Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fisher's Autism Trilogy By Paul Nelson

This is the entire Fisher Stevens Autism Trilogy. (Through Fisher's Eyes, Dark Spectrum & A Problem With the Moon) Fisher and his autistic friends learn that they have amazing super powers. They use them in many adventures as they encounter bullies, ghosts, demons and aliens. Great reading for all ages, but especially for teens and young adults!

Written by the father of a wonderful autistic boy named Michael, Fisher’s Autism Trilogy is exciting, inspiring and full of adventure. It’s a touching collective of fictional stories, based on the real life of Michael, who (is autistic), and his father, Paul. It’
showcases his real life difficulties and struggles, as well as his triumphs and marvelous abilities. This is a full trilogy in one book.
The first book in the trilogy is called “Through Fisher’s Eyes” It’s an enjoyable, touching, and simplistic story of life as seen through an autistic boys' eyes.
It is written as if Fisher, the fictional Michael, is telling the story himself. It is mainly about the boy, Fisher, and how he and his father live, and manage life with autism. As Fisher's only caregiver, Paul and Fisher learn to deal with life and people the best they can. Life is an adventure for the duo, who stick together through thick and thin. It’s very meaningful and lighthearted.
I could hear the love and warmth come through in the author's voice.
It is written in a very simple manner, whilst still (maintaining) a high literary standard. I was impressed with the composition and arrangement of the story line. The characters were all very well thought out, well developed and meaningful.  

The second book, Dark Spectrum, is more of an exciting fantasy tale with some supernatural encounters, other world characters, beings and occurrences. It is told (from) the evil character's point of view. It is filled with adventure and unexpected
So interesting, at this point, I couldn’t put the book down. It was engaging, interesting and fun. I was completely drawn into the story. Young men will thoroughly enjoy and relate to not only the whole  trilogy, but specifically this second one.

The third tale in the trilogy, A  Problem With the Moon, continues the exciting fantasy, and kept me completely interested and turning the pages quickly .

I thoroughly enjoyed Fisher’s Autism Trilogy. I recommend it to those who enjoy, excitement filled, fantasies and light hearted meaningful books. I personally came away feeling that there is more to life than what many people experience and pay attention to. Readers will be reminded of the importance of acceptance and tolerance. I recommend the exciting Fisher’s Trilogy to Teens, young adults and adults, as well. There is a lot to be learned from Fisher’s Trilogy.
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