Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Must Read "The Golden Hour" By Marni Graff

Engaging, moving, mysterious.
The Golden Hour by Marni Graff is a fantastic, chilling mystery set in England. Nora Tierney is a young mother that’s dating DI Declan Barnes. Declan is investigating a serious murder involving an art conservator and stopping a possible devastating health epidemic. Meanwhile, Nora, has the feeling that she is being followed and stalked. As she goes about her life, she can’t shake the sense that she is being watched. She can’t figure out why anyone would be after her. When she moves to Oxford and Brighton her sense of danger increases. What ensues is a multifaceted entangled mystery that leaves readers wanting more.
Author Marni Graff has written a smart, intense and sensitive mystery filled with twists and turns. The characters are all well written and developed. They have interesting and unique personalities. I especially liked the way the  main character, Nora, is developed and written. There is a warmth and strength to her as she has a lot going on due to her past. The plot is intelligently penned and woven together. The descriptions of the beautiful english countryside towns and cottages gave me a feeling of awe.
I couldn’t put “The Golden Hour” down. I was drawn in from the very start. It is intense and sweet at the same time. Readers will love the exciting complicated mystery coupled with the warmth of family life in England, that is instilled throughout. Everything from the descriptions of the food and homes to the international intrigue captivated me.
The Golden Hour is the fourth installment in “The Nora Tierney English Mysteries”. Readers are in love with this series. And “The Golden Hour” may be the best one yet. We are looking forward to more from author Marni Graff.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Must Read "Him Downstairs" By Sherill Turner

How do you get over someone who lives under you?
Life for Lucy Jenkins is going OK … ish. Yes, she’s thirty-three, single, and has had to work as a waitress and children’s party entertainer since her social worker salary suffered from budget cuts, but she stays positive and manages to pay the mortgage on her flat. Her home is her sanctuary – until Tom moves in downstairs. Lucy and Tom quickly fall in love and into a serious relationship, which is complicated by Tom’s recent separation from his wife, who he has two young sons with.

Lucy is heartbroken when Tom breaks up with her, saying that something has to give in his busy life. Encouraged/coerced/badgered by her friends into getting ‘back on that horse’, Lucy finds herself at a tacky Singles Night; dating Danny, a Justin Timberlake impersonator; and attempting a rendezvous with her ‘special friend’. Lucy’s quest to move on from Tom would be a whole lot easier if she didn’t have to hear everything he does.
After all, how on earth do you get over someone when you can hear them peeing?

Him Downstairs is relatable Chick Lit for readers 18+ who have dipped their toe into the world of modern dating and relationships. It contains adult language and humour, and is written in ‘British English’.

Hilarious, Thoughtful Debut Novel
Author Sherill Turner has written an exceptional chick lit read. It is filled with wit and charm.
You will fall in love with the main character Lucy as she is a strong woman with a positive attitude, and slightly neurotic. However she goes through heartbreak during her breakup with Tom who lives downstairs. She loves her home and having Tom living downstairs isn’t easy for her. Her friends try to get her back into the dating game. But it is impossible for Lucy to get over Tom with him living right under her downstairs.

I loved “Him Downstairs” by Sherill Turner. It is a light hearted read, but filled with drama as well. It kept me laughing and turning the pages quickly. The characters are quirky and well written. I felt a strong connection to the characters and missed them when I finished the book. The plot and characters are woven brilliantly together. At times, I felt like it was a true story.

The writing is exceptional, especially for a debut author. It’s deeper than your classical chick lit writing, it’s a great romantic comedy. It’s different in a very pleasing way. It can be categorized in “fiction for women” as well as “chick lit”. There were many emotions involved and I do have have to add that along with the laughter there are also a few tears.
The writing of the descriptions of the settings and scenes are superb. I felt like I was in the setting myself. That is an important value in writing. Our author did an excellent job.
I found myself fully engaged wondering what would happen next. I read it in one day, that’s how good it is. This would be a great beach summer read, or anytime you want to read a funny romantic witty book..

