Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Dress the Color of the Sky By Jennifer Irwin

For too many years, Prudence Aldrich has been numbing the pain in her life with random sexual encounters. Her marriage to cold, self-centered Nick is, not surprisingly, on the rocks. But after several dangerous experiences with strangers, Prudence finally realizes she needs therapy to stop her self-destructive behavior, and so she checks into the Serenity Hills rehab center.
Prudence blames herself for her irresponsible behavior and is filled with self-loathing. She's convinced she is completely at fault for Nick's manipulative attitude and believes with therapy, she can return their relationship to its idyllic beginnings. However, her therapist and the other members of her rehab group see the person behind the pain. As Prudence learns more about herself and the reasons for her behavior, including startling revelations about her childhood, she begins to understand the basis for her lack of sexual self-respect. She also learns she is not entirely to blame for the failure of her marriage. With the positive reinforcement of everyone at Serenity Hills, Prudence learns not to define herself by her past. But moving forward would mean letting go of Nick for good, and Prudence isn't sure she can.

Beautiful, moving and authentic!

A Dress the Color of the Sky is impressive beyond reasoning. It is filled with both heartwarming and heart-rending emotion. From start to finish author, Jennifer Irwin, captures the reader’s heart and tugs deeply in her debut novel. She has tackled a sensitive subject based on reality, and accurately brought it to life with intensity, passion and drama.

The main character, Prudence Aldrich, lives life dangerously and on the edge of instability.
Her random sexual encounters are nothing more than an addiction to numb the inner pain that she is living and struggling with.
Her life is complicated and she needs help before her self-destructive behavior catches up with her and causes her real harm.
She checks herself into Serenity Hills rehab facility and begins her journey from self-hatred and addiction to self discovery, healing and freedom.

Prudence is a likable strong character. She is resilient and multi-faceted. Jennifer Irwin has done a remarkable job of writing and developing this character and the others as well.
All the characters are well written with purpose and forethought. Their interactions with one another are believable and pertinent. Jennifer Irwin has a way with words unlike many other authors. She has a gift for writing dialog and giving the plot depth and interest. The way she describes the characters,  surroundings and the many details gives the reader a sense of being there and experiencing everything for themselves. It is perfectly delightful and nearly discomforting at the same time.

I absolutely loved A Dress the Color of the Sky. It is brimming with life. It caused me to smile, laugh, cry and even get angry. I love that it brought me, delightfully, out of my comfort zone. It touches on the human condition and issues that are normally hidden from society but never the less real, and I suspect somewhat common these days. That’s why this novel is very timely and relevant.

I was specifically impressed by how the author was able to show that Prudence’s problems stem from many negative incidents, including her childhood. I believe that many readers will relate to this fact in the story. I felt as though I was being challenged to take a closer look at my own life and while reading it, I experienced being undone and put back together again, for the better.

What a remarkable novel! So personal, touching and moving!

A Dress the Color of the Sky By Jennifer Irwin is a praiseworthy work of contemporary fiction. Jennifer has emerged as a fresh new voice in the writing community. One would never guess that this is her debut novel because it is unquestionably written with skill, creativity and real talent. It’s not at all surprising that A Dress the Color of the Sky is already chosen and set to become a full feature movie.

Pick up a copy and read it before the movie comes out. You will be thrilled and glad you did.
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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Review: Chronicles of Forgiveness By Thea Casey

Shattered. Valarie Denson RN, is a successful entrepreneur despite harboring decades of suppressed anger after being abandoned as a child. Filling the emptiness in her heart with damaging relationships causes her to ignore God until the influential world she created crumbles.
Within months Valarie takes an abrupt detour to being penniless, facing foreclosure and a failing marriage. Valarie's only hope is to surrender to her faith she once depended on and trust God. Brokenness forces Valarie to accept an undesirable job position which thrusts her face to face with the person from her past whom she holds responsible for her years of pain and the astonishing reason she was left behind is revealed.
Valarie must realize that the power of forgiveness is the key to escape from her pit of despair before she self-destructs. Travel with Valarie as she returns to and embraces her faith while she rebuilds the pieces of her fragmented life and discovers the love she deserves according to God's plan. Chronicles of Forgiveness should inspire women of all ages who stopped believing the best belongs to them.

Even though she was abandoned as a young child, Valerie Denson has managed to lead a successful life. Even though she has accomplished much in her life, she still holds on to many damaging emotions. As time goes on she fulfills her emptiness with relationships that end up being damaging, adding to her already seriously damaged emotions. All the while she is ignoring God, until her world begins to completely fall apart. In a short period of time Valerie’s life takes a bad turn while she begins to lose everything she has worked for.
When Valerie decides to return to her faith in God, the journey to healing and forgiveness begins.

Chronicles of forgiveness is a powerful look at how God can change a person’s life and heal their heart through the power of forgiveness. It’s full of emotion and passion. Author, Thea Casey, takes us on a journey into the heart of a broken woman and how by turning and surrendering her life to God, she is able to overcome her devastating past and move on to a more bright and happy future.

