Monday, October 15, 2018

A Place Called Schugara by Joe English

A Place Called Schugara by Joe English
A story of life, death, love lost and meaning found in Schugara and beyond.
A Place Called Schugara by Joe English is a literary masterpiece. In it we have three main characters that all descend on the Caribbean island of Mabouhey. Travers Landeman, an Ohio businessman, Albert Sidney McNab, an insurance investigator from New York, and a bookseller from Chicago, Joe Rogers, all connect on the small island. Each has his own story and reason for going to the island and each finds much more than he anticipated. Their destinies end up being tied to one another as they creatively help each other resolve their issues.
This book was so much more than what I was expecting. Spanning decades, continents and cultures, A Place Called Schugara is rich, detailed, and engaging. The characters are the foundation of this fabulous novel. They are well developed with compelling, defined personalities. Author Joe English has created characters that evolve exponentially and naturally throughout the storyline. Each one is an integral thread in the overall story which adds interest and intrigue to the plot. Each one has a story to tell, and their own baggage to carry, and author Joe English tells it well. These characters and their specific stories are fabulous, memorable and artful. Along with the three main characters, there are many other notable ones as well, all adding to the quality and flow of the novel.
There is a mix of societal issues embedded within the plot. The author touches on the Catholic Church abuse scandals, the War on Drugs and more. There is a lot going on in this book and the narrative flows beautifully. Readers will feel the author’s sense of humor through his appealing play on words. This book is truly written by a master storyteller and excellent wordsmith.
I found A Place Called Schugara to be spellbinding and absorbing. I couldn’t put it down and read on quickly to find out what was going to happen next. I learned many interesting facts; A Place Called Schugara held my full attention. It is a rather long novel to read, but well worth the time invested. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this book to all discerning readers.
Recognition is due Line by Lion Publishing of Louisville, Kentucky, for bringing A PLACE CALLED SCHUGARA to the world as well as the vision and courage of Amanda Rotach Lamkin, its publisher.  That we have A PLACE CALLED SCHUGARA to ponder, to savor, to enjoy demonstrates the importance of keeping the nation’s independent publishing houses vibrant. Maximum espect.
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Friday, October 12, 2018

Speaking in Tungs by Karla Jay - Book Review

Speaking in Tungs by Karla Jay
2018 Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Award in Humor and Chic Lit! In this entertaining first novel set in rural Pennsylvania, a young woman from San Francisco searches for her birth parents while beginning her first job as a home-health speech pathologist. She soon learns how hard one job can be as she navigates the backwoods of Tungston, (“Tungs”) trying to comply with the needs of her quirky patients, all the while being stalked by a violent fugitive, and finding herself unexpectedly falling for the charms of a small-town, including one hot fireman. Through no fault of her own, she exposes a criminal who has been safely hidden in the thick forest, and now as he tries to stop her from exposing him, her patients’ lives, as well as her own are in jeopardy.
After the death of her parents, Marleigh Benning, a young woman with a degree in speech pathology, discovers that she was adopted. She decides to search for her birth parents and takes an internship as a home health speech therapist. But, she soon realizes that her job isn’t going to be easy, as she traverses through the backcountry of Tungston, Pennsylvania. As she tries to meet the needs and deal with her quirky unusual patients, she is definitely out of her element in this rural town, being from San Francisco, California, she is miles away from home and in a completely different societal setting. However, she begins to not only fall for the town of Tungston, but also for a hot fireman. She also finds herself and her patients in danger, as she is being stalked by a hardened and vicious escapee that she has unintentionally exposed.
Speaking in Tungs by Karla Jay is an intriguing engaging story that follows the life of one young woman who finds herself in a part of the country that she is totally unfamiliar with. There are dirt roads, peculiar small town stores and residents that are completely different than what she is used to from living in the west. Marleigh is dependable and reliable, intelligent and very likable. She is attracted to the fireman and feeling very passionate. She is out of place but determined to be a part of the community and make her life work in this foreign place she now calls home. This is a hilarious story with emotional moments that will touch every reader’s heart.
Speaking in Tungs is a heartwarming story filled with twists and turns and bold unusual, yet realistic characters. This story has a very different premise with a speech therapist going to live, work and fall in love in a pastoral setting in Pennsylvania. It is a multi-genre piece. It’s a romance, a mystery, a laugh out loud humorous chick lit read and a lightly suspenseful novel. The characters in this fabulous book are quirky, colorful and well developed. They humored me and had me thinking that I would love to know them in person. I found myself being drawn towards them and really caring about them. I love it when a book has me really desiring to know the people and be a part of their lives and live where they live.
Karla Jay has an exciting unique voice and a way with words that draws the reader in from the very first chapter. Even the title of this book gives readers insight into her distinctive creative play on words. She grew up in the area that is the setting of the book and mixes facts with fiction well. Her descriptive writing is filled vivid scenes of the landscapes and woods and had me craving to visit that part of the country and to behold the beauty of the land with its lush green countryside that she often describes in her story.
Speaking in Tungs had me completely hooked from the very beginning to the final last satisfying page. It is one of the best novels that I have read in a long time. This was Karla Jay’s debut novel and she has written more since then. I will definitely be picking up and reading the sequel to this book entitled “Speaking of the Devil.” Chick Lit Café highly recommends Speaking in Tungs to all readers.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Murder, She Wrote: Manuscript for Murder by Jon Land

