Friday, April 28, 2017

Must Read "the hours between us" By Carol Graf

With a bittersweet and captivating narrative that was inspired by events in her own life, author Carol Graf brings readers a stunning debut novel about a psychiatrist and her patient whose parallel journeys take them from family brokenness to the redemption and hope that can only be learned from life's most painful moments.
Kai Ingerson was motivated to become a psychiatrist after a childhood of dysfunction with her tempestuous and manic-depressive grandmother, Dumpling. Now divorced, in private practice and raising two teenagers, she starts work with Stephanie, a young grad student with acute leukemia, who has returned to Charleston and its mystic healing waters and marsh, to fight for her life. Stephanie braves the revelations of shocking family secrets, while Kai seeks peace with her own past as the therapy unfolds. Both women emerge with new capacities for love, life, and spiritual truths. This is a powerful work from a novelist whose story reflects her real-life experiences as a psychiatrist in Charleston.
Set against a lush Lowcountry backdrop of Spanish moss, salt marshes, silent oaks, and the pounding sea, The Hours Between Us is an artful exploration of the heartbreaking struggles and unbreakable spirits of two extraordinary women.
Inspiring, beautiful and discerning. The Hours Between Us By Carol Graf is a powerful engaging novel.
Based on the author’s own life as a psychiatrist, this is a somewhat fictional account of the relationship between doctor and patient. It is a beautiful story of discovery, pain and healing.

The story is brilliantly composed and the characters are well developed and interesting. This is the author Carol Graf’s debut novel, but it is written with fine literary skill and an unique almost magical voice. The reader would never know it is her first book. I was thoroughly impressed.

This is a very emotional read. As the patient, Stephanie goes through the turmoil of dealing with leukemia, Dr Kai helps her to heal through a set of standards that they both agree on at the onset of treatment.. What ensues is a strong bond between the two and an experience that is beautiful, spiritual and healing, for both doctor and patient. I loved the dialogue between the two women, and the way they helped one another to uncover their inner selves. Their relationship transcends the common doctor patient relationship and brought healing and enlightenment for both.

I love books that are set in the south. This one is set in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Our author describes the setting and scenery in such an impressive, beautiful manner. With the portrayal of the very rich vegetation, the salty marshland bog, the lush trees, the splendid sea, and even the sun light, the reader's senses and mind is pleased and satisfied aesthetically.
I was put right into the setting which thrilled and intoxicated me.
The book reads at a steady pace and kept me interested and engaged from start to finish.
Overall “The hours between us” is a wonderful novel written extremely well with much thought and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with a deeper understanding of others and my own self. I am looking forward to reading more novels by Carol Graf

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Within The Heart Of Silence" By James William Peercy & Jacqueline E. Smith

A Collection of Words and Images.
Featuring Poetry by James William Peercy
& Photography by Jacqueline E. Smith

All that exist upon creation.
Open the search of what shall be.
Lift our hearts from consternation.
Grant our souls entwine,
Until all the world agree,
In the heart of silence.

Captivating, peaceful and stunning.
A beautiful, artful collection of poems and images. “Within The Heart of Silence” is a wonderful book of words and images that reach within the soul and imagination.

The photographs by Jacqueline E. Smith are lovely and a treat for the eyes, while the poetry written by James William Peercy is moving and lovely to read.

Together they have created a touching and thought provoking book that poetry lovers will cherish. It opens the reader’s eyes to the beautiful world we live in. Centered around nature, love, and life, it is filled with pleasant, meaningful thoughts and a visual journey that satisfies and touches the heart.

It brought up some of my own memories of travels and prompted me to want to see more of our world and the beauty of nature. I was caught up with feelings and deep emotion as I read the meaningful words. It caused me to contemplate things like love and hate, life, and nature.

The words and images worked well together, and it is apparent that much thought, consideration, and talent was put into this compilation art. I was deeply touched and even had a few tears at the beauty of the words and pictures. It had a calming affect on my spirit.

I am normally not a reader of poetry, but “Within the Heart of Silence” has introduced me to the wonderful world of the art and imagery of poetry. I recommend “Within the Heart of Silence” to all our readers, poetry lovers and those that are in need of a deep watering of the soul. I will be revisiting this book often.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Must Read "Incomplete Sentence" By E.E. Kennedy

Gregory Rasmussen, the infamous Rasputin Killer, never served the sentence handed down in absentia for a particularly brutal murder. He has eluded the law for years, but he is now believed to be in the North Country. When a resident is murdered at the local retirement home, speculation about the killer’s identity fills the headlines. Then another victim is found at Chez Prentice.