I really enjoyed Chronicles of Forgiveness. It is full of hope and inspiration and shows just how wonderful the Lord is when a person turns to him.
It is extremely well written and meaningful.
This book will inspire women to give their hurts and hearts over to a loving God who not only gives promises but always and faithfully fulfills his promises.
It is a journey in faith and women readers will find themselves turning to God and faith in him to realize just how much they are loved by him.

Powerful and inspirational work written by a very talented writer Thea Casey

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Must Read: We Never Said Goodbye-By Helene Fermont

When Louise is dumped by Mike on their twentieth wedding anniversary, she faces the daunting task of picking up the pieces of her life. She can either choose to persevere in her adopted hometown of London, bolstered by dear friends and the fashion business she loves, or return to her native Sweden alone. Can she find happiness with an old flame in a city she avoided for two decades? Or will her ex’s violent, criminal past haunt her forever?
As Mike becomes increasingly unhinged, the choices Louise makes could prove fatal. Will she ever be able to say goodbye to the past and start afresh?


On her twentieth wedding anniversary, Louise’s husband, Mike, gives her a gift she wasn’t expecting. He tells her he wants a divorce. Stunned and afraid she now has to manage to pick herself up and carry on. There are decisions to be made-choices to make. Should she stay in London, the town she embraced as her own years ago? The town where she had made close friends and that possesses the fashion industry that she loves. Or should she return to Sweden her original hometown. Little does she know that her future will be touch and go and even menacing.

We Never Said Goodbye By Helene Fermont is a praiseworthy work of fiction.
It is filled with emotion and drama as it deals with many different realistic life issues.
The characters are fully developed and described with interesting personalities, some likeable and some not so easy to like. I was particularly impressed by how she wrote the dialog between the characters. It flows beautifully and is very pragmatic.
I could really relate to the main character Louise as she struggles to make her life right amidst the ups and downs.

The descriptions of the towns and the scenery is filled with delightful vibrancy. I felt like I was right there experiencing everything that Louise and the other characters were seeing, feeling and experiencing. This is a heartfelt story with romance, and I was drawn straight in right from the start, routing for Louise and hoping that everything will work out for her.
There is a lot of serious situations and drama and I found myself tearing up as I read on.

We Never Said Goodbye is a touching story and an effortless read. I was captivated as it held my interest throughout. Author, Helene Fermont, has a way with words that attracts and holds the reader's attention intently. Her voice is unique and engaging. She writes in a very relevant meaningful way. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her and reading her next book.

I recommend this touching story to all avid readers that are looking for something fresh and unique.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd-A Chick Lit Adventure Series-By Holly Kerr

Fistfights, car chases, and secret spy organizations? This isn’t a normal night for Charlotte.

Office worker Charlotte steps out of a movie theatre and into a heap of trouble. Her boyfriend is away; she’s been having strange dreams full of exciting adventures, even though that’s the last thing she’s looking for. She’s happy with her uneventful life.
So why isn’t she running away from the two big thugs threatening the cute guy on the street? How did she learn to drive like that? And how did she get on a private jet full of secret agents…and they’re calling her by name! But more importantly, who’s the hottie with the blue eyes and why does he seem so familiar?

This is an enchanting chick lit read filled with fun and intriguing characters. It is a quality story full of elaborate twists and turns. I couldn’t put The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd down. I was hooked right from the beginning and read it almost straight through, but I finally decided I had to turn the light off at two in the morning.

Charlotte Dodd is an interesting and decidedly different character. She lives, what she thinks, is an ordinary life until she finds out otherwise through a series of crazy events. I love the way author, Holly Kerr, wrote the character Charlotte, she is charming and full of surprises. All the characters in this book are well written, interesting and fascinating. They are fully developed and believable.

The plot is remarkable, different and very enjoyable. Holly Kerr has one fantastic imagination and the creative ability to put her thoughts into a awesome book. There are so many things going on in this story, but it all flows together nicely and makes perfect sense. The book is written with skill and talent and a very unique voice.

This is a perfect chick lit read with all the important qualities of an amusing, lighthearted and pleasurable book for women. There is danger, deception, spies and so much more in this fun filled fast-paced read.
I read a lot of chick lit style books, but The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd takes the cake. It’s that good.
I highly recommend it to all women that love an entertaining, amusing story that has it all.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Must Read: The Shopping Swap-By Erin Brady


Maggie Andrew has a problem. She needs to convince Richard, her attorney boyfriend of five years, that he’s finally ready for a commitment. How? By planning an unforgettable night starting with a romantic dinner for two and ending in the bedroom. And to help things along, Maggie has spent half of her salary on sexy black lingerie from Crandall’s Department Store that Richard won’t be able to resist. Except, once home, Maggie realizes she has someone else’s shopping bag and instead of her very expensive lingerie, she’s stuck with a housecoat that wouldn’t turn anyone’s head, least of all Richards. When Maggie goes back to the scene of the swap, she runs into Benjamin Saunders, a tall, dark and handsome stranger, who not only has what she wants but may also turn out to have what she needs. Suddenly what Maggie thinks she has with Richard is called into question and she’s not sure of anything.