Murder, She Wrote: Manuscript for Murder by Jon Land
Jessica Fletcher investigates a mysterious manuscript with deadly consequences in the latest entry in this USA Today bestselling series…
Jessica Fletcher has had plenty to worry about over her storied career, both as a bestselling novelist and amateur sleuth. But she never had any reason to worry about her longtime publisher, Lane Barfield, who also happens to be a trusted friend. When mounting evidence of financial malfeasance leads to an FBI investigation of Lane, Jessica can’t believe what she’s reading.
So when Barfield turns up dead, Jessica takes on the task of proving Barfield’s innocence–she can’t fathom someone she’s known and trusted for so long cheating her. Sure enough, Jessica’s lone wolf investigation turns up several oddities and inconsistencies in Barfield’s murder. Jessica knows something is being covered up, but what exactly? The trail she takes to answer that question reveals something far more nefarious afoot, involving shadowy characters from the heights of power in Washington. At the heart of Jessica’s investigation lies a manuscript Barfield had intended to bring out after all other publishers had turned it down. The problem is that manuscript has disappeared, all traces of its submission and very existence having been wiped off the books.
With her own life now in jeopardy, Jessica refuses to back off and sets her sights on learning the contents of that manuscript and what about it may have led to several murders. Every step she takes brings her closer to the truth of what lies in the pages, as well as the person who penned them.
In Jon Land’s second installment in the famed Murder She Wrote series, Jessica Fletcher is about to solve, yet, another murder. The story starts with Jessica being told by fellow writer Thomas Rudd that their mutual editor friend and publisher, Lane Barfield, may be stealing money from their accounts.
The next day, Barfield asks for Jessica’s opinion on a manuscript entitled, The Affair. Barfield states that it will be the next big political thriller. It is a confidential manuscript that Barfield is hoping will save his company from bankruptcy. Jessica is supposed to have the only copy, but Rudd has stolen a copy that was on a flash drive after he challenged Barfield about the thieving. Soon, both of the men turn up dead, from what appears to be suicides. Jessica is left to sort out the conundrum of whether the volatile manuscript could be the reason for their deaths.
Jon Land does it again with his new volume in the Jessica Fletchermystery writer series. In Manuscript for Murder, Jessica is given a modern and more up to date persona as she gets more into technology and goes from Cabot Cove, Maine to New York City and, later, to Washington DC. The President is in danger and Jessica is at her very best as she manages the twists and turns that solving this mystery takes her on.
Fans will love Manuscript for Murder, as it is a compelling and engaging whodunit. If you love cozy mysteries, this will be right up your alley. Readers will be guessing at every turn of the page. This book is unputdownable and will keep all mystery fans up late at night turning the pages quickly to find out what happens next. Filled with action, excitement and intrigue, Jessica, once again, stumbles upon another mystery to be solved. In her capable hands, this murder mystery is puzzling, up to date, irresistible and complete. With plenty of well thought out clues, Jon Land gives readers a run for their money and a challenge for their minds.
Manuscript for Murder hits the ground running and gives readers an entertaining and enjoyable good time. I am a diehard Murder She Wrotefan and Manuscript for Murder has to be at the very top of my list for best sellers. I was drawn in and immersed from the very first chapter right to the eye opening and satisfying finale. Jon Land has been given the privilege and challenge of writing the Murder She Wrote series and he is doing a highly remarkable job. He is an excellent bestselling author and they couldn’t have chosen anyone more worthy of the assignment to carry on this popular magnificent mystery series.
Jessica Fletcher is better than ever. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Manuscript for Murder by Jon Land to all mystery and Jessica Fletcher fans and beyond.
Reviewed by Jewel Hart for Chick Lit Cafe
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The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi

The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi
The war has started. Michael and Gabriel must find the other two archangels. Evan, the world’s richest man, is revealed as the Antichrist with armies of evil and beasts of the apocalypse at his command to decimate the world. Lies and deceit put Evan on the world stage before his horrific plots unfold. Michael and his angels must stop them. And somewhere the holy family is hiding, and waiting for their guardian angel to save them. This is an action-packed thriller from beginning to end! Part 2 of The Revelation series by David Salvi doesn’t disappoint!
The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi is Book 2 in The Revelation book series. The story follows archangels Michael and Gabriel whose mission is to stop the world’s wealthiest person, Evan, (aka the Antichrist) in his determination to bring about the downfall of the earth. His plan? To bring about the destruction of the digital age and all its appurtenances and watch the world literally grind to a halt and cease to function. Evan is narcissistic and indomitable and he commands his legions and evil beings to assist him with no care for the lives of those who get in his way. He cares not whether child, man, woman, family or powerful ruler; Evan will let no earthly man prevent him from achieving his goal.
Enter the ethereal superheroes, Gabriel and Michael, who together with Uriel and Raphael engage in a fight that is not only the quintessential fight of good against evil, but the very essence of civilization depends on their success. Michael appears as a somewhat reluctant archangel at times, tortured by concern for his human family and his child Joshua, who is more than just an ordinary child. But his faith that God will protect them gives the assurance he needs to continue his mission. Gabriel is steadfast and dependable and where he needs to be, which is at Michael’s side.
The Revelation is an amazing piece of writing. The author, David Salvi, has developed a perfect ‘voice’ for this battle between heaven and hell, between good and evil, and between all that is right and all that is wrong. The writing is strong and confident and believable, and each main character has the reader totally hooked. I have not had the benefit of reading Book One in this series, but this did not detract from enjoying Book Two and now looking forward with great expectation to Book Three.
The Revelation: Rise of the Fallen by David Salvi  has quite an impact on the reader. Not only is it disturbing from the point of view of the gullibility and susceptibility portrayed in world leaders whose role one would expect is to protect those who have elected them, but in the sheer complete callousness of Evan as the Antichrist. One cannot help but compare the scenario created by David Salvi to the state of our world today, to its reliability on technology, and the power of a deceitful smile.
This book is a credit to a writer who is clearly a craftsman of the written word. A memorable book that will have every reader turning to their Bible for reassurance that all is well with the world.
Reviewed by Jane Finch for Chick Lit Cafe
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George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley by Helen Fox

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley by Helen Fox
After his parents are killed, George, the Orphan Crow, starts a new life among the lively creatures of Blossom Valley and the enchanting butterflies that live there. But all is not as it seems… an evil ladybird, envious of the butterflies’ beauty lures them to a remote place with a wicked plan in mind. George becomes suspicious and flies out looking for them. But is he too late? Has the wicked ladybird already put her plan into action? This original, intriguing story is mainly told by the colorful characters that make up the community and will fascinate readers of all ages.
George the Orphan Crow is an enchanting mesmerizing story told by the creatures of the beautiful Blossom Valley. After some hunters shoot and kill his parents, young George the crow, is left alone to fend for himself and grieve the loss of his parents. He meets a wise old owl named Plato who gives him some helpful advice and encouragement. Plato tells George about a lovely place, Blossom Valley, where its inhabitants will welcome him with love and acceptance.
George is mesmerized by the beauty and creatures he encounters in Blossom Valley. The animals there not only accept George with open arms, but they help him to overcome his grief with loving care and attention. George has found a home to call his own. He is now part of a community of creatures that have all the best qualities that one could hope for. But not all is what it seems and some of the animals want power and control and are jealous of the beauty of some of the other creatures. The ladybird, Rosa, is one such creature. She devises an evil plan to attack the beautiful butterflies. George sets off to stop her. But can he get there in time and will he be able to stop the wicked ladybird?
George the Orphan Crow is a charming, fairy tale sort of story, filled with life lessons and imaginative characters that bring the narrative to life. It is a perfect story to teach children about love, compassion, community and helping others. It also explains to readers the truth that life isn’t always easy and people (in this case animals and insects) aren’t always kind and noble and some can be downright despicable. It shows how those that want to control and have power over others usually end up defeated and having that kind of character is a bad thing. That love and compassion prevails.
This book is fast paced and full of action and adventure with never a dull moment. It has elements of Greek Mythology and sprinkles of magic, as well. The animals are intelligent and completely charming. I was captivated by them and my imagination was running wild as the story progressed. The dialog between them is unique and creative. Helen Foxhas a way with words that brings life to her characters and the setting. The beautiful Blossom Valley is like a dream with its winsome creatures and gorgeous surroundings.
George the Orphan Crow by Helen Fox is highly emotional. The creatures have human like qualities and personalities with a sprinkle of magical adorable personas. It is very educational for children, but young adults and adults will love it as well. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this thought provoking, delightful story to all readers that love clean stories with a touch of magic and a straightforward moral, and a satisfying relevant meaning.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Into the Lyons Den by Donni De-Ville

