Friday, September 29, 2017

Must Read: Dark Network By McCrone

Imogen Trager, the determined heroine of the "highly suspenseful" thriller, Faithless Elector returns, desperate to stop a murderous dark network intent on stealing the presidency. She'll have to fight against time, a sinister network, and even her own colleagues to stop the conspiracy to seize the presidency.
Although not based directly on events now gripping the world, Dark Network certainly resonates with them, offering a sharp critique of a US political system that didn't anticipate the ruthlessness of a modern criminal-business complex. With fraught, evocative prose, James McCrone shows how easily power can be stolen from the people by a hidden network with a criminal agenda.
The FBI is leaking, the Attorney General is being undermined, politicians are spinning, social media is in an uproar and a murderous dark network is gunning for anyone standing in its way.

Dark Network is the second installment in the “Imogen Trager” series by author James McCrone. It’s an electric political drama and thriller that is brilliantly written and timely, due to our own political upheavals concerning the recent presidential election.
The main character and spirited heroine, Imogen Trager, is single-minded and unwavering in this extremely entertaining and suspenseful thriller. She frantically works to stop a deadly secret and complex network that is set on undermining and seizing the presidency. She is in a race against time, an evil corrupt network and even the very people she works with, in an attempt to stop the underhanded and forcible seizure of the presidency. Everything concerning the nation and the presidency is in an uproar, and a cloud of apprehension and deceit rests over the nation. Imogen Trager, together with FBI agent, Trey Kelly, investigate and work against time to bring down the conspiracy, and save the presidency.
The Dark Network reminded me of our own nation’s recent bout with power and corruption during our presidential election, making this a very timely piece of fictional work.
Author James McCrone has a way with words as he creates situations that cause the reader to feel the immense tension, suspense and who’s who in the menagerie of corruption. His ability to describe the scenes and characters gives the reader a clear delightful picture of the setting and the personalities of the colorful characters. The characters are believable and strong. The plot is fully developed with the characters interwoven within with competence and interest.
Amidst all the drama, detective work and suspense there is a bit of humor as well.
I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Network. I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly to find out what was going to happen next. I was held breathlessly captive as the storyline progressed. It is a fast paced, heart pounding political thriller. It is well researched and intelligent. Set in metro DC, the author seemed to know the area well and that intrigued me. I didn’t have the opportunity of reading the first book in the series, Faithless Elector, but I didn’t feel like I was in the dark at all. Dark Network can definitely stand alone, as I was able to understand it from beginning to end.
And I would say that one needn’t be schooled in politics to understand it. James McCrone gives the reader a lesson in the system of politics, making it easy to understand and very interesting at that.
I loved Dark Network. It is a fantastic, unpredictable political suspense novel.
James McCrone is an exceptional novelist and one to keep an eye on and promote.
DARK NETWORK is available October 20 (and on pre-sale through Amazon & Barnes & Noble now!)
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Must Read: "Time Will Tale" By S.C. Barrett

When Dr. Nathan Hawke broke the laws of Time, the last thing he expected was for Time to take it personally. An epic adventure across time itself in a tale of love, mystery, intrigue, drama and suspense as one man challenges the ages only to find that the concept of Time is far more than what it seems. The year is 2033. Once considered a leading mind in Quantum Theory, Nathan Hawke finds himself exiled in disgrace from the scientific community and higher academia. Relegated to teaching a high school physics class and spending his nights binge watching 80s t.v shows with his cat, he is approached by a mysterious donor offering to fully fund his research into a unique time travel theory involving the appearances of ghosts. While leery of his new benefactors and their motives, Nathan accepts their gesture. Fearing it may be his last chance to prove his theory true and conquer time. However, things do not go entirely as planned and upon his first successful test, Nathan finds himself trapped in 1862 on a small farm in Georgia during the Civil War.

