Sunday, May 14, 2017

Must Read "One Cat, Three Creeps & A Sex God" By Adrienne Deborah Williams

Maddie’s world crumbles when she discovers that her husband, Dave, is a lying, cheating adulterer. When Dave moves out, (leaving her with a hefty mortgage and a budgie with balance problems) a mysterious cat moves in. Whilst Dave embraces his new life with 'runaround Sue', Maddie has no choice but to put all her energies into her new career, teaching Yoga. Life gets complicated when four men enter Maddie’s life but are any of them what they seem? And will she find out in time which one of them has psychopathic tendencies?

Delightful, witty and unpredictable.
I absolutely loved “One Cat, Three Creeps & A Sex God.” The main character, Maddie goes from having a husband and a life that she thought was good, to losing her husband to an over the top trampy woman. She then successfully embarks on a new career as a yoga instructor. Her quirky family is supportive and there for her. She comes across a sweet cat that adopts her. During her yoga class sessions, different men come into her life. But in the beginning she has a difficult time sorting out the personalities and characters of the various men. Then, before long, she finds out exactly who they each are and comes face to face with unavoidable danger and inevitable love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is an easy fun and fast read. Some books have too many characters to keep up with, but not this one.
This story has just the right amount of characters and some are delightful, while others are foreboding. They are all interesting and well developed.
The storyline flows perfectly and the plot is excellent and written with skillful ease.

I couldn’t put this book down and read it through in one day; especially when it took a turn that was totally unexpected but fully welcome.
“One Cat, Three Creeps & A Sex God” is a written in real chick lit literary style. I enjoyed the author, Adrienne Deborah Williams , voice. It is unique, eccentric  and original.
From the beginning to the end, our author held a clear story in mind,  with a means to a to great end. I fully recommend this charming, suspenseful and engaging love story. It’s a great read that all chick lit lovers, and beyond, will delight in.
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