Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nate: The Search by Dorothy May Mercer

A surrogate pregnancy goes horribly wrong. Terrorists concoct a weird scheme to take down a passenger plane. What happened to Sally Miller? Caught. In trouble with the FBI. Trapped. In love with the wrong man?
It has been more than twenty years since his newborn daughter was kidnapped out of the hospital nursery. Nate’s first wife never recovered from that disaster. Even though Nate healed and made a life for himself with a new family, he has never stopped looking for his firstborn.
Since then, life has treated him well. He has no reason to complain; he works hard at a very interesting, sometimes exciting and dangerous job, and takes pride in his family. Still, he sometimes wonders what happened to Sally Miller. Where is she, and what does she look like? Is she in trouble?
As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”
Nate Goodrich and his wife Ethel use a surrogate to have a baby. When that baby is born, she is kidnapped. Her name is Sally Miller. Nate and Ethel grieve her loss wholeheartedly. Ethel takes it harder than Nate and she begins to fall apart and weaken. But, little do they know that Ethel also has cancer and she eventually dies.
Twenty years later, Nate is remarried with two beautiful teenage children and a wonderful wife.
Life is good for Nate, but he can never forget his first born daughter, Sally. His search for her is endless. Nate’s job is interesting and dangerous. He is a Federal Air Marshal. He works hard and is flying often for days on end.
Across the country Sally, lives her dream life as a flight attendant. But she is more than just a stewardess, she has a part time job collecting information and pictures of certain passengers. She doesn’t really like her part time job, but it pays well and it isn’t dangerous or illegal, so she thinks.
Will fate bring Nate and his kidnapped biological daughter, Sally, together?
Nate: The Search is a fast paced exciting read filled with drama, intrigue and action. The theme has to do with terrorism and it is well researched and written. Each chapter goes back and forth between the main characters and what is going on with them. Eventually their lives all collide in an incredible, devastating and climatic way.
Dorothy May Mercer has crafted an exhilarating, action packed story. The plot is well thought out and fully researched. The scenario is married with the characters flawlessly. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader excited and flipping the pages quickly. Overall, it is powerful, emotional and gripping.
The characters are multidimensional and well developed. The interaction and dialog between the characters is well written, natural and realistic. The story itself is also very convincing. I loved it from beginning to end. It starts off fast and kept my attention intently throughout the whole book.
There is plenty of sentimentality, tenderness and nostalgia.
Nate: The Search has it all. It is fun, emotional and filled with elements of danger.
The ending is satisfying and fulfilling. I cried at the finish and smiled as well.
Dorothy May Mercer is an excellent writer and should be noted as so.
I’m looking forward to reading more by this very creative, credible and exceptional author, Dorothy May Mercer
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Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics by Yossi Lapid

What is Snowman Paul willing to do for an Olympic medal?
The Winter Olympic Games are just around the corner, and Snowman Paul will be there, looking for gold medals. However, how far is he willing to go in his pursuit of his Olympic dream?
“A celebration of winter and competition that will likely appeal to children who’ve dreamed of Olympic glory”, Kirkus Reviews
“Paul, “I said, “You’re much too old
To win a silver or a gold.
Besides, it’s risky, you might fall.
So, let’s forget about it, Paul!”
 Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics is the first of three Winter Olympics themed volumes in Yossi Lapid’s multiple-award-winning Snowman Paul book series. Fast paced and stunningly illustrated by Joanna Pasek, these fun, rhyming stories carry valuable messages and will be enjoyed by children and parents alike.
They are perfect for both cold winter days and warm summer times. They are great bedtime stories and ideal for beginner readers. They make beautiful gifts, and they will show you how much fun winter can be if you embrace your imagination.
Are you ready for some exciting Olympic experiences with your little ones? Join Dan and Snowman Paul in their amazing Winter Olympics adventures.
Snowman Paul is full of confidence that he can go and participate in the winter Olympics and win the gold.
His little friend (a little boy) tells him that he is much too old to win the gold. But Snowman Paul is determined to go and win the Olympic gold.
He participates in ski jumping, speed skating, curling, snowboarding and the luge run. His scores are high and he wins the gold.
But his friend, the little boy, notices that the wind, the ice and the snow pushed Paul along and helped him to win.
Now Snowman Paul has to make a tough decision- to fess up and tell the truth and to be honest.
Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics by Yossi Lapid is more than just a good children’s book. It is a wonderful lesson in cheating and honesty. It teaches young children 3-8 the importance of telling the truth and not cheating in the first place. 
It is creative, beautiful and thought provoking for young children.
I loved the rhyming and rhythmic tone of the book. It will delight young children as it is read aloud to them.
It is simple and fast paced. With few words, it is great for young readers and young children with short attention spans.
The tasteful illustrations are delightful and colorful with beautiful colors of winter time scenes.
This book went way beyond what I had hoped for. It has not only beautiful fun illustrations but a moral lesson for the children. Yossi Lapidhas done a wonderful creative job with this children’s storybook.
I read it to my granddaughters and they loved it and laughed. We were able to discuss the various things on each page and then we discussed the moral of the story. What a wonderful lesson for my grandchildren. They had me read it over and over.
Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics  by Yossi Lapid is precious and sparkles like a true gem above the rest.
We highly recommended this best selling children’s book!
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Friday, January 26, 2018

Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountant by Connie Lukey

In this entertaining chic-lit confessional, Connie Lukey chronicles a year in the life of a young Canadian woman determined to find love and happiness by her 40th birthday.
Jane Parker has just turned 39. Smart and practical, she surrenders an intended fashion career to become a CPA, because no one’s ever heard of “a starving accountant.” She’s a proud independent woman of the 90’s, but with a ticking biological clock, she feels she’ll somehow always be Jane, “The One Who Never Got Married.”
Then, a self-help book from her younger, married sister about finding your soulmate in under a year suddenly puts Jane on a mission. With the help of family, friends, co-workers and her dachshund “Wanker,” Anderson’s fictional heroine navigates the dating minefields.
Jane Parker is 39 years old. She feels the need to find love, happiness and a baby by the time she is 40. She gives up a career in fashion to become an accountant. With the clock ticking she feverishly hunts for true love. She is bold and determined but fears she will never marry.  Jane also obsesses about her weight.  After the devastation of her failed dates and sexual encounters Jane resorts to personal ads and online dating.
Just as she is about to consider having a baby on her own, a sudden unexpected event, takes her quest for love on an unforeseen turn. Now she will never chase men again.
Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountant is a fun witty chick lit read. Author Connie Lukey brings reader’s a delightful story of a year in the life of a young woman who is desperate to find love and to not remain unmarried. Each chapter goes back and forth in time as Lukey chronicles the main character, Jane’s, history with dating, love and unsatisfying sexual encounters.
I loved Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountant. It is filled with wit and humor. Connie Lukey has a way with words that draws the reader in and won’t let go. I laughed out loud on several occasions. The descriptions are wonderful and enticing. I was drawn in by the storyline and held captive by the tale and the dialog between the characters. Lukeywrites with unobjectionable skill and talent.
This is an exceptionally enjoyable read. Chick Lit lovers will adore it. It reminded me of Bridget Jones’s Diary. Convincing and plausible. The dialog is constantly hilarious and amusing. Connie Lukey uses cleverness and charm in this super fun story about a semi young woman who is desperate to find marriage before she turns 40. You must read this book to find out if she does. The ending is satisfying and telling.
I highly recommend Love Ledgers: Confessions of a Plain Jane Accountantto all women readers that love a fun humorous wit filled read.
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

