Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sorrah (Mirror of Blackmor Book 1) By Madison Thorne Grey

Synopsis Sorrah steps through an enchanted mirror built by her druid ancestors and emerges in the center of a village occupied by rebel forces. Thought to be a spy, she is watched closely and brought before Rohen, the incredibly foreboding, yet, ruggedly handsome leader of the resistance.

Sorrah has spent most of her twenty six years keeping her nose in fiction and herself far away from the crazy aunt who raised her. Everything changes the day she learns that her mother magically traveled through a mirror constructed by druid ancestors, lived in a world called Sorrah, fell in love with a Sorrien man, her father, and conceived a son.

Destined to walk in her mother’s footsteps and determined to rescue her imprisoned brother, Sorrah locates the enchanted mirror, steps through, and emerges in the center of a pond at a village occupied by rebel forces.
Danger surrounds her, yet, she senses a strange oneness with the resistance's leader, Rohen, and the world of Aaru.
She needs to trust her heart where Rohen is concerned, and be stronger than she ever thought possible in order to take her rightful place among the people, and fulfill her destiny as the chosen of the gods.

Magical, captivating, engaging.
Raised by her mother’s close friend, the beautiful Sorrah is no ordinary young woman, she is destined for more than the life most people live. She is unknowingly headed for adventure and a new life within a magical realm called Sorrah, the name her mother named her after. After reading her deceased mother’s journals, she begins to become intrigued and believe that this enchanting land may actually exist.
In her writings her mother instructs Sorrah that she must find the magical mirror, slip into the land of Sorrah and rescue her brother who is imprisoned in the other worldly realm. In the land of Sorrah, she not only finds magic and adventure, but as fate would have it, she finds love as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sorrah. It took me to another world for the couple of days it took me to read it. It is a fantastic fantasy with adventure, magic, war, love and celebration.
It’s smart but easy to read. The story is written well and the plot is exciting, captivating and very meaningful. There are some twists and turns that surprised me and kept me turning the pages. This is the kind of book that throws you right into the story, holds your attention and captivates your imagination.
The characters are all well rounded and developed. The interaction and communication between them is realistic, outstanding and very well written. The descriptions of the beautiful land, Sorrah, are very vivid and beautiful.

This book really intrigued me. It’s not just another fantasy book. It is very meaningful and written with a high standard of literacy. If you love fantasy, romance, adventure and excellent writing, then Sorrah is the book to read.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Jennifer Brown's Journey" By Angie Langley

The Story....

Five feet one and full of fizz, Jennifer Brown lights up the room. She has a gorgeous partner, a wicked best friend, and a boss who doesn’t mind that she’s the worst typist on the planet. She’s loyal, generous and irredeemably ditzy. Everyone loves Jennifer Brown. But can she learn to love herself?      

When her world caves in, she needs every ounce of her steely core to step back from the abyss and take charge of her life, reinventing herself first as cook and housekeeper to a saucy sexagenarian, then as manager of a tumbledown country estate with sensitive secrets.
Peopled by a battalion of hilarious characters from the caustic, cross-dressing confidant to the besotted ex-boyfriend with a barmy ex-wife, Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a heartwarming, thoughtful, often poignant portrait of the trials of life as a thirty-something woman. Jennifer Brown champions the importance of self-belief, and the value of a bucket-sized glass of wine in a tight spot. And, always in the background, there’s the quiet man with the warm eyes and the velvet vowels.  
What on earth is Jennifer Brown going to do about him?

About the book......

The first in a series of three. Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a story of female self-empowerment and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of challenges that most women will recognise.

Lighthearted and poignant, the story gives readers a very real sense of a woman, initially rather ditzy, maturing into a redoubtable, self-possessed individual who faces her many challenges with developing aplomb.

Touching, cheerful and entertaining
Jennifer Brown is high-spirited and vivacious. She is the life of every party. Everyone loves her personality and her allegiance. She has a gorgeous live in boyfriend, exceptional best friend and a great job with an easy going boss. Life is good for Jennifer, but she still has somewhat of a self esteem problem.