Unpredictable and delightfully original.
Main character, Maggie Andrew, thinks she loves Richard. She wants to convince him to make a permanent commitment. But when she encounters and meets the tall and handsome, Benjamin Saunders, her love for Richard suddenly becomes fickle and she becomes confused. What will she ultimately do? Benjamin seems to have what she longs for, desires and needs. As their friendship grows, Maggie wonders, is her relationship, feelings and love for Richard maybe not what she thought after all? Follow Maggie as she grows, changes and comes to some very real life changing conclusions.

The Shopping Swap is a heartfelt story with a deep meaningful message . It is a wholehearted look at want the heart seeks for, needs, and ultimately finds.
It is-laugh out loud-humorous, discerning and telling.
Erin Brady’s writing style is fun, exciting and original. I love her unique voice and her own original take on the chick lit-reads for women-genre.
The Shopping Swap is dazzling and bright. It is light and easy to read, yet deep and sincere. It is full of goodness with real emotions that make the reader smile, as well as, frown. Realistic and relatable, it is fulfilling, full of fun and hope. It is a feel good read that women will love, especially in today’s world when we need a really good escape.

This book has it all when it comes to great writing. It is composed with literary skill and talent.
The storyline and characters are very enjoyable, fully developed, realistic  and smart. Although, some are not so likeable and meant to be that way.
The plot makes full sense and is written with a lot of forethought. The plot progresses and intertwines with the characters beautifully. I think many women have experienced what Maggie Andrew has gone through. We think we love someone and they are the one for us. But that is certainly not always the case. With an ending that will delight and satisfy readers, I know I can’t go wrong in recommending The Shopping Swap By Erin Brady to all our avid women readers.
Pick up a copy of this sweet short romance novel The Shopping Swap and enjoy.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Strong To The Bone-A Caitlin Strong Novel-By Jon Land

Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong takes on a gang of neo-Nazis in Strong to the Bone, an action-packed novel of the critically acclaimed Caitlin Strong series by Jon Land
1944: Texas Ranger Jim Strong investigates a triple murder inside a Nazi POW camp in Texas.
The Present: His daughter, fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong, finds herself pursuing the killer her father never caught in the most personal case of her career—a conspiracy stretching from that Nazi POW camp to a modern-day neo-Nazi gang.
A sinister movement has emerged from the shadows of history, determined to undermine the American way of life. Its leader, Armand Fisker, has an army at his disposal, a deadly bio-weapon, and a reputation for being unbeatable. But he’s never taken on the likes of Caitlin Strong and her outlaw lover, Cort Wesley Masters.
To prevent an unspeakable cataclysm, Caitlin and Cort Wesley must win a war the world thought was over.

Fifth generation Texas Ranger, Caitlin Strong, is just that, “strong” and relentless, as she inadvertently picks up where her own Texas Ranger grandfather left off in the pursuit of a killer her grandfather failed to apprehend during his career back in the 40’s. She decides to undertake the quest to find the murderer and  investigate the conspiracy that goes all the way back to World War II and the time her grandfather worked the case.  She investigates and examines the scheme and conspiracy that stretches from a Nazi POW camp based in Texas to a present post-war neo-Nazi gang.
Because her grandfather was so closely related to and intent on the case, Caitlin takes it on as a personal vendetta and with a vengeance. It becomes the case of her life and career. But Caitlin and her bandito of a lover, Cort Wesley Masters, are challenged and faced with an arsenal of deadly forces led by the leader of this corrupt and evil gang of neo-Nazis, They are in a war of sorts and a fight to the finish.
“Strong to the Bone” is  smart, harrowing and phenomenal. It starts out strong and is action packed throughout, full of mystery and intrigue with twists and turns at every corner. It has the very best components of a great thriller and will keep the reader glued to the pages in anticipation and excitement.
The main character, Caitlin Strong has unrelenting strength, smarts and determination which she needs to determine her enemies and pursue them no matter what the consequences. She is courageous and unwilling to lose this battle that her grandfather started long ago. As she tracks and follows leads, she is continually faced with danger and even death.
I was completely enthralled with this fast paced, exciting, well researched, and thought out thriller, the plot full of characters interwoven with great precision.
Strong to the Bone” is a 5-star read that will captivate the reader's imagination while giving them an interesting glimpse into a neo-Nazi regime that somewhat and on some levels still plagues our society today. Praise for Jon Land and Strong to the Bone, an incredible read.
Strong To The Bone is available on Dec 5 2017 ( And on pre sale at Amazon now)