This Does Not Leave This House by Julie Coons

How does a little girl survive an abusive mother, Catholic school, rape, and a near-death experience? Raised by an abusive, narcissistic mother (who once tried to trick her into having an abortion), Julie Coons was also raped in college by a stranger and later married an abusive man who threatened to kill her if she ever tried to leave.
Suffering from physical and mental torment resulting in very low self-esteem, Julie often felt so completely alone during the many struggles of her life that she tried to take her own life. This book is her true story—telling all the secrets she was never allowed to tell to encourage and motivate others to heal their own lives and break the cycle of abuse. Her story shows that there is hope and life after abuse.
Now that the secrets are finally out, Julie has found freedom. So can you. This Does Not Leave This House is a raw, poignant, and secret-revealing memoir written to lead a movement to break the silence of abuse and finally end its vicious cycle. With strength and resiliency, Coons provides a voice for the silent abused, letting them know they’re not alone. Justice and hope can prevail. The abused can become victorious. Read the heartbreaking true story of her journey to triumph above overwhelming obstacles.
“Your father never wanted you.”
“I wish you had died at birth.”
These are the words that Julie Coons heard on a regular basis from her abusive narcissistic mother. Words like these have so much capacity to damage the self-esteem and emotions of a little child of five years old.
Her father always said, “THIS DOES NOT LEAVE THIS HOUSE.” Everything that went on in their abusive home was to be kept a secret.Until now….
Author Julie Coons opens up in this honest pragmatic retelling of her childhood and life. Filled with abuse and sorrow, this story is one that needs to be told. Her desire is to encourage and motivate others to heal their own lives and break the cycle of abuse, and to help those that have lived a life of torment due to being treated badly.
In it, she describes her life growing up with a mentally disturbed mother that is constantly telling her that she is going to kill herself. She tells Julie that she is worthless and that she is unwanted. She also recounts the nuns at her catholic school and how they physically and emotionally abused her and the other children at school.
Later, in college she gets raped and must endure the trauma and suffering that such a violation brings. Then, the cycle of abuse continues when she marries an abusive man who threatens to kill her if she leaves him.
Determined to break the cycle of abuse, Julie Coons, showers her own daughter with love and acceptance. She learns that the power of forgiveness is for her own good and begins to be set free as she forgives those that have abused her.
In “This Does Not Leave This House,” Julie Coons guides others that have experienced the same type of abuse to healing. Through her lessons and experience she helps others to overcome their own childhood and adult lives that have been filled with the torments of abuse and pain.
She bravely opens up to tell of her own life story and the effects that such abuse can have.
In this candid and important retelling of Julie Coons’ life story, many will be touched and inspired. She brings hope to the reader and gives them a sense of strength. Strength to forge ahead and break their own cycles of abuse, to overcome low self-esteem, and to ultimately have a life filled with peace, joy and hope.
This Does Not Leave this House is an easy to read story filled with drama and emotion. It is well written and a praiseworthy work of nonfiction. I highly recommend it!
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ellipsis – Creators of Six #1 by Jacob L. White

“Remember that actions have consequences, boy.”
Weaver Rizer was born in the capital city of Ellipsis. Due to his father’s unexpected death years ago, Weaver and his mother are left to run a brothel in his place. With no warning, Weaver’s Mother dies just as his father had. However, on her deathbed, she gifts Weaver a secret his family has hid going back generations, a creator’s stone. The only downside—it is now embedded into his skin and draining his life force as well.
All the experiences and trials Weaver faces, lead him to the truth. He is only meant to deliver the stone to another. But nothing works as it should. He must travel across Ellipsis, towards a rebellion that might hold the person he searches for. With the help of mages, princes, a new-found love and childhood friends, he attempts to keep a vengeful god from waking.
As Weaver sees his goal within reach, the god of Ellipsis himself gives Weaver a warning. Every step he takes is one step closer to his death.
Ellipsis Creators of Six is a fabulous fantasy written by a talented newcomer to the writing world. I was amazed at how well this book is written. Everything from the characters to the plot is well thought out and well developed.
The protagonist, Weaver, is a likable character that must fulfill his destiny while managing to avoid waking a sleeping god. To deliver the creator’s stone his dying mother gave to him, is his main focus. But the stone is embedded in his skin and draining his life force.
Through much danger, turmoil and emotion, Weaver forges ahead with help from his friends, mages, princes and a new love. Every step Weaver takes, he puts himself in danger. But he must keep traveling across Ellipsis to order to find the person he is searching for. All a while he would give his own life to protect his friends.
The idea for Ellipsis Creators of Six is genius. Jacob White’s imagination goes beyond anything I have read in a long time.
He has written a unique and creative fantasy story that will keep readers engaged and enthralled. I couldn’t put Ellipsis down. It held me captive throughout.
The character development is excellent. Each character is multifaceted, extremely likeable and interesting. Their personalities really shine through. There are a few unlikable characters which makes the story full and intense.
Clearly, the author cares about his characters and puts a lot of work and thought into them. They are deep and fully developed.
I found myself really pulling for Weaver and fully captivated by his life and the storyline.
The plot is original and clever. It is unique to its genre and I loved it!
It is full, rich and meaningful. Jacob White uses words and phrases to create a beautiful, vivid and magical world.
This is a very satisfying read. It starts out at a steady pace, then picks up to a full exciting speed.
It is well written and polished. The reader will never guess that this story is written by a first time novelist…it’s that good.
The ending is exciting with a real cliffhanger that has kept me wanting more. I’m totally looking forward to the next installment of Ellipsis- Creators of Six
I highly recommend this exciting, original fantasy novel that, I’m positive, will fully the capture the reader’s heart.
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