Forced to wait 3 years for the timesplice to reopen, Nathan soon adapts to his new life in the 1800s. Falling in love with the woman he once knew only as a ghost and becoming one of the family. Eventually deciding to live out his life there in the past where he has found a happiness that the future, with all its bells and whistles, could not offer him. Only he soon discovers staying out of history’s way is harder than he thought and after inadvertently altering the timeline, his perfect new life is left in shambles. As tragedy continues to strike,
Nathan is forced to abandon his new world and barely escapes through the splice when it reopens, but with no way to control when or where each new splice takes him, he finds himself bouncing around through time from one era to another, one adventure to another, and one dilemma to another. Jumping from time to time in a desperate attempt to find the splice that took him to that first day in 1862, reset the timeline, fix his mistakes, and save the woman he loves. Meanwhile, back in the future, old colleagues have stolen his work and plan to use it for their own nefarious purposes. Leading to a cat-and-mouse chase through the annals of time as his journey home is further complicated by their interference and trying to repair the damage they have caused to history.
Plagued along the way by the appearance of a doppelganger of himself that only he can see or hear who shows up to lend vague advice and warnings. Leaving Nathan to wonder who or what he is. Transmissions sent from a future self? Insanity being a side effect of time travel? Or something entirely different? To make matters worse, Nathan is wanted by the FBI in his own time for crimes he is accused of committing in the distant past. It is during his epic journey across the temporal plains that Nathan will learn there is far more to the existence of Time than he ever imagined… First in an adventure filled series.

This is the story of a brilliant scientist,  Dr Nathan Hawke. Previously considered a top specialist in Quantum Theory, he breaks the laws of time and creates time travel. But little did he know what he was really in for and headed into. He soon discovers that time travel is far more complicated and harrowing than he expected. As he journeys through different periods in time, he encounters love as well as tragedy. In an attempt to fix his mistakes, he spirals through many eras and places in time. He soon learns that the existence of time is not what he thought, and frantically tries and works to make sense of the reality he is now living in.

As the main character, Dr Nathan Hawke, travels from the past to the future and back again, he soon realizes that he has lost control and bounces from time to time, all the while trying to make things right. He encounters one dilemma after another trying to fix the mistakes he made. He also has a woman that he loves and is trying to save. All in all he goes through one harrowing interesting adventure to another.

“Time Will Tale” By S.C. Barrett is one man’s epic journey through time and different specific eras in time. It is filled with drama, romance, suspense and adventure. It is a creative work of fiction that captures the reader’s imagination and won’t it let go. It is an original piece, written with much forethought and intelligence.
The plot is fully developed and captivating. There are many surprises and ideas that haven’t been touched on in the other books that I have previously read, making it an unique work of time travel fiction. There is a lot going on in this novel, and it is all pulled together nicely. There are twists and turns and intrigue on every page.

The characters are well developed with different fascinating personalities. The main character, Nathan Hawke, is especially likeable and interesting. Readers will be rooting for him and his love interest. The characters are placed in the storyline precisely at the right time. And they are interwoven into the plot nicely and meaningfully. Readers will love this story filled with mystery, drama, adventure, action and humor. I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly to find out what would happen next.

“Time Will Tale” is an excellent novel written by one exceptional writer, S.C. Barrett.
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Must Read: "The Dead of Night-A Piper Blackwell Mystery" By Jean Rabe

As Sheriff Piper Blackwell rushes to a clandestine meeting with an aging, paranoid veteran who believes spies are trailing his every move, she is caught in a fierce thunderstorm. Pounding rain drums against the bluff, washing away the earth and revealing a grisly secret someone tried to bury a long time ago.

Putting a name to the skeleton on the bluff, and searching for the thief who robbed the old veteran of his life’s earnings, sends Piper delving into the sleepy towns that dot her rural county. Now she’s digging into pasts perhaps best left alone.