Into the Lyons Den by Donni De-Ville
Story set in England, based on some exaggerated true life events and emotional experiences of the author.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Instead of a flowery romance, Viv, the main character, encounters far more than she could ever have bargained for, or deserved. The reader will go through all the gamut of emotions with the 3D characters, and enjoy the strong story-line all the way through the book. The ending is un-anticipated and you would have to be made of stone not to be deeply moved.
Viv, still heartbroken about Lawrence, a man whom she fell deeply for previously, is still getting over a nasty divorce from the man she married to get over the memory. She becomes a member of a dating agency, when her pent up emotions rise, as she becomes attracted to the owner of the agency. Viv then falls for two very different men. One who fills a woman’s every desire, but in choosing him, life would become as dangerous as walking a tightrope. The other man depicts total stability and a wholesome ruggedness, but without the erotic excitement. Vic’s separate world’s eventually square up with shocking consequences.
With a sinister thread causing havoc in the lives of most of the characters, crime, murder and mystery runs throughout the action-filled story.  Clues are given and each chapter’s ending has a cliff hanger, making it difficult to stop reading.
Men can also relate to this sensual, sexual romance in ways which can help them learn more about the intricacies of the female mind.  The characters individually take the reader on an emotional journey, which probably the reader has never experienced before, invoking feelings and thoughts they will think deeply about.
Should some of these scenarios play-out into the real world, (as have occurred with the author) the climatic twist would be similar to the ending of this story.
An unusual and unique, exciting story the reader who loves thrillers will want to share with others and a story never to be forgotten.
by Donni De-Ville @Amazon 
Into the Lyons Den by Donni De-Ville is an exciting, racy novel filled with raw emotion and a thrilling, unexpected storyline. The story is about Viv, a beautiful woman who is remembering her first love and the intense passion she felt with him. She had made the decision to part with Lawrence due to her own fears and inability to trust. Unable to shake him from her thoughts and mind, she decides to take action and look for a new man that she can love and spend her life with. She stumbles across a dating agency entitled “The Dandy Lyons Marriage Agency.” She reluctantly makes the decision to visit the agency and sign up. What Viv doesn’t know is that her life is about to be turned into a rollercoaster of turmoil and upheaval.
This is a story based on the true life events of author, Donni De-Ville. It is compelling, thrilling and engaging. There is a lot going on in this story including, kidnapping, murder and many crazy scenarios. I couldn’t put this book down. From the very first chapter I was completely drawn into the life of Viv and all the things that she goes through. She encounters many different types of men and interesting people along the way. First, we meet the Lyons, the owners of the upper-class dating agency. While at a party with them, a murder occurs. Viv and her new friend begin to help clear the main suspect and she ends up getting more than she ever bargained for.
Throughout her journey, Viv, meets many unlikely characters including a transgender, an exuberant detective, a baron and many other, seemingly, questionable people. All the while a serial killer is lurking in the shadows. This is all a big change for Viv who works in an ordinary office in London. Her life has been turned upside down and she is on a thrilling, dangerous adventure.
This book is about crime, sex, lust, murder, romance and mystery. It is filled with twists and turns and at the end of each chapter readers are left hanging and hungering for more. It is the story of one woman’s desire to find a lasting true love and all the crazy things she goes through with the people she meets along the way.
Into the Lyons Den is fast-paced and action filled. Readers will be taken on an unbelievable ride of murder, madness and crime. There are tender emotional moments and some laughs along the way.
The characters and settings are beautifully described causing this reader to feel like I was right there watching on. It is written intelligently and extremely well. The author, Donni De-Ville, has a unique, crisp voice with a writing style that is very professional and appealing.
She has brilliantly woven a one-of-a-kind story with a solid plot and a conclusion that, I didn’t see coming, but is completely satisfying and exciting.
This book is a definite must read. Not only because it is based on a true life story, but because it is completely different from anything I have ever read. It is filled with intrigue and has the most interesting storyline, plot, characters and conclusion. It really touched me to my core, bringing up feelings and thoughts that are new to me. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Into the Lyons Den to all readers that are looking for a story to escape into that is realistic, engaging and shocking at the same time. Expect the unexpected. Unforgettable!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


by Cathy Holloway Hill


What motivates females of multiple ethnicities to bully, trash talk, sabotage, and humiliate one another? How can so many women form close relationships while at the same time secretly gossiping, competing, betraying, backstabbing, and envying?
This book will show women how to have closer, healthier, and more authentic relationships with each other.
Cathy Holloway Hill, Life Strategist and Psychologist, breaks it down with her own experiences, tools, research, and new behaviors proven to stop this epidemic head on.
Foreword is an interview with the late Dr. Maya Angelou. Also female celebrities (Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank; Dr. Iyanla Vanzant; Dr. Wendy Walsh, and others), weigh in.
Readers will discover:
1- Why it happens;
2- How society reinforces hostile behavior among women;
3- Ages & stages of aggression;
4- What men think about it;
5- How the female brain is wired;
6- Critical steps for healing;
7- Advice from female celebrities;
And much more!


