Friday, March 24, 2017

High Hopes By Sue Lilley

Grace, Sam and Dixie have known each other forever. But Grace has a secret. Pregnant and penniless after one drunken night with Sam, she gave up her baby for adoption without telling him. And condemned herself to twenty years of guilt. When her daughter traces her, out of the blue, Grace longs to meet her. But she’s asking about her father and if Grace confesses to Sam after all these years, it will surely wreck his marriage to Dixie. How can their friendship survive such a betrayal? Yet does Grace have a choice?
Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed "High Hopes." It’s honest, touching and funny.
It’s a fiction story with a realistic, amusing and slightly dramatic plot.

Author Sue Lilley draws readers in right from the start by arousing curiosity and interest. With an exciting developing plot of close friendship, sexual desire and secrets, one can’t help but to be immensely captivated.
The storyline, is intricate, enjoyable and complicated in a good way; it flowed nicely. It is a page turning, light hearted pleasurable read. I read it in one day, as I couldn’t put it down.
Readers will be filled with anticipation as to how this story will turn out. There are twists and turns which peaks the reader’s inquisitiveness and concern. It all works well, and in the end, the story finds a satisfying close.
There are many books written as romantic dramas, but this one felt unique and new.
The somewhat eccentric, quirky main characters are composed of elaborately interconnected parts which the author writes well.
High Hopes fits well within the chick lit genre, as it is a fun book filled with things that women do and can relate to. The inner struggles of the characters resemble life for women and men a like.
Set in a small town in England, I reveled in the local culture and beauty described throughout the book. The author, Sue Lilley, put me right in the setting with her lavish descriptions and flamboyant literary accounts.

Very well written, this book read like a novel to me. It’s fictitious prose and narrative is of considerable length and complexity, and portrays involved characters and it presents a sequential organization of action and scenes. It’s by no means shallow as are some chick lit reads.
Author Sue Lilley has written a great work of fiction and a great above average chick lit read.
We recommend High Hopes to all our chick lit readers that love a sassy, witty, sexy and smart read. Chick Lit Cafe would be interested in reading more books by Susan Lilley.