Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Chronicles of Forgiveness By Thea Casey

Shattered. Valarie Denson RN, is a successful entrepreneur despite harboring decades of suppressed anger after being abandoned as a child. Filling the emptiness in her heart with damaging relationships causes her to ignore God until the influential world she created crumbles.
Within months Valarie takes an abrupt detour to being penniless, facing foreclosure and a failing marriage. Valarie's only hope is to surrender to her faith she once depended on and trust God. Brokenness forces Valarie to accept an undesirable job position which thrusts her face to face with the person from her past whom she holds responsible for her years of pain and the astonishing reason she was left behind is revealed.
Valarie must realize that the power of forgiveness is the key to escape from her pit of despair before she self-destructs. Travel with Valarie as she returns to and embraces her faith while she rebuilds the pieces of her fragmented life and discovers the love she deserves according to God's plan. Chronicles of Forgiveness should inspire women of all ages who stopped believing the best belongs to them.

Even though she was abandoned as a young child, Valerie Denson has managed to lead a successful life. Even though she has accomplished much in her life, she still holds on to many damaging emotions. As time goes on she fulfills her emptiness with relationships that end up being damaging, adding to her already seriously damaged emotions. All the while she is ignoring God, until her world begins to completely fall apart. In a short period of time Valerie’s life takes a bad turn while she begins to lose everything she has worked for.
When Valerie decides to return to her faith in God, the journey to healing and forgiveness begins.

Chronicles of forgiveness is a powerful look at how God can change a person’s life and heal their heart through the power of forgiveness. It’s full of emotion and passion. Author, Thea Casey, takes us on a journey into the heart of a broken woman and how by turning and surrendering her life to God, she is able to overcome her devastating past and move on to a more bright and happy future.

I really enjoyed Chronicles of Forgiveness. It is full of hope and inspiration and shows just how wonderful the Lord is when a person turns to him.
It is extremely well written and meaningful.
This book will inspire women to give their hurts and hearts over to a loving God who not only gives promises but always and faithfully fulfills his promises.
It is a journey in faith and women readers will find themselves turning to God and faith in him to realize just how much they are loved by him.

Powerful and inspirational work written by a very talented writer Thea Casey

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Dog and The Girl By Fiona J Roberts

Ellen has led a disappointing life. She is married to a man she no longer likes and is unhappy in her job. She is finally ready to make changes but she suddenly dies. Quite unexpectedly Ellen finds that her consciousness has transferred to her pet dog Barney.
Her life should be much more straightforward as a miniature schnauzer but then again it might not. Leaving home and finding a new family is just the start of her strange new

Ellen is a woman that feels her life is nothing but disappointing and meaningless. She feels no love for her husband anymore and her job is less than meaningful. She is finally ready to make changes to her mundane and less than happy life. But just before she begins on her new outlook and journey to a better life she suddenly dies. However, something strange and weird occurs as her consciousness and spirit is transferred and deposited into her own pet dog, Barney. Thinking her life will be less complicated as a miniature schnauzer, she soon realizes that her new life isn’t what she expected it would be.

This is a fantastic story written by author, Fiona J Roberts. It is simple and uncomplicated, yet meaningful and full of surprises. The plot is delicately woven with much creativity and forethought. The interesting characters are all well developed and placed within the storyline that flows with ease.
I fully enjoyed “The Dog and The Girl” By Fiona J Roberts. It is moving and touching.
It has an unexpected and interesting touch to it. .
Fiona J Roberts has a unique and interesting voice. This book would be great for a young reader as well as a more mature reader. It gets the reader thinking while enjoying the plot.
I couldn’t put the book down and was turning the pages quickly wondering what was going to happen next.

I fully recommend “The Dog and The Girl to all avid readers. Especially those that enjoy a more lighthearted and meaningful book.