His Guilty Secret by Helene Fermont

Secrets & Lies Are Dangerous.
When Jacques’s body is discovered in a hotel room his wife, Patricia, suspects he has been hiding something from her.
Why was he found naked and who is the woman that visited his grave on the day of the funeral? Significantly, who is the unnamed beneficiary Jacques left a large sum of money to in his will and what is the reason her best friend, also Jacques’s sister, Coco, refuses to tell her what he confided to her?
Struggling to find out the truth, Patricia visits Malmö where her twin sister Jasmine lives and is married to her ex-boyfriend. But the sister’s relationship is toxic and when a family member dies shortly after, an old secret is revealed that shines a light on an event that took place on their tenth birthday.
As one revelation after another is revealed, Patricia is yet to discover her husband’s biggest secret and what ultimately cost him his life.
His Guilty Secret is an unafraid examination of the tangled bonds between siblings, the lengths we go to in protecting our wrongdoings, and the enduring psychological effects this has on the innocent…and the not so innocent.
Helene Fermont is the author of three books. Because of You and We Never Said Goodbye are also available on Kindle and in print from Amazon.
In His Guilty Secret, Helene Fermont, brings reader’s an emotional drama filled with deception, lies and hidden lives. The main character, Patricia, loses her husband to death by heart attack. He is found dead and alone in a hotel room in London. Patricia has many unanswered questions as she seeks to find the meaning of her husband’s death and the mystery that lies within his life.
As she turns to different people for the truth, she gets only more deception. Little does she know that her husband of ten years, Jacques, was having an affair and dies in the arms of his lover. Just before he dies, he tells his mistress to leave the scene so that no one will be the wiser as to their secret affair.
Patricia is filled with grief and must cope amidst all the lies and deceit. Determined to find out the truth she, gracefully, embarks on a journey of discovery and revelation as to who her husband really was. In the meantime she faces her own issues and past. The mystery in this story and trying to figure out what the truth was, kept me engrossed and engaged. I wanted to find out the truth as badly as Patricia.
There is more to Patricia’s story than just Jacques. Patricia has a twin sister named Jasmine, who really doesn’t want a relationship with Patricia. Their relationship is extremely toxic. After a family member dies, more secrets come to surface regarding Patricia’s own life and past childhood.
His Guilty Secret by Helene Fermont is a detailed drama filled with intrigue and excitement. I was fully fixated on the storyline right from the beginning. I was drawn in as the story progressed and felt like I was a part of the story. That’s how engaged I was. I loved it!
The characters in this book are all well developed and likable. I felt drawn to them and like I could be friends with many of them. They are multidimensional and very interesting. This is a very realistic story. Life is complicated and messy. Helene Fermont brings that fact to light brilliantly.
His Guilty Secret is a fearless looks at the enmeshed ties and bond between sisters and the drama that life really brings. Fermont shows reader’s the psychological effects that incur when people harbor and are determined to keep deep secrets of wrong doings.
And once again Helene Fermont brings the beautiful and vivid landscape to life, as she does in all her fabulous novels. Her writing is rich, deep and telling. This is a unique plot with a semi-fast paced storyline. It is an easy and enjoyable read, but rather intense.
I fully enjoyed His Guilty Secret by Helene Fermont. It is an exceptional novel written by a fabulous established writer.
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