Trapped in her snowbound B&B with elderly new friend Hugh Channing, father of the first victim, and her baby, Janet, Amelia Prentice Dickensen and her staff are asking themselves: Where is the murderer? Is he really the Rasputin Killer? Could one of their guests be the infamous psychopath, known for his power to charm and his fine singing voice? Will publicity surrounding the discovery of a dead body in the basement put the B&B out of business?

Interspersed with humor and local Adirondack color, Amelia’s latest murder case is especially chilling.

An intriguing, delightful mystery, Incomplete Sentence captured my attention right from the very beginning with the suspenseful prologue. This is the fourth book in the Miss Prentice Mystery Series by E. E. Kennedy. Although I had not read the first three installments, the author made it easy for me to jump right in and follow along while the characters developed and the storyline unfolded.

Incomplete Sentence is a  “cozy mystery” in my opinion, as the main setting of the story is a charming bed and breakfast and the small cast of characters have somewhat quirky, interesting personalities. I found the main female character  to be quite funny, correcting everyone’s grammar. There is a warmth, fitting the cozy genre.

However, it is also full of suspense, keeping mystery lovers turning the pages quickly, reveling in the tension and detective work that’s going on as well. I was held captive as the plot unfolded and the individual characters both intrigued and amused me. I loved the twists and turns and admit I was confounded at times when I thought I knew who the killer was, only to find out I was wrong, and was kept guessing.
Incomplete Sentence definitely has an ending that satisfies the mystery lover's soul.

I find a lot of mysteries lack the ability to hold the interest and attention of the reader, but not with this one.
E.E. Kennedy has a clear, creative and strong literary voice with great forethought.
Incomplete Sentence is very well written with smart, code-cracking intelligence.
I recommend it to all mystery lovers, to diehard cozy mystery fans as well as more suspenseful mystery enthusiasts.
It’s a great 5 star read.
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Must Read "Beyond Ikenick Creek" By Tracey Mayfield


Sixteen-year-old Eli Parker is in trouble with the law-again. Raised by a single mother and plagued by a tragic past, all hope seems to be lost. With his crimes getting progressively worse, it is now up to Judge Mosaron to turn Eli's life around. He sentences Eli to New Beginnings Camp for Troubled Youth for the remainder of the summer. Located just beyond Ikenick Creek-near the McKenzie River-this camp will change Eli in ways he never expects.

Through a series of team-building activities and near-death mishaps, Eli learns about trust, forgiveness, and God's grace. He also discovers the campers have more in common than he initially thought. Everyone, including the mysterious Amber, has their own personal battles to overcome.

Beyond Ikenick Creek utilizes action, adventure, drama, and a bit of humor to capture the imaginations of both teen and adult readers. It is a story about how courage, wisdom, faith, and hope might inspire an individual to change and prevent the lifelong consequences of poor choices.

Inspiring, powerful and Refreshing. Very well written, light hearted with just the right amount of drama and humor. Beyond Ikenick Creek is a faith inspired story about one rebellious, trouble making teen boy that is sentenced by the judge to a camp to straighten him out, and teach him about life, faith and the grace of God.
Upon arrival, Eli Parker, feels uneasy and resists the program that is set in place to help the teens, boys and girls, that have had troubled childhoods or have gotten into mischief, broken the law or are just downright rebellious.
As the days pass, Eli begins to become more accepting of the program. He begins to open up about his troubled past during the group sessions. In doing so he realizes that some harrowing circumstances of his earlier childhood plague his mind and emotions. He finds a young teen girl that catches his eye, which helps him to stick around and work the program. He even begins to read his bible.
Through various exercises he begins to learn about courage, trust, acceptance and the love of God. He learns about forgiveness, and God’s grace. In the end, he comes away with a life changing experience that he never expected. But was exactly what he needed.
I loved this book and it kept me turning the pages quickly. It is filled with wisdom, insight,  hope and conviction. The author, Tracey Mayfield, has a strong literary voice and has certainly put in a lot of research, knowledge and insight into this story which makes it very a interesting, enjoyable and smart read. It is a book filled with adventure, action and unexpected series of events and circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond Ikenick Creek and wholly recommend it teens and parents as well.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Must Read "Love Has Many Faces" By Lisa Morgan

Raw, frank and blistering, Lisa Morgan's 'Love Has Many Faces' embroils readers in what should have been a move to Uganda to start a new life of marriage and happiness; rapidly turned into lawless tragedy. Hailed by critics as an -Absolutely gripping read-, Morgan's powerful true story reminds readers that love often has many dark corners.