Him Downstairs is an overall wonderful book. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to all fiction readers. Click To Purchase “Him Downstairs” Now

"Faith Power Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women" By Sheryl A Stradling

Faith, Power, Joy tells the multi-generational saga of a family of women who followed their intuition, demonstrated their faith, and transformed their challenges into opportunities for service and joy.
The women's stories begin in 1890, when the author's great grandmother challenged a family friend in a bet and went on to overcome unexpected tragedy, grief and loss. She learned to share her faith through love and helping others heal. Her daughter enjoyed a stellar career as an educator in the public schools, which she achieved through determination to overcome the limiting social norms of her times, and her eldest daughter confronted lifetime illness and personal loss with courage and determination.
The author reveals these women's secrets for successful living as well as her own personal growth through spiritual practice and holistic healing, while her own daughter shares the source of her strength through her devotionals and examples of Christ-centered living. Their stories are both joyful and heartbreaking as each reveals her methods for overcoming adversity and transforming obstacles into opportunities.
These remarkable women built on the spiritual growth of their foremothers. They share their secrets for creating powerful and courageous lives through applying the spiritual principles of forgiveness, love, faith and service. Their stories inspire us with timeless guidance to harness our inner power, live by our faith, and share our joy.

Powerful, Thought Provoking and Engaging.
This is a wonderful book about overcoming obstacles, sorrows and achieving goals.
It is a spiritual book based on principles learned from five generations of remarkable women in a family. Starting with the great grandmother, each woman in the family learns to live, thrive and enjoy life through faith, love, joy and forgiveness. They each go through good times and bad, but all overcome life’s troubles through their commitment to their spiritual practices and helping others.

I thoroughly enjoyed Faith, Power, Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women by Sheryl A Stradling. It chronicles the lives of the author’s own family. It is full of powerful knowledge, advice and spiritual teachings and tips. It is extremely well written and engaging, as author Sheryl Stradling expresses the heart of these women and the undeniable strength each one had. She expresses the idea that following spiritual principles can directly affect one’s life in a real tangible experience. I gleaned a lot from this book. I know readers, especially women, will enjoy the retelling of her family saga and the trials and triumphs they endured. I, personally, am going to put to practice the methods and teachings in this book. It is based on the basic principles of faith, love, forgiveness, joy and helping others. It is simple yet profound, which created powerful women as they grew in their lives spiritually and individually.

A truly inspiring book filled with wisdom, hope and insight.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Must Read: "Shore House Slumming" By Carli Palmer

Working as an editor in Seattle, Dana Kline led a happy life. She had great friends, a career she adored, and her health couldn’t be better. But everything about it was mundane and safe. EVERYTHING. No gamble would have made her change her ways, so life was going to change it for her. After an unexpected release from her job and then finding out that she would become practically homeless for the summer, Dana gathered her courage and found herself ready to try a new life in Florida. The only problem was getting herself across the nation on a tight budget, hardly any connections, and an unadventurous self. After many stops along both coastlines Dana finds out that it’s okay to let her hair down, meet new people, and try new escapades. Just as long as her sanity doesn’t fly away with the seagulls.

Dana Kline’s stable life in Seattle is simple, unremarkable and uneventful. She’s comfortable with the way things are and doesn’t see a need for change. However change is exactly what’s in store for her when her boss has to lay her off. But, he also tells her of a job in Florida as a columnist that pays double what she’s making now. With no other options, Dana decides to head down to Florida and take the job. Being that she is on a tight budget she has to drive to her new destination. Not only that, but along the way, she is forced to stay with and house sit for people that her family and friends hook her up with.
What ensues is a delightful adventure filled with fun, excitement and new experiences. Dana finally learns to let her guard down and enjoy herself. Even in the most  amusing, slightly odd and peculiar situations Dana maintains and even thrives.

I loved Shore House Slumming. This is not your typical Chick Lit Read where there is romance and drama. This is different as it mainly focuses on the main character and her extremely amusing journey that changes her in such positive ways, that one could say that the trip changed her life.
The amusing, quirky, well written characters that she meets during her journey give the story depth and a delightful twist compared to your more ordinary reads. The characters and situations are extremely well woven into the plot. It held my attention and kept me laughing and wanting more.

I felt this story had a fast forward moving plot. I was totally sold out and loved the ending. By the end, because of her travels and experiences, Dana had a true sense of herself, other people and the importance of enjoying and making the most out of life. She had truly grown as a person.
The book is well balanced and realistic. There was enough going on to keep me turning the pages quickly desiring more and more. This really is a great satisfying enjoyable read.

Shore House Slumming is an amazing humorous and well penned read. I highly recommend it to all chick lit lovers and those who crave something different in a great read. Shore House Slumming-A great summer read. Click To Purchase "Shore House Slumming" Now