Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Butterfly Waltz By Jane Tesh

Des Fairweather is a struggling young musician who fears he possesses to same destructive magical power that killed his parents.
While helping his tabloid reporter friend, Jake Banner, investigate reports of talking flowers, Des meets Kalida, a beautiful and mysterious young woman who says she is being pursued by her people, evil beings from a world called the Caverns. Can Des put aside his fear of magic and find a way to rescue Kalida?

Butterfly Waltz is an enchanting fantasy filled with magic, romance and otherworldly adventure. Readers will revel in this intriguing tale that is woven with the kind of beauty that transcends this world and tantalizes the human imaginary senses.

Author, Jane Tesh, guides us through a clever story of two friends that set out to search for a story for a news column. What they end up finding is intense adventure, intrigue, love and the magic they both desire, and all though they didn’t know it, needed all along.
Butterfly Waltz is a tapestry filled with supernatural encounters, good and evil, and an ending that satisfies the soul.

There are many fantasy books out there, but this is a delightfully different spin on the genre. I loved it and I think young adults, as well as more mature adults, will love it too. I've never read a book that depicts music as colorful and magical as this one.

Butterfly Waltz is one beautiful great read.
It is well composed and written with a clear voice of hope, lightheartedness and positivity. The storyline flows with ease, simplicity and drama, and not to diminish the experience of a great writer.

Pick up Butterfly Waltz. It’s a rather short read and you will leave with a smile and the inspiration to find your own magic in the music.