence. Together he and his soul mate, work in a hostile foreign country to fight and prove that Father Michael is completely innocent.
A Burning in the Darkness is an action packed compelling thriller. There is a lot going on in this tightly woven storyline. I was on the edge of my seat through the entire book. It is well written and engaging. It is one of the best books in the thriller genre that I have read in a long while.
The character, Father Michael is a sympathetic, interesting and likable character that everyone loves. He is charismatic and appealing to many. A P McGrath has done a wonderful job in the character development in this exciting novel. There are some likable characters and some detestable ones, but they are fully developed and with many facets. But the main character Father Michael is especially well developed as he evolves from his days in Libya. A P McGrath gave real life to the personalities and complexities of his characters.
The storyline flows at a steady pace with lots of action and intrigue. It goes back and forth from the past to the present and from London to Libya. It was easy to follow along because it is written so well. I had no struggles in keeping up. There are a lot of loose ends that are all tied up neatly and satisfyingly in the end.
A Burning in The Darkness by A P McGrath is a 5 star must read thriller that readers won’t be able to put down.
Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends A Burning in The Darkness.
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Lost by Priscilla Audette

Lost by Priscilla Audette
After suffering a blow to the head that robs her of herself, the aptly named Faith struggles against almost insurmountable odds to reclaim herself and her life as she knew it.
First, a disclaimer: although the protagonist in this novel suffers an injury, Lost is not a medical or health book. Rather, it is a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit that can rise like the proverbial phoenix after suffering a nearly lethal trauma. Faith is a character who finds herself in a situation that will be identifiable to many readers. Who hasn’t known someone who has suffered a concussion or worse? To find oneself lost in the labyrinth of the mind because the brain has been injured is taking the hero’s journey to a new and challenging level. The hero’s journey resonates in all our psyches and that is why stories like The Wizard of Ozor Star Warsgrab at us on a visceral level. Faith’s “Call to Adventure” is a car accident. She doesn’t have the choice of refusal; instead, she is sucked into a new and scary world when life as she knows it disappears. She finds mentors, is tested, and ultimately fights her way back not to her old self, but evolves into someone who has gained knowledge and is better for it. To come to know Faith is to become her cheerleader. Readers will keep reading not only because the writing is compelling but because they want her to succeed. On some level, her successes will be their successes no matter what different and challenging paths their own lives follow. Just like Faith, we all deal with the trials and tribulations life tosses our way, and we are usually better for the experiences. Faith is every woman.
After a car accident and a severe blow to her head, Faith is highly challenged and must relearn many things that were lost due to her brain trauma. She faces many trials and tribulations and suffers much during her recovery. Her old life has disappeared and she must now regain her mind and learn all over again. She has the help of friends and mentors to make her way back to who she was. However, she doesn’t fully regain her old self, but learns and evolves into a whole new person with new knowledge and experiences. Perhaps a better self.
Lost by Priscilla Audette is a compelling engrossing read. Although most of us have not had a brain injury, Faith is still a very relatable character. Her journey is one of strength and hope. Many women will relate to Faith as she charges ahead to recovery and acceptance.
Readers will fall in love with Faith and the other characters in this engaging, heartwarming read. Priscilla Audette has done a fabulous job creating a story that is unlike many. This is a tough topic to tackle and she has done a beautiful job showing readers what it is like for the brain injured person. A lot of research had to have been put into this story. The characters are all likable, relatable and fully developed. Faith’s personality is multidimensional and lovable.
The storyline flows beautifully and is captivating and enthralling. I was held spellbound from the very beginning and couldn’t put the book down, turning the pages quickly, rooting for Faith. Her struggles and triumphs are universal to every woman’s struggles and triumphs. Life is challenging for women. That’s why I found this book so good and relatable.
Lost is also a good story about relationships and the interactions between friends and people. I found that the author has much insight and experience in that area of life, the complexities of relationships.
Gently woven within the storyline are the descriptions, and they are fabulous, vivid and visual. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Lost by Priscilla Audette. She is a phenomenal writer and I’m looking forward to reading more of her books.
Lost by Priscilla Audette is highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe.
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The Panther’s Lost Princess (Redclaw Security Book 1) by McKenna Dean

