Friday, May 5, 2017

Wallace Street By Tess Devlin

A serial killer preys on young girls and the neighborhood is distressed and seeking justice or better yet revenge. Who will find the killer, the detectives, the mobsters, the beat cop or one of the distraught neighbors?
Tension grows as the bodies pile up. The neighborhood is boiling over with rage
Everyone in this hardscrabble neighborhood has secrets, but for some it's the biggest secret - murder!

Suspenseful, riveting and entertaining. Wallace street is a real page turner. It is a  daunting mystery, caught between a cozy mystery and a suspense novel. I was thoroughly drawn in and caught up into the plot and narrative.

Set in the 1950’s in a hardened neighborhood in Chicago, the representation and description of the region gave me a clear vision of the surroundings, environment and backdrop of where the events take place. It is evident that the author, Tess Devlin held a clear vision and idea while writing this book. It is smart, well thought out and, apparently, a well researched story.

The storyline flows nicely and the characters are all well developed, with varying personalities and many hardcore living situations. It is very interesting and very suspenseful. The detective work is engrossing and at times very contemplative. I was compelled to try to figure out who was doing the heinous murders. My attention was held with interest and curiosity from the beginning to the end

There are quite a few characters in this book, however they are all woven into the story well.
They are all doing things, good and bad, and interacting with one another closely because they live, almost on top of one another, in a middle class tight community.

Wallace Street is a fascinating and  gripping mystery that kept me in a state of wanting to know more. I was on the edge of my seat turning the pages quickly. There are unexpected twists and turns and I was surprised and satisfied as to how it ended.
I recommend it to all mystery lovers. From cozy mysteries lovers to hard core suspense novel enthusiasts, Wallace Street fits right in.