I wasn’t sure what to really expect in reading this (other than what the title implies), but right off the bat I liked the author Cathy Holloway’s writing style and her passionate and energetic narrative ‘voice’. It’s hard not to feel her warmth and enthusiasm as you read through these pages, and she really makes it a fun experience! 

Unlike many ‘self-help’ or self-improvement books out there, she really hones in on a specific problem- the way that women can be each other’s worst enemies (or ‘frenemies”) and some ideas on what to do about it – mainly starting with building your own self-esteem and learning self-love, not self-hate. 

She breaks this concept down even more into many different areas and gives specific examples (from handling bullying, toxic people, controlling and manipulative behavior, backstabbers, etc...), deeper explanations, and useful suggestions that you can use in your life right this minute. 

I loved reading this and thought it was very insightful and constructed in a way that flows well from one topic to another, all while staying focused on the main theme of creating a stronger, more positive relationship with ourselves and therefore with others. 

Ms. Hill has a talent for explaining her ideas so that anyone can easily understand her, and the writing was very good! I think anyone who wants to learn more about overcoming these negative experiences and learn tips to bolster self-esteem and confidence would appreciate Secret Betrayal: How to Heal Female Rivalries. Recommend. (5 stars)
Reviewed by Cherri Waerer

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Painting Blue Water by Leigh Fossan - Book Review

Painting Blue Water by Leigh Fossan
Katherine Ross, a struggling artist-turned-successful-businesswoman, has a life many would envy. At only thirty-one years old, Katherine runs one of the top luxury real-estate firms in Manhattan, and she lives in a fabulous loft with her dreamy husband. That is, of course, until her marriage comes to a screeching halt, forcing Katherine to face the truths she’s been burying deep within her heart. She hasn’t been happy for a long time. And her life, while glamorous, is not the life she ever wanted. Fighting through the fog of her confusion and pain, Katherine makes the daring, or possibly insane, choice to start over somewhere new. She leaves her business, her friends, and the city behind, while she ventures alone to the mountains in hopes of rediscovering her artistic roots in a place surrounded by beauty, peace, and quiet. In the quaint town of Bluewater Lake, Katherine finds just what she is looking for—abundant natural beauty, almost too much quiet, and a collection of colorful locals.
As she adapts to the slow pace of small town life, Katherine befriends the remarkable inn proprietor, Mr. Trust, and his granddaughter Ginger, a former starlet and scandal-ridden Manhattan socialite. Katherine even begins to build an exciting, albeit rocky, relationship with the ruggedly handsome, yet mysterious and standoffish, Will. And with time, Katherine discovers her passion for painting once again. But life in Bluewater isn’t as simple as it may seem, and when her art career suddenly begins to take off in this unlikely setting, Katherine finds herself torn between two worlds. Does she pursue her lifelong dream and become the world-famous artist she always wanted to be? Or does she open her heart to the possibility of new dreams and a life she never imagined?
Katherine Ross is a successful business woman working for an upscale Manhattan real estate firm. She has a life that many would think is ideal. But, when her husband files for divorce, Katherine realizes that she’s been unhappy for a long time. Needing a change of scene and a chance at the life she’s always dreamed of, she moves to the small town of Bluewater Lake, Colorado. It’s there that Katherine begins to live the life she always desired. Along with living in a beautiful idyllic place, she meets new people that bring meaning and support to her life. She is inspired and begins to paint again, something that she has always loved, but set aside due to her husband. It’s in Bluewater Lake where Katherine finds the peace, beauty and joy she has always dreamed of. But things get complicated and Katherine has some tough choices to make.
Painting Blue Water is one of the most beautiful, captivating novels that I have read in a long time. Leigh Fossan has composed a tapestry filled with colorful vivid scenery, visual and sensory delights and a story that delves deep into the soul.  If there were ever a book that made me feel like I was there watching on, feeling and sensing everything that the characters are, it’s Leigh Fossan’s Painting Blue Water. It is harmonious, picturesque and fun to read. Filled with descriptive writing that takes readers on a journey to a tranquil, beautiful place, it captivates with a fabulous story that is relatable and realistic. It reads like an artistic painting, with the color filled words flowing off the page.
Painting Blue Water is about life, loss, love, friendship and new beginnings.  It is about one woman finally finding her life path and awakening to her true self. It is inspirational and had me thinking about the possibilities of my own life.
The characters are quirky and fabulous. They too, are colorful and rich. They are well developed and lovable. I came to care about them, and was fully engaged in their lives. Their personalities sparkled throughout the pages.
The storyline and plot is wonderful. It is thought provoking, realistic and rich. It is like watching a movie. The ending is perfect and I was fully satisfied. Leigh Fossan has a way with words that are so lavish and full of description it will keep readers wanting more and more. All my senses were fully engaged as I read this one of a kind novel.
This is Leigh Fossan’s debut novel. One would never guess that. I am eagerly looking forward to reading more wonderful novels written by this excellent writer. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Painting Blue Water to all readers that need a fresh escape. And who want to visit a place that is filled with color, sounds, tastes and exciting characters, while being fascinated by a great story that will satisfy the soul.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins by Robert Crown

Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins by Robert Crown
How Does a Child’s Life Change When His Mother Tries to Murder Him? It’s one of the most profound betrayals imaginable, and it can follow the victim into adulthood, into all he does with his life, tainting his sense of self and his relationships with others. How does a man’s life change when he discovers that with his thoughts, his imagination, and his ability to listen to his higher self, he has the power to overcome the devastating events of his past and build a new life and a family?
This is The Inspiring True Story of Robert Crown’s amazing journey out of the darkness of his childhood and into a world brightly illuminated by the power of positive understanding and purposeful thought. It’s the story of rejecting the victimhood he once embraced and finding the answers that allowed him to embrace the power to create a new life using universal spiritual laws.
“In this book, Robert Crown not only shares the intensity of his outer life story but also the intimacy of the inner journey he took as a spiritual warrior determined to be victorious through an evolution of consciousness from the inside out.”
Horrific, compelling, inspirational.
Robert Crown’s Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins is a thought provoking, horrendous and finally triumphant story. Right from the very first chapter I was thrown onto an emotional rollercoaster as I read how Robert was a rather sickly young boy. He and his sisters are being physically and emotionally abused and harmed. Then as a young boy of just eleven years old, Robert’s own mother tries to kill him and his two sisters. How can any child process that and live through the horrible torments that Robert did? Robert’s life and young mind was always on the line. But, somehow he was able to be cognitive enough to sense when imminent danger was upon him and divert himself from it. Even though we wonder, how a loving God could let something like this happen to a child, we also see that some higher power also helped him in many ways.
Robert’s account of his life is indeed heartbreaking and devastating. Most people would be severely damaged for life and unable to overcome their hardship and live a functional life. But, Robert is an exceptional person in that he was able to do just that – overcome and live a life full of purpose and love, all the while helping others to heal and become aware enough to see things differently from the inside out. He became a warrior fighting for his sanity and his life.
This story is not for the faint of heart. Robert endured many traumas and hardships. But, he had an inner voice that guided him and helped preserve him. He had to live on the edge, always being careful lest he fall prey to harm and torment.
Robert Crown’s story helped me to look at my own life and see things differently. It awakened me to the fact that even though I struggled and had times of abuse and rejection, I can and will rise above it. This is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. There are so many damaged people walking around these days.
Robert Crown’s passage out of the darkness of his childhood and into a world that is illuminated by the power of undeniable comprehension and determined positive thought, has brought a miraculous healing to his emotions and mind. This is the story of Robert, no longer accepting the victimhood he once welcomed. Then discovering the answers that helped him to welcome the ability to build a new life by use of the universal spiritual laws.
Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins not only enlightened and inspired me, but it has also made me grateful for the childhood, although not perfect, that I did have. It is well written and composed. Robert has a clear crisp voice and the book was enjoyable and hard to read at the same time.
This is a great and insightful look into the psyche of the mind of someone who has been traumatized to the degree of no return. But, he did return and he did it in a big generous and wonderful way.
This is a must read memoir and self-help book for anyone who has experienced any kind of negative childhood. From the extremely abused and traumatized to the person that has had negative imprints placed upon them as a child.
Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Suffering Ends When Awakening Begins to all readers. To those that desperately need help and to those that want to read a compelling, inspirational life changing story.
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Volume One – Guardian’s Redemption
Joey Gunns an ex. UN Special Forces mercenary, reluctantly takes an assignment doing muscle work for the POTUS. A series of unfortunate events unfold leaving Gunns to choose between his beloved band of brothers, his moral conscience, or his own ambitions.
Which one will he choose?….  Read volume one to find out
The Wall: Guardian’s Redemption by Some Guy is a spectacular science fiction/fantasy read with paranormal, horror and supernatural elements throughout. Five members of an elite special ops team, led by Joey Gunns, come face to face with variations of strained, high pressure and intense situations. They must provide security for the President of the United States, Jonathan Rothschild’s, wife and two children during the time of the unveiling of the expected and much anticipated wall. During the ceremony things go very wrong. What ensues is a course of events that leads readers through an exciting domino effect which propels the plot and subsequently brings them to the story’s exhilarating conclusion.
The Wall: Guardian’s Redemption by Some Guy is not only about catching the bad guys but it’s about redemption and absolution. Right from the very first chapter, the story starts off running as we see Gunn being tortured for information. I was completely caught up in the story from the get go. Full of action and exploits, The Wall: Guardians Redemptionwill keep readers engaged from start to finish. There are supernatural battles, suspense filled situations and horrific warfare.
This is a short book packed with action, intrigue and excitement. It is a simple to read book but not lacking in quality of writing. It is a professional polished work of fiction that readers will be enthralled with. It is a real page turner which I couldn’t put down and read it straight through from beginning to end in one sitting. It is a one of a kind story. And the best book in its genre that I have ever read.
The story gives readers an eye opening deep look into the horrors of war while relating some amusing and fun supernatural and horror elements. The Wall has it all. Along with the horror elements this is a fun book to read as well.
Thrilling and action packed The Wall is a nail biting, spine tingling read. The characters are well developed and realistic. They are relatable and fully fleshed out. The dialog between them caused me to feel connected to them in a deep way. And, I cared about many of the characters by the end of the story. The descriptions are written in a way that I could envision the scenes and felt like I was looking on with clarity as I read on.
I loved The Wall: Guardians Redemption. It is a must read graphic novellawith excellent illustrations. The storyline and plot is complete with nothing missing. The composition is exceptional and very well written. It is a phenomenal paranormal, horror and supernatural read. This book will appeal to many readers. If you like the supernatural genre with a good amount of violence with exciting nail biting scenes, then you will love The Wall: Guardians Redemption by Some Guy. It is completely entertaining and will keep readers fully engaged. I highly recommend it to all avid readers, and I am looking forward to the next outstanding volume in the series.
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Daddy Throws Me in the Air by Ayn Dillard