Then when her life falls apart she needs to gain the strength and fortitude to carry on and remake her life. Can she do it? Her self worth and confidence are tested over many times.
She goes from working in the corporate world to being a housekeeper and cook. Then she becomes the manager of an estate. With both jobs, she basically “fakes it until she makes it.”
And she does make it. However, her journey is filled with trials and situations that she has to overcome. She reaches down deep within herself and forges ahead with dutiful strength and resilience. All along the way she manages to stay cheery and a faithful friend to those around her. We follow Jennifer as she transforms herself and comes to know and accept herself. She is a strong, capable woman.
Is there love in the future for Jennifer Brown? That is the question readers will be asking when they read this delightful story?
I loved Jennifer Brown’s Journey by Angie Langley. It is filled with wit and humor.
The characters are eccentric and amusing. They are all well developed and there isn’t too many of them to keep track of. Which made it a lighthearted and fast read. Set in the gorgeous and beautiful English countryside, the descriptions of the surroundings are stunning and vivid - a delight for the reader’s imagination.
The storyline and plot are thoroughly well defined and penned. I couldn’t put the book down. It is charming and engaging. Author, Angie Langley, has written one delightful chick lit story that readers will revel in.
To be continued….there is a second book coming out where we will happily continue to follow “Jennifer Brown’s Journey.”
What people are saying.........
A heartening insightinto the trials of a young woman that will send your chuckle meter off the chart
Funny, entertaining and highly readable
Brilliant, I didn't pause for breath until I reached chapter eleven
Wow! I love this book
To be continued..........

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Embracing Hope by Janell Butler Wojtowicz

Take a poignant look into the broken heart and daily struggles of Christian college dean Drew McKinley. The story chronicles the turbulent first year in his desperate journey to understand God’s motives for the sudden death of his wife and his quest to find hope in his future.

Crossing his perilous path are Allison, a graduate student and new employee in the dean’s office, and Chris, the handsome but egotistical student senate president.

The road Drew must navigate is fraught with career upheaval, a reawakening heart and the struggle for forgiveness and restoration. Will Drew finish his journey to embrace the hope God offers, the love Allison shares and the guidance Chris needs, or will he turn his back on all three with catastrophic consequences?Beautiful, thought provoking and engaging.

Embracing Hope is an affectionate Christian love novel filled with wisdom and insight.
It’s a very powerful and stirring story of the love of God and healing.
It’s a passionate story fraught with real life difficulties and issues.
Right at the beginning we are introduced to the main characters. We get insight into their personalities and lives, which sets us up for an inspiring, touching story..

This book is filled with many emotional upheavals, such as grief, anger, guilt, pain and ultimately, hope and love..
The character development is thoughtful and astute.
The characters Drew, Allison and Chris, are all thoroughly developed and evolved nicely throughout the story. Drew especially has many facets to his character. His heart is broken and he needs healing.

The two main characters, Drew and Allison, cross paths and are joined together through circumstance. Although they appear to be opposites, they are slowly drawn together. Set at a christian university campus, the descriptions are very defined and visual, placing the reader perfectly in the setting.

I found this story to be very believable and realistic. It flows nicely and kept me intensely interested from beginning to end. The plot is very interesting, insightful and touching. It felt like a true story to me. There are some thought provoking twists and turns that keeps it from being predictable. I loved the ending. It left me feeling hopeful and happy. This book especially touched my heart.

The author, Janell Butler Wojtowicz, has a clear unique literary voice. I’m looking forward to reading more novels written by her.
I wholly recommend “Embracing Hope” to all readers that love faith based novels that water the soul.
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Friday, May 19, 2017

Must Read: "All of These Things" By Anna De Mattea

Sometimes, good people can do bad things, and Caroline De Andreis is about to learn that the hard way.

A week on the beach is exactly what her cousin and best friend, Sofie, insists she needs. Between Caroline’s full-time job as an accountant, minding her mother’s mental health, and feeling pressured into making her eccentric mother meet her boyfriend’s conventional family, Caroline’s patience is at an end. Leaving responsibilities behind suddenly feels like a good idea to her, too.
In Maine, the days blend into each other as worries of home drift away. Caroline’s inexplicably drawn to a gorgeous artist with a delicious accent, and his penchant for romance goes on to make her already complicated life speedily more intricate. There are consequences to face and tough choices to make, but will she abandon who she was for the woman she’s become, or will Caroline ultimately regret embracing life by the sea? 