When a British woman falls in love. She moves to Uganda to be with her Ugandan boyfriend. She later discovers the hard lessons of betrayal and is left penniless in a foreign land. She gets tangled into a web of lies, falls into the hands of corrupted police that turns her life into a living horror. For the first-time Lisa shares her spectacular true story on how she escaped from exile, with only the sheer power of the human spirit to claw her way back to freedom.

A deep intense drama, Love Has Many Faces is a true story of one woman’s harrowing tale of a period of time in her life where her struggle to live and survive in a foreign country is so hard, so unexpectedly difficult, unfortunate, and ultimately horrifying; all due to the man she loves and is engaged to be married to .

The story begins hopeful and adventurous. But soon becomes devastating and hopeless.
Lisa moves from England to Uganda to unite with and marry Boaz, as they were so in love. But she soon finds out there is more to Boaz than she ever dreamed possible. He becomes physically and emotionally abusive. True love. That’s what Lisa thought about her relationship with Boaz. he is charming and caring and said he loved her over and over. How could this have happened to her

He takes her money and keeps her trapped in a lonely existence. As Lisa tries to make the best of her life in a foreign country where she knows only a handful of people, and with a boyfriend that is physically and mentally abusive, she tries to seek help from many different people and authorities.
She eventually does make some friends But she also, gets caught up in lies and entangled with the wrong side of the law.
Basically Lisa is stuck, with no money and nowhere to go. She keeps hoping that Boaz will change, as he pleads with her saying “how sorry he is,” after hitting her and busting open her lip. In the end, Lisa claws her way out, and there is a twist and a surprise in the book that readers don’t see coming. But I personally was happy that it happened and  delighted to read it.
I was completely drawn into this true story of one women’s harrowing and terrifying experience.
Written by the author Lisa Morgan herself, she tells her story very well. It is well written and edited. It is candid, truthful and straightforward.
I couldn’t put the book down. It reads like a fiction, but in actuality is a true story.

Love Has Many Faces is interesting, captivating and thoroughly enjoyable. I fully recommend this true story where unspeakable things happen; and there are twists and turns, that normally are only told in fiction reads. 5 Big Stars For “Love Has Many Faces” by Lisa Morgan

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fisher's Autism Trilogy By Paul Nelson

This is the entire Fisher Stevens Autism Trilogy. (Through Fisher's Eyes, Dark Spectrum & A Problem With the Moon) Fisher and his autistic friends learn that they have amazing super powers. They use them in many adventures as they encounter bullies, ghosts, demons and aliens. Great reading for all ages, but especially for teens and young adults!

Written by the father of a wonderful autistic boy named Michael, Fisher’s Autism Trilogy is exciting, inspiring and full of adventure. It’s a touching collective of fictional stories, based on the real life of Michael, who (is autistic), and his father, Paul. It’
showcases his real life difficulties and struggles, as well as his triumphs and marvelous abilities. This is a full trilogy in one book.
The first book in the trilogy is called “Through Fisher’s Eyes” It’s an enjoyable, touching, and simplistic story of life as seen through an autistic boys' eyes.
It is written as if Fisher, the fictional Michael, is telling the story himself. It is mainly about the boy, Fisher, and how he and his father live, and manage life with autism. As Fisher's only caregiver, Paul and Fisher learn to deal with life and people the best they can. Life is an adventure for the duo, who stick together through thick and thin. It’s very meaningful and lighthearted.
I could hear the love and warmth come through in the author's voice.
It is written in a very simple manner, whilst still (maintaining) a high literary standard. I was impressed with the composition and arrangement of the story line. The characters were all very well thought out, well developed and meaningful.  

The second book, Dark Spectrum, is more of an exciting fantasy tale with some supernatural encounters, other world characters, beings and occurrences. It is told (from) the evil character's point of view. It is filled with adventure and unexpected
So interesting, at this point, I couldn’t put the book down. It was engaging, interesting and fun. I was completely drawn into the story. Young men will thoroughly enjoy and relate to not only the whole  trilogy, but specifically this second one.

The third tale in the trilogy, A  Problem With the Moon, continues the exciting fantasy, and kept me completely interested and turning the pages quickly .