Daddy Throws Me in the Air by Ayn Dillard
“It was time to heal. I had to stop creating a life that I could not live. It was time for the pain and suffering to stop. There was too much pain. I will die if the pain continues. Why does my life keep ending up in the same place? Abusive marriages, divorces, lawyers, legal suits – people in my life that had alcoholism, mental illness and abusive behavior, all telling me that I am the problem. Why did I keep creating and recreating everything I did not want and vowed not to have in my life? In the process of the healing – soul searching – reading of books – discussing – studying – therapy; seemingly insignificant scenes from my childhood kept entering my mind. The scenes were overpowering me, forcing me to look at and relive the feelings that I was having at the time. I began writing down the stories and discovered very meaningful messages that I was given as a child, messages that imprinted me and shaped my life’s existence. These scenes and the feelings they created caused me to experience a repetitive pattern. It did not matter if the imprints were intended to create this pattern, only that it was the pattern it created in me. Until I was genuinely ready and able to look at my imprints and beliefs, where they came from and release them – the pattern would remain.” Negative imprints, beliefs, thinking and emotions cause a great deal of mental, emotional and physical distress. Negative thoughts and worry sink deep and can control your life. There is power in how you perceive your past, your relation to it and your world. Awareness of how your past affects and guides will help stop the vicious cycle ‘Daddy Throws Me in the Air’ is a journey through childhood memories to awareness. It includes a process to assist in releasing negative imprints and beliefs.
Ayn Dillard’s Daddy Throws Me in the Air is an inspirational memoir and self-help book that is a must read for all. In it, she recounts her troubled childhood and the vicious cycle of abusive marriages, divorces, lawyers, legal suits, and the people in her life that had alcoholism, mental illness and abusive behavior, all telling her that she was the one with the problem. When in reality it was all due to the negative imprints and the negative behavior of others that shaped her life.
As an adult Ayn searched for answers in every way possible. Her process of healing included therapy, reading books and many other modes of searching for healing. When she began to recall messages and scenes from her childhood she decided to write them down. Thus begins her story as she was forced to relive her memories and feel all the emotions that came with them and then began to release them.
Daddy Throws Me in the Air is a poignant and inspirational look at one woman’s struggle to heal herself from her past. Ayn Dillard stresses the fact that we all have had imprints, good and bad that shape us as adults. And by recalling and taking a close look at our childhood memories we can all begin to become aware and understand why we are the way we are and why we keep doing the same negative behaviors over and over. And finally, by becoming aware and reliving our past emotions we can be healed with God’s help.
I was fully captivated by Daddy Throws Me in the Air: Remembering Childhood. It was like riding a wild ride while reading her accounts of various childhood experiences. These things really touched me and I could really relate. We cannot allow others to project their fears and negative emotions upon us. I fully empathized with Ayn and found myself literally crying many times at the pain and suffering she endured.
But not all hope was lost, as Ayn sought out help and was able to overcome her bad childhood imprints and memories and turn sadness, depression and repeated negative behaviors around. She now lives a life full of peace and joy with, mainly, the help of God.
This is a must read memoir and self-help book for anyone that struggles in life. Ayn states that our adult lives are a reflection of the imprints that were put upon us a children and we can overcome them and live a happy life.
Daddy Throws Me in the Air is also witty and fun to read even though it is sad. Ayn Dillard has a way with words that draws readers in and causes them to want to read on to the end. The characters have a life of their own and their stories are written in two to three page accounts. This book is brilliant and beautiful – filled with hope.
Self-Awareness is one of the keys to the fulfillment of a happy life. Ayn states that we must forgive, learn to love ourselves, let go of the past and accept the things we cannot change. Ayn Dillard is an expressive, excellent writer and her story will help many. There is a section in the book that will help readers to evaluate their own lives and childhoods and begin the healing process. This is one book that I will be reading again. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends it to all readers because we all have issues that need dealing with and that stem from our childhoods. Ayn’s book is a highly effective shortcut to years of intense therapy. This book helped me immensely and I thank Ayn Dillard for following her calling to write it.
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The Awakening of Anna-Leigh by M. Millswan