Accompanied by Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, Piper seeks to expose a truth someone wants to remain forever hidden. The investigation may have started with a thunderstorm, but Piper aims to finish it and find justice. Uncovering fragments of Spencer County’s history could prove more dangerous—and deadlier—than she ever expected

On one thunderous night, Sheriff, Piper Blackwell, comes across a skeleton that was buried long ago. Her and Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, work together to uncover the hidden truths behind the skeletal remains. Sheriff Piper begins to unravel the truth as she investigates among the small surrounding towns. But danger lurks for her as she pushes forward to justice.

“The Dead of Night” by Jean Rabe is a racing, heart pounding thriller. I couldn’t put it down. It is filled with mystery and investigative work. It is excellent and written with skill. The author, Jean Rabe, has a unique voice in the mystery/thriller genre.

The plot captivated me right from the beginning as it starts out with a bang. It is filled with twists and turns, keeping the reader’s interest peaked.
The descriptions of the scenery and people kept my imagination filled with images.
The interesting characters are well written and developed. I loved their personalities, quirks and wit. They are all integrated into the storyline with precision and aptitude.
This is an exciting read with danger, mystery and intrigue.
I was surprised by the author’s ability to create a real mystery with all the components needed.
It’s just very well written and thought out.
I have read a lot of mysteries, and “The Dead of Night” is now at the top of my list of the best.
I fully recommend this book to all mystery/thriller/suspense lovers and even those who haven’t tried the genre yet.

You won’t be disappointed with this suspenseful read. This is a 5 star mystery.

Must Read "Hell Hath No Fury" By Annabelle Anders

To keep the money, he has to keep her as well…

Cecily Nottingham has made a huge mistake.
The marriage bed was still warm when the earl she thought she loved crawled out of it and announced that he loved someone else.
Loves. Someone else.
All he saw in Cecily was her dowry.
But he’s in for the shock of his life, because in order to keep the money, he has to keep her.

With nothing to lose, Cecily sets out to seduce her husband’s cousin, Stephen Nottingham, in an attempt to goad the earl into divorcing her. Little does she realize that Stephen would turn out to be everything her husband was not: Honorable, loyal, trustworthy…Handsome as sin.

Stephen only returned to England for one reason. Save his cousin’s estate from financial ruin. Instead, he finds himself face to face with his cousins beautiful and scorned wife, he isn’t sure what to do first, strangle his cousin, or kiss his wife. His honor is about to be questioned, right along with his self-control.

Amid snakes, duels and a good catfight, Cecily realizes the game she’s playing has high stakes indeed. There are only a few ways for a marriage to end in Regency England and none of them come without a high price. Is she willing to pay it? Is Stephen? A ‘Happily Ever After’ hangs in the balance, because, yes, love can conquer all, but sometimes it needs a little bit of help.

A beautiful regency romance story.
“Hell Hath No Fury” By Annabelle Anders is a great unpredictable historical romance fictional tale.
Cecily, the main character, married a rotten cheating Earl. She thought he was the love of her life only to find out on her wedding night that he only married her for her dowry and that he was in love with someone else. Cecily, devastated devises a plan to seduce her husband's cousin in an attempt for revenge. But as time progresses she finds that Stephen, her husband’s cousin, is the opposite of her awful husband, the count. Stephen is honorable and handsome. What follows is a roller coaster of emotions, fights and love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this well written story of love, betrayal and happily ever after. Readers are immediately placed amidst the scene of this period piece. The descriptions of the surroundings are vivid and enticing. The author, Annabelle Anders, has a way with words and describes the setting and characters in such a way that it moves the reader’s imaginary senses.
She writes with much detail and forethought.

I was captivated by the plot right from the beginning. It is filled with danger, love, and intrigue.
I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. This is a fresh and unique work of regency fiction. I think all readers will appreciate and revel in this book.
I am looking forward to reading more books by author Annabelle Anders. She has real creative talent and great writing skills.

I fully recommend “Hell Hath No Fury.” It is excellent!”