The Panther’s Lost Princess (Redclaw Security Book 1) by McKenna Dean
Ellie West has always known there was more to her story than being abandoned at birth. A child of the foster-care system, she didn’t get many breaks, but the one thing she can do is sing. It’s her only ticket out of poverty and obscurity. Nothing else matters, not even the nagging sense that she’s different. She’s headed for great things. She only needs a chance.
Jack Ferris couldn’t agree more. His firm, the elite paranormal agency Redclaw Security, has been hired to find a missing princess and return her to her family. Discovering that Ellie, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner, is both the princess and his fated mate is like being hit with a sledgehammer. Ellie West can’t be his mate. She’s the mission.
The sooner Jack completes this job, the better, only Ellie has no intention of throwing her dreams away for a kingdom she’s never known. With hired assassins on their trail, Ellie might not have a choice. They must do whatever it takes to stay alive.
This is the first exciting book in a new series named Redclaw Security by McKenna Dean
In The Panther’s Lost Princess, we have the main character, Ellie West. She was abandoned at birth and lived in the foster care system. Now, she is living in a small town where she works as a waitress in a small restaurant. She is doing what she can to get by, but has big dreams for her future. She has always felt a sense that she was different in some way, but couldn’t put her finger on it. She hasn’t wanted to dig any deeper because she is afraid of what she might find out about herself, and she just wants to live a normal life and pursue her dreams.
But, in comes Jack Ferris. He is about to turn her world upside down and reveal who she really is.
When Ellie is told by Jack that he is on an important mission to return her to her long lost family in a kingdom she has never known, she has a difficult time accepting that. She doesn’t want to accept her fate. However, Ellie is strongly attracted to Jack, and he is insistent on protecting her and returning her to her family and completing his mission.
Jack has the hots for Ellie as well, but he knows he has to keep his feelings inside and go on and finish his mission. And the mission is dangerous, with assassins on their heels they must do whatever it takes to survive and stay alive.
The Panther’s Lost Princess by McKenna Dean is a fast paced, action packed, paranormal romance story.
There is a lot of different types of shape shifting going on and a lot of intrigue. This is a super exciting read filled with paranormal and supernatural activity.
Paranormal romance fans will love The Panther’s Lost Princess. I know I did. I couldn’t put it down, and from the very beginning I was fully engaged.
The storyline flows at a steady pace with ease as the tension mounts to a crescendo. It is completely enthralling and creative. McKenna Dean has composed a fabulous paranormal romance with many exceptional characters. Although, the story is based mainly on the main character Ellie, the other characters help guide the story along beautifully. Ellie West and Jack Ferris are well developed multifaceted characters. They are interesting and realistic within their genre.
The whole tale is written with wit, action, sensuality, and even some humor. It is a rags to riches story as Ellie discovers her real powers and position. When readers discover what type of shifter Ellie is they will be floored and surprised. Awesome storytelling!
The Panther’s Lost Princess is a true gem in its genre. Readers won’t be able to put it down as they flip through the pages quickly.
The writing style is amazing and utterly imaginative. There are no editing errors which made it a nice read. The details, telling and showing of the descriptions is magnificent, vivid and a delight for the senses. It gives readers a sense of being included in the storyline.
There are plenty of twists and turns and it is filled with adventure and excitement.
The ending is great and readers will certainly be satisfied.
Chick Lit Cafe high recommends The Panther’s Lost Princess by McKenna Dean.
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Nate: The Search by Dorothy May Mercer

Nate: The Search by Dorothy May Mercer
A surrogate pregnancy goes horribly wrong. Terrorists concoct a weird scheme to take down a passenger plane. What happened to Sally Miller? Caught. In trouble with the FBI. Trapped. In love with the wrong man?
It has been more than twenty years since his newborn daughter was kidnapped out of the hospital nursery. Nate’s first wife never recovered from that disaster. Even though Nate healed and made a life for himself with a new family, he has never stopped looking for his firstborn.
Since then, life has treated him well. He has no reason to complain; he works hard at a very interesting, sometimes exciting and dangerous job, and takes pride in his family. Still, he sometimes wonders what happened to Sally Miller. Where is she, and what does she look like? Is she in trouble?
As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”
Nate Goodrich and his wife Ethel use a surrogate to have a baby. When that baby is born, she is kidnapped. Her name is Sally Miller. Nate and Ethel grieve her loss wholeheartedly. Ethel takes it harder than Nate and she begins to fall apart and weaken. But, little do they know that Ethel also has cancer and she eventually dies.
Twenty years later, Nate is remarried with two beautiful teenage children and a wonderful wife.
Life is good for Nate, but he can never forget his first born daughter, Sally. His search for her is endless. Nate’s job is interesting and dangerous. He is a Federal Air Marshal. He works hard and is flying often for days on end.
Across the country Sally, lives her dream life as a flight attendant. But she is more than just a stewardess, she has a part time job collecting information and pictures of certain passengers. She doesn’t really like her part time job, but it pays well and it isn’t dangerous or illegal, so she thinks.
Will fate bring Nate and his kidnapped biological daughter, Sally, together?
Nate: The Search is a fast paced exciting read filled with drama, intrigue and action. The theme has to do with terrorism and it is well researched and written. Each chapter goes back and forth between the main characters and what is going on with them. Eventually their lives all collide in an incredible, devastating and climatic way.
Dorothy May Mercer has crafted an exhilarating, action packed story. The plot is well thought out and fully researched. The scenario is married with the characters flawlessly. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader excited and flipping the pages quickly. Overall, it is powerful, emotional and gripping.
The characters are multidimensional and well developed. The interaction and dialog between the characters is well written, natural and realistic. The story itself is also very convincing. I loved it from beginning to end. It starts off fast and kept my attention intently throughout the whole book.
There is plenty of sentimentality, tenderness and nostalgia.
Nate: The Search has it all. It is fun, emotional and filled with elements of danger.
The ending is satisfying and fulfilling. I cried at the finish and smiled as well.
Dorothy May Mercer is an excellent writer and should be noted as so.
I’m looking forward to reading more by this very creative, credible and exceptional author, Dorothy May Mercer
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