The Awakening of Anna-Leigh by M. Millswan
Beautiful, intelligent and talented, yet entirely naïve to the ways of the world, young Anna-Leigh’s curiosity begs finishing. Newly arrived at New England’s most exclusive finishing school, the headmistress appoints Édouard Henri (Paul) Avril as Anna-Leigh’s private tutor. She instructs the handsome artist to polish Anna-Leigh’s artistic talents, yet her real goal is to educate her new student in everything the achingly innocent young girl should know about the masculine sex. A classic and lively romance lavishly set in the opulent Victorian period, The Finisher is an exuberant and richly embroidered celebration of youth, beauty, natural curiosity, and softly sensual erotic discovery.
Beautiful, intelligent and talented, yet entirely naïve to the ways of the world, young Anna-Leigh’s boundless curiosity begs finishing.  Upon leaving the convent where she lived cloistered away as a servant to the sisters from the time she was a little girl, Anna-Leigh’s life begins to change rapidly and dramatically when she arrives at New England’s most exclusive finishing school.  During her initial interview, the headmistress learns not only does this bright and artistic, yet painfully quiet and reserved young woman know very little about how to interact with her fellow students, but she also knows absolutely nothing at all about the opposite sex.  Eager to polish every facet of Anna-Leigh’s education, the headmistress asks the most popular girl in the school to befriend the new girl and help her overcome her shyness and learn to socialize publicly, as well as privately, with the other girls.  Though Anna-Leigh’s new friend, Phoebe is as precocious as she is adventurous, a much more dramatic and life-changing step towards becoming a strong and confident young woman occurs when the headmistress also decides to appoint Édouard Henri (Paul) Avril as Anna-Leigh’s private art tutor.  The headmistress instructs the handsome artist to refine Anna-Leigh’s artistic talents, yet her true goal is to educate her bright and promising new student in everything the achingly innocent young girl should know about life, love, and the masculine sex.  That Anna-Leigh’s Paul was in real life the actual artist who drew the original illustrations for the classic novel, Fanny Hill back in the nineteenth century adds a depth of realism no fictional character can provide.
The Awakening of Anna-Leigh by M. Millswan is a must read story that will have the discerning reader of romance craving more.  This classic and lively romance lavishly set in the opulent Victorian period is a beautifully polished tale about young love, innocence and sexual awakening.  Filled with drama and discovery as well as softly erotic adventures and interludes, each new experience Anna-Leigh encounters will change her life forever.
This is a seriously sexy read written with taste, style and decorum.  Author M. Millswan has composed an arousing and bewitching coming of age story filled with beauty and charm.  With each turn of the page, the descriptive and amazingly vivid nature of the writing kept me feeling as though I wasn’t reading a book, but actually there.  Almost as though I was living out Anna-Leigh’s dream, I could see as well as sense every moment and emotion as it unfolded.
All of the characters, from the imposing headmistress to the shrewish Matron Poe and from Monsieur Avril to the young men Anna-Leighs meets in town are simply fabulous.  That each displays their own peculiar personalities helped to draw me even more deeply into their situations, problems, emotions and experiences.  The main character, Anna-Leigh is fully fleshed out and entirely engaging in her innocence and lack of experience in life and men.  The secondary characters are engaging, brimming with personality and extremely well developed.  M.Millswan presents to the readers a unique voice, and my best description of the writing is beautiful, lustful and delightful.  This author is an excellent writer with evident skill and experience.
The Awakening of Anna-Leigh is a tastefully written classical erotic romance tale that had me turning the pages quickly to find out what would happen next for Anna-Leigh.  This is one of the finest written and most creative stories, with an unparalleled plot, that I have read in its genre in a long time.  It is steamy, romantic and sexy, yet so tastefully executed, you can cuddle up to this story like a soft pillow and a warm cup of tea on a cold and rainy day.  Readers who enjoy every spectrum of romance will love it, I’m sure.
To sum up this review, The Finisher is an exuberant and richly embroidered celebration of youth, beauty, natural curiosity, and softly sensual erotic discovery.  I highly recommend it to all readers, especially those that enjoy tastefully written erotic romance.  This is one of the best ones out there.  I steadfastly believe that this book will appeal to so many readers.  Please, give it a read and allow me to assure you that you will not be disappointed.  I look forward to reading more from M. Millswan soon.
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