Splendid and engaging.
This is a story about Caroline. She is a kind but some what pessimistic young woman that works as an accountant and has to constantly deal with her mother’s mental health issues. She is also extremely pressured and reluctant to have her, off the wall, mother meet her boyfriend’s traditional family. She needs a break from it all. Her upbeat best friend and cousin, Sofie, suggests that Caroline take a short trip to get away from it all. So she decides to leave it all behind for a week on the beach in Maine. Although she completely enjoys her trip at the beach, she now has more complications added to her already complicated life. Caroline now has to sort things out. She has some difficult choices to make.

This novel has it all. It’s witty, charming, dramatic and smart. There are notes of love, joy, sadness and forgiveness.
This is an excellent read. It is written from the point of view of the main character, Caroline.
With tid bits here and there of the thoughts of all the other characters. I absolutely love the way this story is written. It’s original and the author Anna De Mattea has a clear unique and different voice. It’s inspiring, compelling and encouraging tone, kept me feeling good. It is written in a simple enjoyable prose. It flows at a nice pace and held my interest throughout from beginning to end. I loved the telling of the descriptions of the settings. It had me desiring to be on the beach in maine myself. I could almost smell the ocean and feel the sunshine.

I thoroughly enjoyed “All of These Things.: I was pulled in, engaged, and ate up every word.
The characters are all so well thought out and developed and I loved them all. They all seemed very realistic and complemented one another. There is plenty of romance along with strong emotional drama, good and bad. There are welcome surprises along the way. Overall this is a feel good book with a more than happy ending. The book cover is luscious. All of These Things is a true gem.
I wholly recommend it to all chick lit and romance lovers. Pick up a copy for your summer read. You will be glad you did.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

To Have and to Hold (The Pastor Maggie Series Book 2) By Barbara Edema


Welcome back, Pastor Maggie! Pastor Maggie, of Loving the Lord Community Church, has settled into her new position and finally gained the trust and respect of her congregation, but they will all be tested when the church comes under attack through a series of malicious break-ins and vandalism.

Maggie tries to hold everyone together and determine if the threat is from an outsider or someone actually sitting in the pews of her church each Sunday.
Can she keep her beautiful church safe? Will she still be able to accomplish the planned mission trip to Ghana if the money from a fundraiser is stolen? While Maggie desperately waits for a whisper from God, she also fears that a major event will be ruined by the well-meaning, very loving members of the church.

How will she maintain her own blossoming romance with tall, dark, and scrumptious Dr. Jack Elliot and support the daily needs of her congregation through life-and-death matters when it all feels one step away from collapsing?
Will they catch the villain before he ruins everything?

Praise for To Have and to Hold: An enjoyable read. Not a murder mystery but a gentle exploration of relationships, connections and the power—and the mystery—of love. Pastor Maggie is one to watch. ~ G.M. Malliet, award-winning author of the St Just mysteries and the Max Tudor mysteries

Delightful, spiritual and engaging.
This is the second book in the Pastor Maggie” series.
I loved “To Have and To Hold.” Not having read the first book, I was still able to jump right in and follow the plot and discern the characters well. I was drawn right in as I got to know the individuals that are written into this story. I felt I knew them personally and cared for them by the end of the book. They are endearing, unique and quirky. I felt that the author really put a lot of thought into developing the characters and did an excellent job. As the fun and colorful characters are rolled out, you can’t help but to love them. They are all beautifully woven within the story
The plot is  convincing, inspiring and some what suspenseful. It is very realistic. We get a glimpse of the inner workings of a church parish with it’s love and care for others. With plenty of conflicts and emotions the story is especially engaging and exciting. Pastor Maggie and the church go through trials, challenges and triumphs. Filled with blessings as well as oppression and sorrow, we see how people can be in weakness and in strength.