I thoroughly enjoyed Fisher’s Autism Trilogy. I recommend it to those who enjoy, excitement filled, fantasies and light hearted meaningful books. I personally came away feeling that there is more to life than what many people experience and pay attention to. Readers will be reminded of the importance of acceptance and tolerance. I recommend the exciting Fisher’s Trilogy to Teens, young adults and adults, as well. There is a lot to be learned from Fisher’s Trilogy.
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Sunday, April 9, 2017

“The Band 4: The Air We Breathe” By Marguerite Nardone Gruen

Thoughtful, beautiful love story. Do you believe in love at first sight? I do and so does our author  Marguerite Nardone Gruen, as she has written this sweet romantic, once in a lifetime, true love story.

The Band 4: The Air We Breathe, is a beautiful fictional story of two unsuspecting people that fall for eachother like Romeo and Juliet. I loved it! I loved the simplicity of the characters and how much they all supported and cared for one another. The story flowed nicely, and the writing and editing was outstanding. It is an engaging story of romance, friendship, a boy band, and music.

It’s a feel good book and a quick read; I couldn’t put it down. I was drawn in from the very beginning, engaged and smiling throughout most of the story. There are some ups and downs that the couple goes through, and many emotions bouncing around.
But they have a such strong bond of friendship and love, coupled with relentless optimism, that they triumph throughout their journey together. I love books that teach me something, and this one did just that.

I love the way our author  Marguerite Nardone Gruen, developed the characters and their interactions with one another. I was drawn to them and their upbeat personalities and outlook on life. I felt the author really had a voice and strong direction in her mind while writing this book. Some may think that it is a fairy tale like story but I believe it is true to life. Love can be the way  Marguerite Nardone Gruen has written it, and she has done it very well.

It’s definitely a clean “chick lit” read, filled with the feelings of excitement and mystery associated with romantic love. This is the first book in a trilogy, and I am looking forward to reading more from this new up and coming author of love stories..
Women of all ages will love it.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Monkey Business By Lois Schmitt

A zoo with its lions, crocodiles, and snakes is a dangerous place―a perfect place for murder.
When the director of a Long Island zoo is murdered by snake venom, Kristy Farrell, former English teacher turned wildlife reporter, takes a personal interest in the case. Her brother Tim, the zoo’s curator in charge of reptiles, is the leading suspect. Although the evidence is circumstantial, Kristy is sure the homicide detective, a childhood nemesis of her brother, is out to frame Tim.
Believing that the killer is one of her brother’s colleagues, Kristy investigates the internal politics and personal relationships at the zoo. As she delves into each suspect’s life, she uncovers weak alibis and powerful motives, including greed, blackmail, infidelity, and revenge. The trail leads her to a Greenwich Village pet store with a shady history, a radical animal rights group, a wildlife art exhibit on Long Island’s infamous gold coast, and a bizarre animal auction in rural Ohio where just about anything―dead or alive―can be purchased for the right price.
Meanwhile, the zoo is plagued with accidents, a second murder occurs, and Kristy’s life is threatened. With everyone’s nerves on edge, Kristy races to find the killer before the killer strikes again.
Monkey Business is an animal lover’s mystery. The book delves into the world of endangered species, wildlife smuggling, and the underground trade in exotic reptiles, birds, and mammals.

I thoroughly enjoyed Monkey Business By Lois Schmitt. It starts off with a proverbial bang.
Our author draws readers right into the scene from the very get go with her smart and funny literary tone.
There is a lot going on in this well written cozy mystery style book, with many scenarios, and easy to follow, twists and turns. It is written incredibly well and thoughtfully smart.. With the many, “whodunnits” and some what quirky characters, readers are compelled to put on their own detective hats as well.

Author Lois Schmitt gives readers interesting insight to the inner workings and politics of what goes on in zoos. I’m an animal lover, so I accordingly loved all the animal references and knowledge that is bountifully included in this story. But, I would have to say that even if you think you might not go in for a book where the main setting is at a zoo, you might be willingly surprised with this one. It’s colorful and hilarious; as I  laughed my way through the book.

I think the author  has a clear, unique voice and personal style of writing.
I was impressed by how the author tied everything together. Just as the title, “Monkey Business” sounds like a wild ride, it is a crazy up and down journey of how the main character, Kristy Farrell, struggles to find the killer of the director of the zoo.

Writing a mystery takes a great amount of intellectual ability in order to pull off the difficulty and ingenuity needed to create puzzle like scenarios. To present problems difficult to solve and situations difficult to resolve, can be extremely difficult. But author Lois Schmitt rises up to the mental challenge and pulls it off beautifully and expertly.
I was more than pleasantly satisfied with the entire book and very pleased and gratified with the outcome at the end.
That Book Thing  highly recommends “Monkey Business” By Lois Schmitt
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