The thread of mystery made this story especially good. Wonderings of who has been lurking about causing trouble and fear, was in the forefront of my mind. I was fully engaged and anxious thinking it through and trying to figure it out. Who has been behind all the mysterious things that are going on? I was held captive in suspense.
The story is filled with emotion and brings up the reader’s own feelings of faith, doubt, fear, joy and more. To Have and To Hold had an impact on my own beliefs and spirituality. I felt my faith being strengthened.
I loved how the unconditional expansive love of God is depicted throughout.. This is a very inspiring read and an exceptional creative literary work written from the heart. “To Have and To Hold” will not disappoint. It’s one of the better reads I have come across in a while.
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Must Read "One Cat, Three Creeps & A Sex God" By Adrienne Deborah Williams

Maddie’s world crumbles when she discovers that her husband, Dave, is a lying, cheating adulterer. When Dave moves out, (leaving her with a hefty mortgage and a budgie with balance problems) a mysterious cat moves in. Whilst Dave embraces his new life with 'runaround Sue', Maddie has no choice but to put all her energies into her new career, teaching Yoga. Life gets complicated when four men enter Maddie’s life but are any of them what they seem? And will she find out in time which one of them has psychopathic tendencies?

Delightful, witty and unpredictable.
I absolutely loved “One Cat, Three Creeps & A Sex God.” The main character, Maddie goes from having a husband and a life that she thought was good, to losing her husband to an over the top trampy woman. She then successfully embarks on a new career as a yoga instructor. Her quirky family is supportive and there for her. She comes across a sweet cat that adopts her. During her yoga class sessions, different men come into her life. But in the beginning she has a difficult time sorting out the personalities and characters of the various men. Then, before long, she finds out exactly who they each are and comes face to face with unavoidable danger and inevitable love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is an easy fun and fast read. Some books have too many characters to keep up with, but not this one.
This story has just the right amount of characters and some are delightful, while others are foreboding. They are all interesting and well developed.
The storyline flows perfectly and the plot is excellent and written with skillful ease.

I couldn’t put this book down and read it through in one day; especially when it took a turn that was totally unexpected but fully welcome.
“One Cat, Three Creeps & A Sex God” is a written in real chick lit literary style. I enjoyed the author, Adrienne Deborah Williams , voice. It is unique, eccentric  and original.
From the beginning to the end, our author held a clear story in mind,  with a means to a to great end. I fully recommend this charming, suspenseful and engaging love story. It’s a great read that all chick lit lovers, and beyond, will delight in.
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Eden: A Novel By Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg

Becca Meister Fitzpatrick—wife, mother, grandmother, and pillar of the community—is the dutiful steward of her family’s iconic summer tradition . . . until she discovers her recently deceased husband squandered their nest egg. As she struggles to accept that this is likely her last season in Long Harbor, Becca is inspired by her granddaughter’s boldness in the face of impending single-motherhood, and summons the courage to reveal a secret she was forced to bury long ago: the existence of a daughter she gave up fifty years ago. The question now is how her other daughter, Rachel—with whom Becca has always had a strained relationship—will react.

Eden is the account of the days leading up to the Fourth of July weekend, as Becca prepares to disclose her secret and her son and brothers conspire to put the estate on the market, interwoven with the century-old history of Becca’s family—her parents’ beginnings and ascent into affluence, and her mother’s own secret struggles in the grand home her father named “Eden.”

Splendid, majestic and engaging.
“Eden” is a chronicle of four generations of one affluent, wealthy family.Amidst the impressive riches and abundance of money, property, and other material goods, is a family united and knit together throughout periods of time. They have a grand family summer house in  Rhode Island named “Eden.”.
But now that her husband has died, Becca Meister Fitzpatrick, our main character, finds herself left with nothing and the potential of losing the house.In an attempt to rescue the family summer home, she wields a plan and invites the family over for the Fourth of July. Little by little, secrets from the family’s past begin to surface and unravel, creating surprises for the present. Outwardly the family appears to be perfect. But like most families, inwardly there can be many flaws and secrets that aren’t easily hidden.
I loved “Eden.” I love the idea of a beautiful summer house. Our author’s delightful descriptions of the setting were wonderful and kept me wanting more. I held a clear vision of the setting, which is a very important to me in a novel like this one. Eden is
intense, entertaining and engaging. I was caught up in the family drama and saga.  I felt drawn in from beginning to end. The novel is written and edited extremely well. The author’s voice is distinct, clear and unique. The characters were all exceptionally well developed and thought out. I felt a kin to the family and some of the characters. The plot and storyline are distinctive, strong and complete, having all the necessary and appropriate parts. The storyline flows smoothly, as the narration weaves from past to present and back and forth again. This isn’t a fast moving story, but it is fulfilling and interesting. Click To Purchase "Eden" now.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mistress Suffragette By Diana Forbes


A young woman without prospects at a ball in the Gilded Age Newport, Rhode Island is a target for a certain kind of "suitor." At the Memorial Day Ball during the Panic of 1893, impoverished but feisty Penelope Stanton draws the unwanted advances of a villainous millionaire banker who preys on distressed women--the incorrigible Edgar Daggers. Over a series of encounters, he promises Penelope the financial security she craves, but at what cost?

Skilled in the art of flirtation, Edgar is not without his charms, and Penelope is attracted to him against her better judgment. Initially, as Penelope grows into her own in the burgeoning early Women's Suffrage Movement, Edgar exerts pressure, promising to use his power and access to help her advance. But can he be trusted, or are his words part of an elaborate mind game played between him and his wife? During a glittering age where a woman's reputation is her most valuable possession, Penelope must decide whether to compromise her principles for love, lust, and the allure of an easier life.

Review: Splendid, delightful and engaging.
Mistress Suffragette is a wonderful story set in the time when women fought to have a voice while still being dependent on a man.
It is a great read and  brimming with enlightening historical information.
It is brilliantly written in the time setting of the 1890’s during the Gilded Age and the women’s suffragette movement.

The author, Diana Forbes, has woven together a fictional tale with real life historical events.
The main character Penelope, is a young woman that is trying to find her way, after her family is hit with hardship. Her choices are not easy nor clear. She has many things that stand to prevent and hinder her progress during this time of struggle for her and her family. During a time when virtue is important, Penelope finds herself attracted to a wealthy married man. Making her life even harder to deal with.
Although there is plenty of interesting and welcome drama written into the story, it is also light hearted, and enchanting.

The author depicts and portrays the time and setting in a wonderful beautiful way, pleasing the readers imaginary senses and mind aesthetically. I was more than pleased and felt like I was placed in the setting and time. Which is an important quality in writing for me.
Mistress Suffragette, deals with what was probably the real life way of living in those days. I loved the narrative and the dialog between the characters.
This isn’t just another historical novel, this one is much more captivating, colorful and deep. It is very well written, thoughtful and engaging. The plot is full and complete. The characters are well developed with interesting personalities. The writing and editing is to perfection.
I couldn’t put it down. It was my great escape of the week. I loved it!
Diana Forbes has a unique voice and quality to her writing. Readers will be pleasantly satisfied with this work of art in the form of writing.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Wallace Street By Tess Devlin

A serial killer preys on young girls and the neighborhood is distressed and seeking justice or better yet revenge. Who will find the killer, the detectives, the mobsters, the beat cop or one of the distraught neighbors?
Tension grows as the bodies pile up. The neighborhood is boiling over with rage
Everyone in this hardscrabble neighborhood has secrets, but for some it's the biggest secret - murder!

Suspenseful, riveting and entertaining. Wallace street is a real page turner. It is a  daunting mystery, caught between a cozy mystery and a suspense novel. I was thoroughly drawn in and caught up into the plot and narrative.

Set in the 1950’s in a hardened neighborhood in Chicago, the representation and description of the region gave me a clear vision of the surroundings, environment and backdrop of where the events take place. It is evident that the author, Tess Devlin held a clear vision and idea while writing this book. It is smart, well thought out and, apparently, a well researched story.

The storyline flows nicely and the characters are all well developed, with varying personalities and many hardcore living situations. It is very interesting and very suspenseful. The detective work is engrossing and at times very contemplative. I was compelled to try to figure out who was doing the heinous murders. My attention was held with interest and curiosity from the beginning to the end

There are quite a few characters in this book, however they are all woven into the story well.
They are all doing things, good and bad, and interacting with one another closely because they live, almost on top of one another, in a middle class tight community.

Wallace Street is a fascinating and  gripping mystery that kept me in a state of wanting to know more. I was on the edge of my seat turning the pages quickly. There are unexpected twists and turns and I was surprised and satisfied as to how it ended.
I recommend it to all mystery lovers. From cozy mysteries lovers to hard core suspense novel enthusiasts, Wallace Street fits right in.